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Stream Class News

Families (13th September 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about different types of families.  We looked at photos of real life families and read some stories too.  We discussed how lots of us in the class have different types of people who look after us at home, but the love is the same.

We have been talking about staying safe at school, including the importance of following the rules and what to do if the fire alarm rings or if there is a danger outside.  Your child might mention this to you at home.  In case of an outside threat, we hide quietly under the tables.  We said this might be in case there is a swarm of bees or a confused cow!

Stream Class met Mrs Hammond on Tuesday, who came to work with the children on some clay work.  We talked about how the seasons are changing and how autumn is a time when we might see hedgehogs out and about collecting food.  They looked at pictures and created clay hedgehogs using scissors to snip spikes.

The children have been singing lots of songs in maths, including One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Once I Caught A Fish Alive, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, and Five Little Ducks.  Please encourage your child to use their fingers to show numbers as this will help with both their maths and fine motor skills! 

The children have really enjoyed playing with syringes (without needles, obviously!) and using the pump and plunger action to squirt water.  They wrote numbers on the fence in chalk to use as targets and shouted out the numbers as they squirted them!

We have also been singing a song in phonics to help us think about initial sounds in words -  Can your child sing along at home?  We played some fun listening games too, to help us hear the slight differences between sounds.   











Welcome to Stream Class! (6th September 2019)

Welcome, everyone, to your Class News page!  Here I will give you a summary of some of the things we have been doing each week, as well as some tips and ideas about how you can support your child’s development and learning at home.

The children are settling in beautifully at school and are already getting to know our class rules and routines.  They are making friends and already demonstrating some lovely sharing and turn taking skills.

Stream Class have met Casey the Caterpillar, who is a class toy designed to teach the children about their emotions.  Every day the children are encouraged to think about their feelings or mood and add their named caterpillar to the ‘feelings flower’.  This way we encourage them to identify and name their emotions and it allows us to speak to the children about strategies to deal with their feelings. 

 The children have loved lunchtime and are all fantastic eaters!  Mrs Sexton, their lunchtime supervisor, is very impressed.

In their bookbags, the children have a Learning Log.  There are some optional activities which you can do with your child, but feel free to be creative and make up your own activities to do with our topic if you’d like to!  When they have completed something in their Learning Log they can share it with the class.

Our topic for this half term is This Is Me!  We will be celebrating our individuality and thinking about our families, bodies, senses and emotions.  If you would like to come in to speak to the children about different families, looking after our bodies, or understanding our feelings we would love to have you!  Please speak to me at the gate if this is something you’d be interested in doing.











Celebrating a wonderful year (19th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been reflecting on the past year, enjoying our last week together, and looking forward to the future.

The children have finished their Stream Class to River Class booklets and thought about what they have loved this year.  They can take them to look back on over the summer and read what they have written about their new teacher and their new adventures in River Class.

On Monday and Tuesday, the children finished their preparations for our wedding day by making fantastic bunting, photo booth props, and flowers.  Then on Wednesday we all had a great time celebrating lots of types of ceremonies and taking turns to have different roles.  Of course, we had a reception party afterwards and enjoyed some yummy wedding cake and dancing!

On Thursday, Stream Class had an amazing pirate party day and had lots of fun playing party games.  The children found gems in frozen icebergs, went on a brilliant treasure hunt made by one of our lovely Stream Class mummies, and had a little water fight which resulted in a soggy Mrs Rawling, Miss Austin and Mrs Tack being chased around the field!

On Friday, the children had a great time participating in fun sports activities with Mr Passman and then enjoyed the fantastic Year 4 Leavers’ Presentation.

Thank you very, very much to all of you have supported your children and the school so much this year.  This year’s Stream Class are a really lovely group of kind, enthusiastic and loving children and I will miss them very much!  I hope you all have a really amazing summer and I look forward to seeing the children in River Class in September.  












Celebrating a wonderful year (19th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been reflecting on the past year, enjoying our last week together, and looking forward to the future.

The children have finished their Stream Class to River Class booklets and thought about what they have loved this year.  They can take them to look back on over the summer and read what they have written about their new teacher and their new adventures in River Class.

On Monday and Tuesday, the children finished their preparations for our wedding day by making fantastic bunting, photo booth props, and flowers.  Then on Wednesday we all had a great time celebrating lots of types of ceremonies and taking turns to have different roles.  Of course, we had a reception party afterwards and enjoyed some yummy wedding cake and dancing!

On Thursday, Stream Class had an amazing pirate party day and had lots of fun playing party games.  The children found gems in frozen icebergs, went on a brilliant treasure hunt made by one of our lovely Stream Class mummies, and had a little water fight which resulted in a soggy Mrs Rawling, Miss Austin and Mrs Tack being chased around the field!

On Friday, the children had a great time participating in fun sports activities with Mr Passman and then enjoyed the fantastic Year 4 Leavers’ Presentation.

Thank you very, very much to all of you have supported your children and the school so much this year.  This year’s Stream Class are a really lovely group of kind, enthusiastic and loving children and I will miss them very much!  I hope you all have a really amazing summer and I look forward to seeing the children in River Class in September.  


Sports Day and Maths Fun (12th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have enjoyed lots of exciting events! 

On Monday, Stream Class made us all very proud with their fantastic sportsmanship and courage.  They all tried their best and really went for it in all their races, while cheering each other on.  They all raced fairly and even kept their hands behind their backs for the egg and spoon race.  The same can’t be said for the mum’s and dad’s bean bag races, however!

On Tuesday, the children loved watching the Rock Steady concert performed by their older friends, plus one of our very own Stream Class children!  They also started working on a special book about going up to River Class.  Inside they wrote about their new teacher, Mrs Whitfield, and what they would like to be when they grow up. 

On Wednesday, we had a fun Maths morning and talked about lots of different ways Maths can help us, from shopping to saving lives!  Stream Class used various Maths skills to plan a tea party, including sharing out guests onto tables equally and fairly, and finding the correct money to buy a cake (and eat it!).  Finally, the children used counting, measuring and weighing skills to make chocolate crispy cakes.  In the end, the class decided Maths is a very important subject to try hard at and not something to fear!

On Thursday, Stream Class welcomed the Year 4 children from Ocean Class to come and learn with them for the afternoon as they demonstrated this month’s value of responsibility.  The older children had a go at being children by supporting them during a science investigation to find out about three different environments for minibeasts.  The Year 4s used their questioning skills to ask the Stream children where they thought would be the best microhabitat to encounter different types of minibeasts and supported them to make predictions about how each environment around the school grounds would vary.  Stream Class wowed Ocean Class with their fantastic knowledge and science skills, and some children even found some ladybird pupae and taught the others all about their lifecycles!

At the end of the week, Stream Class had their first full day as River Class children.  They made their first display for September and enjoyed a fun P.E. lesson with their future Year 2 friends.  The children loved having lunch in a different room and had a really fantastic day.   








