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Stream Class News

Holi (22nd March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we learnt a little bit about the Hindu festival Holi, which also links to the start of Spring.  We thought about lots of ways we might spot signs of spring and talked about the seasons around the world.  Some children got very crafty with Mrs Hammond and made some fantastic egg decorations using water balloons and string!

In Phonics, we have been working on CCVCC, CCCVC and CCCVCC words through cut and stick activities.  Cutting with scissors is a great way to  strengthen fine motor skills and we have noticed some children need a little more practise holding scissors properly to cut in straight lines.

In Maths, we have been practising subtraction skills.  Stream Class have been counting backwards from 10, and then 20, and taking away 1.  On Monday, we played a fun game where someone shouted out a number and the children had to run to the cone with a number that was 1 less. This is a game you could play at home with flashcards around the room or your garden! 

Stream Class have loved having the BeeBots out this week and really enjoy programming them with instructions and building mazes and paths with blocks. 

This week in P.S.H.E., we discussed medicines and harmful substances we might find around the home.  It was great to see everyone knew how to stay safe and could sort household products which they are allowed touch or can’t.

Our mystery object this week was a metal lemon squeezer, although almost everyone imagined it was actually a cupcake maker!

Last week in our Forest Friday we went on an amazing minibeast hunt.  The children looked under tree stumps and logs to discover ‘worlds’ for creatures living underneath.  We found millipedes, centipedes, woodlice, worms, stag beetles and even some eggs!










St. Patrick’s Day and Keeping Safe (15th March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we learnt a little bit about St. Patrick and why some people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  The children listened to some traditional Irish music and watched some Irish Dancing, before making up their own routines.  We have definitely ignited a new generation of Riverdance fans!

In Phonics, we have been working on CVCC and CCVC words, carefully listening to adjacent consonants to hear their subtle sounds.  I hope you have enjoyed playing the board game sheets we sent home on Friday and hope it has encouraged some more children to do a little bit more reading after school.

I know some of you have found it tricky to squeeze in some reading time at home, but practising at home during this challenging period of early reading really does make a huge difference.  Results from one American study showed that starting in kindergarten at age 5, if a student reads 20 minutes a day at home, they will hear 1.8 million words per year.  They will have read for 851 hours by 6th grade and on standardised tests, they are likely to score better than 90% of their peers.  Perhaps you could incorporate a routine of your child independently reading one page of their book to you every night before their bedtime story.     


In Maths, we have been practising addition skills.  On Monday, Stream Class were crazy crabs, crabbing around the classroom collecting beanbags and then heading over to the correct numeral flashcard.  Then they had to add 1 or more to their total.  Other activities included competitive relay games where the children had to add up their points and record them using a tally system and fun shuttle run games using quick mental arithmetic!

Stream Class have really enjoyed working with a giant bag of fabric, which was kindly donated by a parent.  We have some budding fashion designers in Stream Class and some of the children very proudly paraded their designs around the classroom!  They worked hard to create original designs on the material, measure to make their clothes fit, and cut carefully to shape their creations. 

We were delighted to welcome a new friend to Stream Class and it was so wonderful to see the children so excited to greet her and make her a card or letter.  They really are a lovely group.






Shrove Tuesday & World Book Day (8th March 2019)

This week in Stream Class, we continued our learning about Shrove Tuesday and Lent.  We learnt about the 40 days and nights Jesus spent in the desert and started to look at the Easter story.  Stream Class enjoyed some drop scone pancakes and we revisited our work on healthy and ‘sometimes’ foods too.      

In Phonics, we have been learning to read and write CCV words like ‘tree’, and CCVC words like ‘stop’.  Then we progressed onto including some of our digraphs, such as ‘spoon’ and ‘train’.  Many children struggle when reading and spelling words with adjacent consonants and this is an important skill to learn before we can move on to the next phase.  We have sent home some board games for you to play so you can practice together. 

In Maths, we have been learning important skills to do with time and money.  Stream Class are very good at following our visual timetable and knowing the order of the day.  They also refer to the clock throughout the day, and the children use timers to know how long they have left to play and like to time themselves to see how quickly they can tidy up before the timer runs out.  Outside we became rockets and used different countdowns to blast off around the playground, then became robbers to steal specific coins from the bank!

In Science, Stream Class tried another dissolving experiment, which also included diffusion.  They made a repeating pattern with some Skittles around the edge of a plate and slowly added some warm water to the middle.  The children used careful observation skills to watch and describe what was happening and tried to explain what might have caused the pretty result.  Some children extended their investigation by changing the arrangement of the Skittles and predicting what might happen.

On the Investigation Table, the children investigated a case of floppy disks.  Some of the children thought they might be like a CD to store music on!  Stream Class also had another very special mystery object this week.  Many children thought it was something for syrup (most likely influenced by having eaten lots of pancakes!) but it was, in fact, a Victorian hot water bottle.  Isaac told the class all about it and the children were fascinated to find out what it was actually for.

On World Book Day, Stream Class loved sharing their favourite book with each other and with the older children from River and Ocean Class