Thinking about River Class (5th July 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been thinking more about the children’s transition to River Class.  The children did some brilliant writing work about their weekends whilst sitting at tables and really considering what quality writing looks like.  Stream Class also did some focussed work on handwriting and how to form letters correctly when writing on lined paper.  The children looked carefully at whether a letter stays in the grass, goes up to the sky, or goes down into the ground.  They should have their work in their book bags to show you and help you practice at home.

On Tuesday, Stream Class made a giant jigsaw puzzle by decorating a piece each.  We discussed how we are like one family made up of 15 different, unique pieces.  Then, the children thought about what makes them special and used these ideas to decorate their jigsaw piece to show Mrs Whitfield when she visits.

In Maths, Stream Class did some fantastic number work thinking about numbers which come before or after a number, or what would be one more or ones less than a number.  We used number lines for support if necessary and some children wowed us so much we moved on to numbers up to and over 100!

We have been very lucky with the weather this week and took our learning outside for most of the time.  Please ensure you child has sun cream on before they come to school, a water bottle, and a sun hat.  Lots of Stream Class love water play so if they haven’t already got a spare set of clothing please bring some in for your child in case they get very soggy!  Also, if they haven’t got wellies in school, a spare pair of shoes, wellies or trainers might be handy too.

Stream Class are taking Sports Day very seriously have enjoyed practising on the track.  My favourite moment from this week was seeing the whole class cheer on a child who was coming last in a practice race and then giving them a huge cheer when they (finally!) finished.  I was bursting with pride and it brought tears to my eyes.  They are such a wonderful group of children and they are such fantastic ambassadors for Sutton School. 






Ladybirds (28th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about ladybirds.  We watched the metamorphosis of a ladybird and then went looking around the school to find ladybirds at different phases.  The children did an excellent job at finding larvae and pupae and have a brilliant understanding of the cycle.  As well as hunting for minibeasts, the children have been thinking of different ways to sort and categorise them, such as whether they fly or slither, or by how many legs they have, and then arranging them in a Venn diagram! 

The children are very exciting by our wedding topic and learn more about weddings in other cultures.  On Tuesday, a visitor came to speak to the class about her Muslim wedding.  Mrs Khalique explained to the children about her ceremony, the food, the celebration and the clothes and showed them some of the beautiful outfits she and her family wore.  Then, Mrs Khalique helped Mrs Rawling into a sari and the class were impressed by the golden embroidery on the fabric.  In their Play to Learn time, some of the children made their own lehengas and saris from our fabric box and they looked excellent!

In Maths, Stream Class have been learning about symmetry and made some very effective butterflies with Mrs Hammond.  Later, they decided to make all sorts of symmetrical minibeasts, from bees to spiders, which will be displayed in the church next week. 

It was lovely to welcome parents into school again for our coffee morning and book share on Thursday.  The children really love showing off what they have been doing! 

The children have started to lead their own mindfulness sessions now after playtimes and lunchtimes.  They enjoy listening to each other’s instructions and it’s fantastic to see how much they have taken in over the year.

On Friday, Stream Class had their prize for winning the Values Award.  The children had a writing task to write a sentence about what they’d like to do for it.  The decision was to have a pyjama afternoon and to let the children be in charge (if only for a VERY short time!). 







Hearts (21st June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning how to stay healthy. 

On Monday, the children had a fantastic time enjoying all the sporting activities we had on offer.  In the morning Stream Class participated in the Jump Rope Skip-A-Thon to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. 

Later, the class listened beautifully to some speakers who came in to speak to the children about their achievements and experiences in sport.  Neil Farnsworth wowed the class with his stories of travelling the world competing in cricket and lots of other sports too.  Tracey Duncan brought in the medals she achieved at the Commonwealth Games, taught the children about athletics and joined them for some races on the field.  Natasha Sexton brought in her special bike and told the children about her achievements in cycling and the opportunities cycling has given her around the world.  Then Louise Esposito impressed the children with her bravery and showed them all the equipment she needs to compete in roller derby with her victorious team.  In the afternoon, the children took part in a circuit of athletics activities and also practised passing the baton in a relay, just like Tracey Duncan!

The children have been talking about how to stay healthy and what they can do to improve their fitness.  We looked at a model of a torso and Stream Class loved taking the organs out and putting it back together again.

In Phonics, Stream Class have been playing a minibeast hunt game.  They had to read the clues to find out the name of the minibeast they were looking for, and then carefully read the description to find out where it was hiding!  In Writing, the children wrote about sport.  Some children wrote sentences about the sports they enjoy outside of school and some wrote about new sports they would like to try.

In Maths, we have been looking at ordinal numbers.  The children have been preparing for Sports Day by practising their starting positions, which Tracey Duncan showed them for sprinting and also mastering the art of the egg and spoon.  Stream Class took turns to be judges and hand out rosettes saying 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place .

In Music, Stream Class have loved watching orchestral versions of Disney soundtracks.  They liked copying the conductor and identifying the various instruments used to perform different parts.

During Forest Friday, the children helped to plant the vegetables that they planted a while ago from seeds.  Earlier in the week they all tasted the mixed lettuces and radishes they grew.  We have never seen a group of children so keen to eat plain lettuce leaves! 









Metamorphosis (14th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about lifecycles.  The children showed a real interest in the change that happens with caterpillars.  We watched more videos about metamorphosis and played out the change with big actions. We decided to use this as inspiration for our ‘River Class writing’ and everyone had a go at writing a sentence or two.  Some children even found some caterpillars outside, including a very hairy spotty one!

Later in the week we read a story called The Cautious Caterpillar, about Cody who was feeling a bit anxious about change.  She didn’t really want to get bigger, eat nectar and grow wings but then loved her new abilities and playing with her new friends who could fly too.  Stream Class talked about how Cody felt at first, and shared their feelings about going up to River Class after the summer.  They are all looking forward to becoming River Class butterflies.

In Phonics, Stream Class have been playing lots of games to revise their tricky words and sounds.  One of their favourites is a game where they listen to a sound and write down the correct grapheme from a choice of two.  This is another game you could play at home.

The children have also been using their phonics skills to play a matching game at choosing time.  They were given sentences to describe characteristics of different minibeasts and they had to read them to match the description up to the correct picture.  They did a fantastic job!

In Maths, we have been looking at adding one more and subtracting one less using number lines and hundred squares.  The children also did some doubling work, looking at ladybirds and doubling the number of spots on each side of their shell.  They could work out their answers using counters or through drawing pictures, and then they recorded their answers underneath.   

In Science, Stream Class have been using their new knowledge about minibeasts to apply their sorting and categorising skills.  The children chose their own criteria, for example, ones without legs or creatures which fly.

Stream Class have really enjoyed welcoming their mini friends on Thursdays.  This week we went on a pirate adventure and it was lovely to see the children playing so nicely with the younger visitors.

In P.E., Stream Class are learning lots of athletics skills.  They are very much looking forward to our Sports Themes Day on Monday so they can show off everything they have learnt so far!







Minibeasts (7th June 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about minibeasts.  The children did a quiz to guess different minibeasts from tricky clues and found out extra information from non-fiction books.  They watched a video of the life cycle of a caterpillar and then decided to draw and write about what they found out.  Outside, Stream Class used magnifying glasses to go on minibeast hunts and then reported back on what they found.

On Monday, Stream Class had another go at pretending to be River Class.  They sat at tables and wrote all about their super half term breaks and drew lovely pictures to go with them.  The children seem so grown up now!

In R.E., we are learning about weddings.  The children have really enjoyed designing special outfits for brides and grooms and making their own paper dolls to dress up.  Throughout this half term we will be busy wedding planning to have our own mini wedding in the class!

This week in Phonics, we have been revising some of the sounds the children have found difficult to remember.  They played a phoneme spotter game, where they had to keep their eyes peeled for particular digraphs or trigraphs within a text and underline them, and loved playing the swatter game this week too.  Stream Class love this game, and you can play it with flashcards for sounds, words, or numbers at home too.  We put some sounds out in a circle and two children had to race each other to swat a flashcard with a fly swatter as it was called out.  Great fun!

In Maths, we have been revising shapes and patterns.  Stream Class created some interesting repeating patterns and pictures using shapes.  Then we learnt about Henri Matisse, a French artist, who used paper collages and decoupage when he became ill and was no longer able to paint.  We looked at his piece, L'escargot, and some children tried making their own minibeasts using different shapes.

On Thursday, the children welcomed next year’s new starters into the classroom.  They were very excited all week about them coming and have been really looking forward to it!  Stream Class were incredibly mature and showed their best Sutton Lower School values on the day.  They were kind and patient towards their mini buddy for the afternoon, and demonstrated how responsible they can be.  We are all very proud of them! 




The Gruffalo (24th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a real favourite for many people – The Gruffalo!  One morning, we all pretended to be in River Class and did some super 'River Class' work.  Mrs Rawling and Miss Austin pretended to be Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Helen, and the children sat at tables and produced some fantastic descriptive writing (in full sentences, with capital letters and full stops!) all about a character from the book.  It was so much fun that some children carried on with their work for the rest of the day.   

There are a lot of children in Stream Class this year who love water play.  They enjoy finding new ways to transport it across the outside classroom and different bits and bobs outside to mix into it.  Please bring in a spare set of clothes for your child to change into in case they get a bit soggy while they play. 

In good weather, please bring your child to school with a good quality sun cream already applied.  They can bring a NAMED sun cream into school with them to reapply by themselves at lunchtime, but some good ones last all day.   

This week in Phonics, we have been looking at all the split vowel digraphs, a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e .  The children have really enjoyed learning these spellings and we will be applying them to our writing next half term.

In Maths, we have been looking at time.  Throughout the day we often stop to look at the time on the clock in the classroom.  We talk about how many minutes on the clock we'll have left until the next part of the day on our visual timetable, or use the clock to time how long it takes us to tidy up.  Stream Class have a good understanding of sequencing and times throughout the day, and are beginning to tell the time using an analogue clock.

On Wednesday, Stream Class proudly showed off their performing skills at our Musical Extravaganza.  As we're sure you'll agree, the children were brilliant and made us all extremely proud.  Not only was their performance sparkly and joyful, with the children remembering every word and action, their behaviour was exceptional.    

At Sutton Lower School, we are very fortunate to have specialist teachers for the children, including sports specialists and a native French teacher.  Karen Beer, our choir leader, is a professional musical director who teaches singing as well as several instruments, and conducts various choirs in the area.  We are very grateful to Mrs Beer for her work, the children have loved it!







Funnybones (17th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a book called Funnybones.  We have also been watching some of the classic videos from the 90s!  The children enjoyed looking at x-rays and working out which parts of the body they belonged to.  Stream Class made their own skeleton pictures, including skeletons of animals and dinosaurs, and completed some tricky puzzles about the body. 

On Monday, we welcomed author and illustrator, Elizabeth Price, to Stream Class to present her new book, The Meadow Farm Band.  The children enjoyed singing along to her guitar and joining in with some activities to do with the book afterwards.

On Tuesday, the children were treated to a very special cooking session from Chef Mike Wyatt.  Chef Mike is our area manager from Innovate, who provide our fantastic school meals.  He has a Michelin star and even served food to the royal family!  Stream Class had the opportunity to choose their ingredients independently and prepare their evening meal.  

On Thursday, we welcomed another visitor to Stream Class from a charity called Mind Map.  They brought their friend, Casey the Caterpillar, along too and told us that Casey was going to stay with us in the classroom to help us learn about communicating our feelings and how to manage them.  Mind Map’s work includes supporting schools with young people’s mental health and wellbeing and we are delighted to be able to include this strategy in our work towards mindfulness and wellbeing at school.

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some more new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘oe’ (‘oh’ sound), ‘au’ (or/aw sound), and lots of alternative spellings for ‘ee’ and ‘ai’, including split digraphs.   A split digraph is a digraph that is split by a consonant (you might remember it as magic e).  It is usually a long vowel sound, e.g. ‘a-e’ (cake), ‘i-e’ (five), ‘o-e’ (code), 'e-e' (sphere) and ‘u-e’ (rule).   

In Maths, we are practising our mental maths skills and repeating pattern games too.  Can you and your child make up patterns for each other to copy and continue?  Stream Class are developing great skills for fluency, reasoning and problem solving with number, shape and measures, and enjoy using them in their play. 





Commotion in the Ocean (10th May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about a book called Commotion in the Ocean.  We have been investigating lots of different types of sea creatures and learning some interesting facts about them.  The children made another collaborative big book which they designed on their own, which includes facts and pictures about animals that live under the sea, and they made some fantastic artwork about puffer fish with Mrs Hammond.  Outside, Stream Class made an under the sea play area by painting cling film with foam soap and cutting out seaweed and creatures to go inside.

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some more new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘wh’ (w and h sound), ‘ph’ (f sound), and ‘ew’ (oo/you sound).  The children have made fantastic progress with their reading and writing.  This new stage of phonics can be a little confusing, so lots of practise at home to reinforce their previous knowledge will really support them.

In Maths, we have been practising our mental maths skills.  The children have been playing a game where they shout out a number which is 1 more than/add 1, or 1 less than/take away 1 than a given number.  We have also been working on doubling and halving with our fingers, up to double 5/half of 10.

Our new value for this month is Quality.  Stream Class have taken this concept very seriously and understand the difference between rushed work and quality work.  The children are taking more care and spending more time on their work, and thinking more carefully about details.  Our stickers on the values chart are gathering nicely!





Jack and the Beanstalk (3rd May 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.  We read two different versions and compared their similarities and differences and decided on which one we liked best.  The children learnt a fantastic song ( which they have really enjoyed performing.  Some children produced some incredible writing based on the story, including a character analysis and the giant’s rhyme!  We worked together to make a big collaborative book and a few children helped to design the front cover for us.  Stream Class also practised their scissor skills by making a gigantic beanstalk for the classroom and threading some brilliant golden harps.

Stream Class are still thinking about growth and observing changes.  Our tadpoles had a short holiday back to their pond over Easter but they have returned to our outdoor classroom for the children to investigate.  We have also worked together to plant lots of seeds and discussed what the seeds might need to support their growth.  We planted lettuce, tomato, radish, pepper, courgette and carrot seeds.  Hopefully we will have something to taste by the end of the school year!

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some more new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘oy’ (oi sound), ‘ir’ (er/ur sound), ‘ue’ (oo/you sound) and ‘aw’ (or sound).  The children have some new activities in their home phonics book to have a go at too.  Please continue to listen to your child read one page of their school reading book every day, the difference it makes is huge!

In Maths, we have been exploring height and length all around the school.  First we revised vocabulary to compare size, including taller, shorter, longer and wider, then discussed different ways of measuring.  Stream Class absolutely love using our school tape measures and by the end of the week they were measuring using centimetres!  If you have a tape measure at home your child might love measuring different objects around your house and garden.  Can they tell you how many centimetres something measures, or find something longer or shorter than 100 centimetres / 1 metre?

With Mrs Hammond, Stream Class explored Hapa Zome, which is the Japanese art of beating up leaves with hammers and pounding natural pigment into cloth.  They children looked around the outside area for interesting leaves and flowers to use and produced some absolutely fantastic work!







The Enormous Turnip (26th April 2019)

This half term our topic focus is on familiar stories and books.  We will be learning parts of stories and songs by heart to support writing skills and using ideas from books to investigate maths problems.

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about The Enormous Turnip.  The children learnt a rhyme and acted out the story as a class.  They have been investigating vegetables and creating some fantastic art and writing work about them.  Some children have worked very hard on some fantastic collages that we will put up on display, and some have drawn and labelled some brilliant vegetable pictures, and a few children wrote instructions about how to look after themselves and stay healthy.  We also found the seeds inside a butternut squash a decided to plant them outside.  We’ll do some more planting next week too!

In Phonics, Stream Class learnt some new digraphs which are alternative spellings.  This week we covered ‘ay’ (ai sound), ‘ou’ (ow sound), ‘ie’ (igh sound) and ‘ea’ (ee sound).  When writing words with these new sounds, the children might ask which version it is.  Often there aren’t any rules to help us, and it will be something that just comes with practise!

In Maths, we have had lots of fun exploring capacity and weight.  The children enjoyed racing each other to fill a cup with water to show full, half full, a quarter full or empty, and finding objects outside which were heavier or lighter than a toy they’d chosen.  Stream Class have enjoyed measuring and pouring to make hot chocolate and potions with mud too.

Stream Class began learning a song for the Musical Extravaganza on Wednesday 22nd May.  The children were very excited and really love singing with Mrs Beer.

In the Forest Area, the children made some natural paintbrushes using sticks, rosemary, lavender, flowers and leaves to paint with mud.  It was lots of fun!







Easter (5th April 2019) 

This week in Stream Class, we have been learning all about Easter.  The children learnt about the Easter story and traditions, made some beautiful stained glass windows, painted eggs and cut and buttered their own hot cross buns.

On Tuesday, The Problem Solving Company visited the school and ran a really fun maths workshop for the children.  Stream Class demonstrated their fantastic teamwork skills by solving a variety of different maths challenges and problems. 

In Phonics, Stream Class have been using their phonics skills to label pictures.  The children have been asking to start learning their Phase 5 tricky words already and have been doing really well!  It has been lovely to see the children using their writing skills to write Easter stories and cards, and thank you cards to the adults who have been coming in to help.  We are so proud of their progress!

In Maths, we have been working on ordering numbers and being able to say numbers which are one more or one less than a number.  Stream Class are still enjoying their Active Maths outside and running around to put cones and number cards in order on the playground.    

In the Forest Area, the children have been helping to maintain the whispering willows by weaving the new growth back into the structure to keep it looking beautiful.  Many children noticed there were lots of ladybirds on the willow and enjoyed observing them closely. 

Stream Class have loved looking at each other’s Easter gardens and talking about them.  Thank you so much for the incredible effort you have put into them, they are beautiful!

We hope you all have a lovely, restful Easter!







Mother’s Day and Frogs! (29th March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we have welcomed some very special visitors to live with us for a while.  Mrs Ream has very kindly given us some frog spawn to look after and observe so the children can further develop their science skills and learn all about metamorphosis!  Stream class have been fascinated to watch the frog spawn and tadpoles change every day and some children have been documenting their observations in their independent writing books or have made their own non-fiction books all about them.

In Phonics, Stream Class have been focussing on correct letter formation.  There are 4 letter formation families – Curly Caterpillar Letters, Long Ladder Letters, One-Armed Robot Letters and Zig Zag Monster Letters!  There is a helpful sheet in your child’s book bag to help you practise at home.

In Maths, we have been continuing our work on subtraction.  With our froggy visitors in mind, we played a lily pad game where the children had to work out how many frogs would be left if 1 or more jumped into the pond.  

On Monday, Stream Class had an extra special treat as they had a very exciting music session with Mrs Findon.  The children were delighted to try out lots of different instruments and sing along to her guitar while they played percussion.  We regularly watch videos of orchestras or bands playing interesting music during washing hands time, so many of the children were able to name some of the instruments and were keen have a go themselves!

On Wednesday, the children were treated to a visit from Tulsi, a practising Hindu, during Collective Worship this week.  Stream Class were very engaged and listened carefully to find out more about Hinduism.  Tulsi recreated a shrine for the children to see and talked about some of the gods that Hindus worship. The children also learnt about good and bad karma.

Stream Class have been learning about Mother’s Day this week and we had lots of lovely discussions about why their mummies are special and all the lovely things they do for them.  Some of the children used their phonics knowledge to write brilliant fact files about their mums and Stream Class also worked very on some surprises for this Sunday! 





Holi (22nd March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we learnt a little bit about the Hindu festival Holi, which also links to the start of Spring.  We thought about lots of ways we might spot signs of spring and talked about the seasons around the world.  Some children got very crafty with Mrs Hammond and made some fantastic egg decorations using water balloons and string!

In Phonics, we have been working on CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC words through cut and stick activities.  Cutting with scissors is a great way to  strengthen fine motor skills and we have noticed some children need a little more practise holding scissors properly to cut in straight lines.

In Maths, we have been practising subtraction skills.  Stream Class have been counting backwards from 10, and then 20, and taking away 1.  On Monday, we played a fun game where someone shouted out a number and the children had to run to the cone with a number that was 1 less. This is a game you could play at home with flashcards around the room or your garden! 

Stream Class have loved having the BeeBots out this week and really enjoy programming them with instructions and building mazes and paths with blocks. 

This week in P.S.H.E., we discussed medicines and harmful substances we might find around the home.  It was great to see everyone knew how to stay safe and could sort household products which they are allowed touch or can’t.

Our mystery object this week was a metal lemon squeezer, although almost everyone imagined it was actually a cupcake maker!

Last week in our Forest Friday we went on an amazing minibeast hunt.  The children looked under tree stumps and logs to discover ‘worlds’ for creatures living underneath.  We found millipedes, centipedes, woodlice, worms, stag beetles and even some eggs!








St. Patrick’s Day and Keeping Safe (15th March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we learnt a little bit about St. Patrick and why some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The children listened to some traditional Irish music and watched some Irish Dancing, before making up their own routines.  We have definitely ignited a new generation of Riverdance fans!

In Phonics, we have been working on CVCC and CCVC words, carefully listening to adjacent consonants to hear their subtle sounds.  I hope you have enjoyed playing the board game sheets we sent home on Friday and hope it has encouraged some more children to do a little bit more reading after school.

I know some of you have found it tricky to squeeze in some reading time at home, but practising at home during this challenging period of early reading really does make a huge difference.  Results from one American study showed that starting in kindergarten at age 5, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year.  They will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade and on standardised tests, they are likely to score better than 90% of their peers.  Perhaps you could incorporate a routine of your child independently reading one page of their book to you every night before their bedtime story.     


In Maths, we have been practising addition skills.  On Monday, Stream Class were crazy crabs, crabbing around the classroom collecting beanbags and then heading over to the correct numeral flashcard.  Then they had to add 1 or more to their total.  Other activities included competitive relay games where the children had to add up their points and record them using a tally system and fun shuttle run games using quick mental arithmetic!

Stream Class have really enjoyed working with a giant bag of fabric, which was kindly donated by a parent.  We have some budding fashion designers in Stream Class and some of the children very proudly paraded their designs around the classroom!  They worked hard to create original designs on the material, measure to make their clothes fit, and cut carefully to shape their creations. 

We were delighted to welcome a new friend to Stream Class and it was so wonderful to see the children so excited to greet her and make her a card or letter.  They really are a lovely group.






Shrove Tuesday & World Book Day (8th March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we continued our learning about Shrove Tuesday and Lent.  We learnt about the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert and started to look at the Easter story.  Stream Class enjoyed some drop scone pancakes and we revisited our work on healthy and ‘sometimes’ foods too.      

In Phonics, we have been learning to read and write CCV words like ‘tree’, and CCVC words like ‘stop’.  Then we progressed onto including some of our digraphs, such as ‘spoon’ and ‘train’.  Many children struggle when reading and spelling words with adjacent consonants and this is an important skill to learn before we can move on to the next phase.  We have sent home some board games for you to play so you can practice together. 

In Maths, we have been learning important skills to do with time and money.  Stream Class are very good at following our visual timetable and knowing the order of the day.  They also refer to the clock throughout the day, and the children use timers to know how long they have left to play and like to time themselves to see how quickly they can tidy up before the timer runs out.  Outside we became rockets and used different countdowns to blast off around the playground, then became robbers to steal specific coins from the bank!

In Science, Stream Class tried another dissolving experiment, which also included diffusion.  They made a repeating pattern with some Skittles around the edge of a plate and slowly added some warm water to the middle.  The children used careful observation skills to watch and describe what was happening and tried to explain what might have caused the pretty result.  Some children extended their investigation by changing the arrangement of the Skittles and predicting what might happen.

On the Investigation Table, the children investigated a case of floppy disks.  Some of the children thought they might be like a CD to store music on!  Stream Class also had another very special mystery object this week.  Many children thought it was something for syrup (most likely influenced by having eaten lots of pancakes!) but it was, in fact, a Victorian hot water bottle.  Isaac told the class all about it and the children were fascinated to find out what it was actually for.

On World Book Day, Stream Class loved sharing their favourite book with each other and with the older children from River and Ocean Class.  They had a fantastic time going to each classroom for a different book-related activity and then enjoyed a wonderful traditional story from South Africa with Mrs Van Gruenen, which left the children singing “Abiyoyo” for the rest of the afternoon!






Lent (1st March 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have started to think about Lent.  We looked at how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated across the UK and why we celebrate it.  The children thought about what they might consider giving up for Lent, including chocolate, TV and their tablets!  Stream Class used their super reading skills to work together to read a pancake recipe and enjoyed weighing, mixing and adding toppings to their pancakes.  The next day, the children wrote up their recipes and included lots of tricky words and new sounds they have learnt recently in their writing!


In Phonics, we continued our work on CVCC words and included some digraphs.  For example, ‘ch-e-s-t’, ‘sh-e-l-f’, and ‘p-ai-n-t’.  Some children are still finding it hard to hear the 3rd sound in these words so we will carry on with this next week too, before we begin to look at CCV words like ‘tree’, and CCVC words like ‘stop’.

In Maths, we have been enjoying the sunshine and doing more outdoor activities.  On Monday, we used positional language to say where we were on a bus, train or in a car compared to the other passengers, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, we played lots of running around games hunting for hidden dinosaurs.  Once the children found a dinosaur they compared the length, height and weight of their dinosaur compared to their friend’s.  On Thursday, we made repeating patterns with our bodies.  Can your child show you the ‘banana, banana, meatball’ pattern?!


In Science, Stream Class had a fantastic time discovering dissolving.  They had a range of different foods to explore, including olive oil, syrup, flour, coffee and lentils.  The children made predictions before testing their answers and then wanted to taste some of the ingredients too.  Most children liked Marmite, but not many liked the coffee granules!

The children have loved the sunny weather this week and were very keen to play with water.  They love using pipes, guttering, buckets, watering cans and tools to make potions and transfer water around the outside area.  Please leave a pair of wellies at school if you have any spare so the children can play freely without worrying about getting their shoes soggy.


Stream Class have started football with Mr Passman in P.E..  Their first lesson went remarkably well and everyone impressed Mr Passman with their ball control skills!  Please also ensure your child has some trainers for outdoor P.E. in their P.E. bag. 


Last Friday, in Forest Friday time, the children made some amazing tree spirits!  They listened very carefully to their instructions and worked very hard on their creations.  The children used clay and natural materials from around the Forest Area, thinking about how their tree spirit might feel and how they could show that expression in their art.  Today, the children used a hoop to investigate a small area of the field.  They used magnifying glasses to look closely at their space in detail, looking for insects, flowers, or new shoots, and tried to predict how it might change over time.



Celebrations and Healthy Week (22nd February 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been thinking about celebrations and how to stay healthy.  The children learnt about St David’s Day, made some fantastic daffodils that really brighten up the classroom, and watched some traditional Welsh dancing.  We also found out about the Hindu festival of Shivaratri.  Stream Class created some brilliant rangoli patterns and Mehndi hand designs.   

Stream Class have been very keen to make and create recently, so we gave them a box to make their own doll’s house.  The children made lots of furniture and furnishings for the house and it looks fantastic!


On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had a new object to look at.  Most children guessed it was some sort of pancake maker, which was very impressive because it was actually a tortilla press!

In Phonics, we have started our work on Phase 4.  We played some relay games to build CVCC words and played some tricky word games too.  For some children, hearing the third sound in CVCC words can be difficult, for example, the ‘n’ in ‘went’ or the ‘l’ in ‘milk’.  To help with this at home you can try sounding out words throughout the day so your child can practise listening for those middle sounds.  For example, you could say ‘drink your m-i-l-k’, ‘wash your h-a-n-d-s’ or ‘turn off the l-a-m-p’.

For Healthy Week, we talked about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.  Stream Class were very good at being able to say how to eat healthily while they designed healthy lunchboxes and shared which types of exercise they enjoy.  We also had lots of fun taking part in a workshop to learn how to play new games on the Flash and Bash outside.  Then we discussed different types of feelings and how we can use our mindfulness activities to help keep our minds healthy.


In Maths, we took our active learning outside all week.  Stream Class practised addition and subtraction by balancing a number of bean bags on their bodies, then adding or taking one away.  On Tuesday they practised recording through tally work by looking for signs of spring around the field and then adding up their totals.  Next the children ran around hiding toys outside, then finding new ones to add to their partner’s totals, and on Thursday, Stream Class designed their own game which had to include a point system. 





Chinese New Year (8th February 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.  The children have really enjoyed watching traditional dragon and lion dancing, and then making up their own Chinese dances to the music.  They tasted some prawn crackers, arranged the Legend of the Zodiac story in order, and made their own Chinese lanterns to decorate the classroom too!  

On Tuesday, Stream Class took part in the school’s Safer Internet Day.  We read the story of Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story and learnt his special song.  Can your child sing it to you? 

Buddy’s ‘Use Your Tablet Safely’ Song (sung to the tune of Frère Jacques):

Ask your grown-up, Ask your grown-up,

Ask for help! Ask for help!

Use your tablet safely, Use your tablet safely,

Woof, woof, woof! Woof, woof, woof!

In Phonics, the children learnt the final two trigraphs from this phonics phase, air and ure.  After half term we will be working on applying the phonics they know to longer words, including CCVC (consonant- consonant-vowel- consonant) words like snip, CVCC (consonant-vowel- consonant- consonant) words like milk, and two syllable words like farmer.

In Maths, Stream Class revised lots of the skills they have been learning so far, including estimating and checking, saying if an amount is more or less/fewer, saying the next number and adding two amounts together, as well as practising their 2d and 3d shape skills.  The children especially enjoyed counting magic beans to help with their adding!

We have had a very creative week in Stream Class.  In Art, we worked on drawing people, making sure they have limbs and features in the correct places, painting outside, and the children have been thinking about the story of Creation and designing their own Gardens of Eden in R.E..

I’m proud to say Stream Class won the Values Prize this month for the value of Humility.  The children really demonstrated their understanding of being humble, which can be quite a tricky concept at their age.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy their reward this afternoon!

Lots of staff and visitors have commented on the progress they have noticed in Stream Class and we are so proud of how well they are doing.  We hope you enjoy a week of rest and look forward to lots more exciting learning when the children come back!  






Magnets and Recycling (1st February 2019)

Over the last two weeks in Stream Class, the children have really developed their storytelling skills.  Their understanding of story structure is impressive and they have all demonstrated a fantastic use of their imaginations!  We look forward to you coming in to see their work on Friday 8th February at 9am for the Coffee Morning and Book Share!

In Science, the children have been exploring magnets, both inside and outdoors.  The children loved investigating which objects or parts of the school might be magnetic and lots of them could predict which would, or wouldn’t be magnetic. 

On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had another historical object to examine.  The children thought of lots of interesting ideas, and one child guessed correctly that it was an old coffee grinder!  If you have any old objects at home that we could investigate we would love to borrow them, please.  It could be anything from your old Walkman to an antique glove stretcher!

In P.S.H.E., we have been continuing our topic about helping our community and each other, and moving onto keeping our environment clean, tidy, and safe for plants and animals.  Stream Class thought about recycling and really enjoyed junk modelling, giving rubbish a new life.  This also inspired lots of discussion about 3D shapes and exploring special techniques for joining cylinders to flat surfaces.

In Maths, Stream Class have been revising their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, and using mathematical language to describe them.  Towards the end of this week, the children progressed to comparing two 3D shapes and explaining how their properties were similar or different. 

In Phonics, Stream Class have covered ar, or, igh, ur, ow, oi, ear, and er.  Next week, the children will learn air and ure and then they will have completed the next phase of their Phonics curriculum, having learnt a grapheme for each of the 42 phonemes.  They can now blend phonemes to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and segment in order to spell them, as well as read some tricky words.  When the children return from their half term break, the children will move on to Phase 4, where no new graphemes are introduced.  The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk, and more tricky words.












Story stones and counting (18th January 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been enhancing our storytelling skills.  Using the storytelling symbols, the children were supported to think of new ideas for their characters, setting and plot through the use of story stones.  In their Play To Learn time, lots of children chose to create stories independently, telling their narratives verbally, through drawings or writing sentences! 

In Science, the children investigated floating and sinking.  They were encouraged to make predictions and test their ideas, as well as look for new objects around the classroom which might be good to test.  Stream Class learnt the word ‘buoyant’ and were fascinated to find out that some rocks (they used a pumice stone) can float!

On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had a very, very old object to examine.  It was so special, they could only look with their eyes and not touch it.  Some children thought it could be a bird feeder, while others guessed a telescope and some sort of lamppost. It was, in fact, an antique lantern!  Thank you Jess Cobb for kindly (and bravely!) lending it to us.

In Phonics, the children learnt lots of knew digraphs.  They practised reading and writing words with ai, ee, long and short oo, and oa sounds.  Lots of our letters are formed using a ‘curly c’, starting with an anticlockwise c shape.  In Reception, we want to ensure the children learn the correct formation from the beginning, so at home please support your child to write c, a, d, g, q, o, e, s and f with a backwards rolling motion. 

In Maths, we have been working on number recognition and counting skills.  Stream Class uncovered some secret numbers using magic paint, then used white crayons to write their own.  The children made their front door and wrote their door numbers, went on a treasure coin hunt, and found natural objects outside to match their handwritten number lines!  In their choosing time, the children played Snakes And Ladders, and explored counting with hundred squares and counting beads.  They were quick to notice the string of beads changed colour after every lot of 10.

In R.E., Stream Class have been learning about the various people who help at church and contribute to making it a special place.  With this in mind, the children thought about the people who help them in their community and whether they help anyone themselves.  Stream Class decided it makes them happy when they help others. 











Forest stories (11th January 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about storytelling.  The children watched a video of Michael Rosen telling his own story, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, and talked about what makes him such a fantastic storyteller.  We went out into the Forest Area and the Sensory Garden to make up our own stories using a simple formula – main character, setting, what happened (or the ‘DUN, DUN DUUUUUN!’ part!) and then the solution at the end.  The children made up their own characters using objects they found outside and we put googly eyes on them to bring them to life.  Their first efforts at verbally telling a story were brilliant!

Our value for this month is humility.  In Stream Class we have been talking about being humble and trying to apply our values when playing games inside and outside.

In Science, the children investigated the differences between flour and cornflour when mixed with water.  The children used lots of great language to describe the similarities and differences between them and loved getting a bit messy too!

Outside, Stream Class are still really into cardboard boxes and water, which makes for quite an untidy looking space but the children get so much out of their play.  Some of the children set up a train station, taking on different roles and tasks, before deciding they should take turns and swap roles to make it fair. They used guttering and pipes as barriers and drew tracks with crayons and chalk.

In Phonics, the children learnt to read and write digraphs ch, sh, th, and ng, and played games using those sounds.  They have also learnt some tricky word songs ( and ) to help them sight read and spell them.  Some children had a go at writing stories independently this week using our story formula and some story cubes to help with ideas.   

In Maths, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards to and from 20, and saying a number that is one more, or one less.  The children used the number line outside to count and search around the Sensory Garden for the correct number of objects to match the numerals.

This week the children were given a mystery object to investigate.  They had to look at it very carefully and write down their ideas as to what it could be and why.  They shared their ideas and reasoning with each other and came to the conclusion that it was a camera with a part where paper comes out.  Stream Class were absolutely right … it was an old Polaroid camera!

The children were very excited to find our new Flash And Bash games on the playground and loved using their counting skills to count up each other’s point and compare scores.  They also loved the giant floor piano this week and some children have begun to compose their own melodies.  Some children had a go at playing Mary Had A Little Lamb as a team, with one child in charge of a key each.  They learnt to read the music that was written down for them and managed to play the whole song!












Happy New Year! (4th January 2019)

This half term in Stream Class we are learning all about storytelling.  Storytelling is a great way for children to develop language and literacy skills that they will use throughout their school lives.  They will learn to create narratives that they can use in role play, small world play, writing, and art work, and will strengthen a love for books and reading.    

On Thursday, Stream Class enjoyed practising their listening, understanding and speaking skills by talking about their holiday in pairs.  They had to remember to take turns, listen carefully to what their partner was saying, and ask appropriate questions related to their partner’s topic. 

In Phonics, the children learnt to read and write the digraph ‘qu’.  Can your child show you the action for ‘qu’ and tell you some words with the ‘qu’ sound? 

Thank you for your support with reading at home.  There is a noticeable difference in the children’s reading when they have been working on it with you.  If your child doesn’t want to read, you could try a different time of day, play a phonics game (try, apps, or a game on paper), look at a book at home and ask your child to read some sounds or words on the page, or answer questions about a story. 

In Maths, the children are building on their counting skills to 20, particularly the teen numbers.  When counting at home, please reinforce the ‘n’ and the end of teen numbers so they don’t confuse them with multiples of ten, like thirty, forty, etc. 

Stream Class made a great start in P.E. with their Games topic.  Mr Passman was very impressed by the children’s skills and tactics!

During Forest Friday time, the children listened to We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, then retold the story while marching around the Forest Area acting it out.  Stream Class have fantastic imaginations!





Advent (14th December 2018)

This week in Stream Class, the children have been learning about Advent.  They have been finding out about Advent wreaths and went to the church to make Christingles.  The children have enjoyed playing with our small world Nativity scene to retell the story of the First Christmas, and are still taking turns to be the baby Jesus in cardboard boxes outside! 

We were all very proud of how well Stream Class behaved on our trip to the pantomime.  They lived the Sutton Lower School values from start to finish and really enjoyed the show!  Some of the children have been acting out the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and everyone wrote a super letter to their favourite character.

In Phonics, Stream Class worked on forming j, v, and w correctly, making sure the v and w were pointy!  Then the children had a go at using their new sounds to write full sentences, including some of the ‘tricky’ words from last week.  The Stream Class elf left us a card making station and some children have been writing some lovely messages for their friends, family and Father Christmas in their Play To Learn/Choosing time.  There are some new letter sheets in the phonics books for your child to practise at home if they’d like to.  After Christmas we will be focusing on digraphs – two graphemes (letters) that make one sound, like ‘ai’ in ‘rain’.  You can find some Jolly Phonics songs to help learn them on YouTube -  Your child could also show you the actions to the Phase 1 sounds - 

In Maths, the children have been learning about estimating, using pom poms and practising their recording skills.  Stream Class checked their answers carefully by lining the pom poms up as they counted.  When talking about teen numbers, we reminded the children that the ‘1’ represents 10, so when writing them down, we reinforce that.  For example, “Let’s write 14.  10 and 4.  The ‘1’ means 10, and the ‘4’ is 4 more.”  We have also been working on positional language and played a game to practise listening and understanding skills. 

Despite the cold, the children have been asking to play in the water tray (with warm water!).  Lots of them really enjoy transferring the water using guttering and pipes, and thinking of new ways to transport it to other places.   

The children’s listening skills are really improving.  They are doing very well in P.E. with Mr Passman, creating interesting shapes and mirroring each other!  Stream Class have also been working on their turn taking skills through board games and sharing toys.

We welcomed a new member to Stream Class this week, and it was so lovely to see how keen the children were to make friends and show her around.  Well done, Stream Class!







It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (7th December 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been continuing our work on the Gingerbread Man story, with a flavour of Christmas thrown in! 

On Monday, Stream Class had a fantastic time decorating their classroom for Christmas.  They decorated the tree and wrapped lots of presents to put underneath.  Some of the children used their super writing skills to write letters to Father Christmas and gift tags to go with the presents under the tree.

In the afternoon, Mrs Harper very kindly taught the children some excellent biscuit decorating skills using her homemade gingerbread recipe.  Stream Class loved cutting, rolling, sticking, and squeezing icing and making pretty decorations to add to their gingerbread men!  Mrs Harper was very impressed with the children’s manners and listening skills.

Stream Class enjoy learning Bible stories with Open The Book, and on Tuesday, the children helped our Open The Book visitors to retell the Walls of Jericho story.  They were also treated to a special performance by the bands from River and Ocean Class, who displayed their musical talents at the Rock Steady show!

After reading the Gingerbread Man story again, the children thought about how the fox had offered to help the gingerbread man cross the river, but then later found out the fox had other intentions in the end.  Stream Class discussed the idea of strangers, and how some strangers are safer to trust than others.  They decided that if they are ever lost, they should look for ‘safer strangers’, like police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other people who help the community.       

Lately during Play To Learn time outside, Stream Class have been really interested in large cardboard boxes!  They’ve been making dens, houses and even nativity scenes.  The children made a stable and a manger and took turns being the baby Jesus in the box!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming digraphs ss and ll, as well as spelling tricky word ‘the’.  The Christmas elf has been leaving letters for the children, and Stream Class have been writing back with wish lists and questions about his job.  Some of the children also wrote thank you letters to Mrs Harper and letters to each other.

In Maths, Stream Class have been working on doubling and halving this week.  They doubled and halved the number of buttons on the gingerbread man’s jacket and practised fairly sharing by two. 

Stream Class worked very hard on their performance for the carol service on Thursday.  It was fantastic to see their confidence and effort to perform in front of an audience and we are all very proud of our little ‘stars’.







The Gingerbread Man (30th November 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been thinking about the story of The Gingerbread Man!  The whole class joined in with acting out the story and some children made playdough gingerbread men too. 

Stream Class won the Values prize last month by being the class that lived the value of happiness the most, so the children were allowed to think of a prize they would like.  They decided they would like a chocolate fountain and had a wonderful time putting grapes, strawberries and marshmallows on their skewers before dipping them in the chocolate.  Sorry about the chocolatey school jumpers!

In the Forest Area the children made some bird feeders and thought carefully about where to hang them; up high for birds or down low for the creatures that live on the ground.  We also went on a shape hunt outside, looking for 2D and 3D shapes all over the playground!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming h, b, f, ff, and L correctly, and writing words using those sounds.  Stream Class have also been learning to read and write some ‘tricky’ words.  ‘Tricky’ words are words that include sounds the children haven’t learnt to read yet.  For example, with the word ‘to’, the children haven’t learnt to read the ‘o’ as an ‘oo’ sound yet.  We have looked at ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘no’, ‘go’, and ‘I’ so far.

In Maths, Stream Class have been thinking about time.  We read the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and learnt a song about the days of the week.  Can your child sing the Days Of The Week song to you?  The children counted the seconds in a minute and had a go at completing different tasks in that time.  They decided a minute can seem like a long time if you’re jumping, and short time if you’re trying to build the tallest tower with blocks! 

We have been focusing a lot on mindfulness this week as our routines start to change a little bit coming up to Christmas.  The children thought about all the skills they’ve learnt so far to help calm their minds if they’re feeling ‘busy’, and we reminded them that these strategies can be used absolutely anywhere!  Stream Class have been doing yoga through stories in the morning, which has had a very calming effect on the children and is great for their gross motor skills too.  We were also very lucky to have Jess Slender come and run one of our visualisation sessions, which the children are getting better at every week. 

On Thursday, Tommy and Ricky from Captain Fantastic came to run a mindfulness workshop for us.  They covered so much in just one session and the activities were magical.  The children tried to catch bubbles, then reflected on how sometimes we can feel like we have too many thoughts, like bubbles, bouncing or floating around in our heads.  Stream Class learnt more strategies to calm their minds and focus their thoughts, then they talked about the power of self-confidence, and that even superheroes feel a little worried or scared sometimes.  They helped support George the orangutan to perform a magic trick, shared ideas about different emotions and discussed how it’s OK for friends to have different likes and dislikes.           

Then we put our colour mixing knowledge to the test as Stream Class created some fantastic paintings!  The children only had primary colours to choose from and used their skills to make their own shades of orange, green, purple and pink to work with. 

At the end of the week, Stream Class enjoyed a visit from Ocean Class, who came to share books and read stories to them.  It was lovely to see the classes mix and for the younger children to learn from the older ones. 











The Little Red Hen (23rd November 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been retelling the story of The Little Red Hen through role-play.  We had a go at ‘hot seating’ each character from the story to find out their motives for not helping the Little Red Hen, how they felt, and whether they were a good friend or not.  First, the children thought about what a question is, and which types of words a question will usually begin with.  Then, they thought about what information they wanted to find out from the characters.  In the end, Stream Class did a fantastic job at taking turns to be each character and putting themselves in their shoes (or paws!). 

The children have also been using their role-play skills in R.E., by acting out the story of Noah’s Ark and the nativity story.  They are enjoying practising their carols on our mini stage outside and are looking forward to their big performance!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming e, u, and r correctly and writing words using those sounds.  We also worked on our first digraph, ‘ck’!  On the big playground, the children were challenged to cycle or scoot towards a letter or number painted on the ground and were amazingly speedy! 

This week, Stream Class used their writing skills from last week to attempt to write a whole sentence, including some words we don’t sound out – ‘I’ and ‘the’.  Everyone could tell me they needed to put a full stop or an exclamation mark at the end to show their sentence was finished, and we discussed using capital letters at the beginning.  Can your child spot any punctuation in different types of books or magazines at home?

In Maths, we have been looking at coins.  This can often be a challenge for little ones, as representing different amounts with a coin can seem quite abstract.  However, Stream Class picked it up very quickly and enjoyed playing games inside and outside using money.   The children took turns at being shopkeepers and customers, naming coins and amounts correctly, as well as writing price tags for new toys or food to sell at the shop.  We also had a go at counting in 2s and 10s and sang songs to help us. 

This week in Understanding the World, the children found out how to program robots!  They learnt to give Bee-Bots instructions and then moved on to build obstacles to manoeuvre around.  Sometimes the Bee-Bot didn’t do what they had expected, so Stream Class had to debug faults and look out for any programming errors too. 

Stream Class’ music appreciation skills are improving every week!  This week they listened to Le Carnaval des Animaux by Camille Saint-Saëns.  The children thought about the melody, tempo, form and texture of each movement to work out which animal it could be about.  Some children guessed every piece correctly!  It was fantastic to see the children join in with the representation of a lion’s roar played by the piano and move like an elephant to the double bass. 

The children spotted some pipettes in my pocket last week and were curious as to what they were for, so this week the children made magic potions by taking small amounts of ‘ingredients’ to create colourful mixtures!  If they wanted, they could follow a ‘recipe’ to make primary colours into secondary ones and they are really developing their confidence to know how to make green, orange, purple and pink from memory.  Using a pipette is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills for writing, and it’s fun too!   







Odd Socks Day and Children In Need (16th November 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have been thinking about kindness, respect, and being a good friend.  All week the children have been reflecting on what anti-bullying means and how to treat others.  Some children chose to make anti-bullying posters and wrote about ways to spot and stop bullying.  On Thursday, they thought about children who are less fortunate then themselves and why we fundraise for Children In Need.  Stream Class shared ideas about real life heroes and people who help us in our community.  We have lots of budding police officers, doctors, and fire fighters in our class!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming g, o, c and k correctly and writing words using those sounds.  Everyone had a go at labelling the characters from The Little Red Hen, including the ‘hen’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’, and ‘duck’, and some children even included some two syllable adjectives, like ‘lazy’ and ‘sleepy’!  Mrs Chapman was very impressed to see how well the children’s writing is coming on.

In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes.  The children investigated the number of faces, edges and vertices a shape had, whether the faces were curved, flat or both, and what shape the faces were.  They used a Venn diagram to sort them and at the end of the week, Stream Class played ‘I’m thinking of a shape …’, where they took turns to describe a 3D shape using the correct terminology and the rest of the class tried to name it based on the description.  Can you spot any 3D shapes around the house?  Your child might be able to talk about a can being a cylinder, a cereal box being a cuboid or a dice being a cube!

The children are enjoying their gymnastics and movement lessons in the Village Hall with Mr Passman.  They have been learning to make new shapes and hold balances, before linking their moves together.  Stream Class have been learning about what happens to their bodies during exercise, including changes in their heart rate and stretching their muscles!    

In Stream Class, we have been listening carefully to dynamics and tempo in music.  The children thought about the differences between Moonlight Sonata’s first and third movement by Beethoven, and how the pieces made them feel.  Most of the children preferred the third movement and even asked if they could get up and dance!  

On Friday the children planted some tulip bulbs for spring.  They thought about which way round to plant the bulb and why, where to plant it and how to look after it so that it grows into a tulip.  Stream Class really enjoy Forest Fridays and love being out in the Forest Area.  This week they spotted a family of squirrels chasing each other, discovered different types of fungi and noticed that some of the trees have become bare.








This is Me! (9th November 2018)



















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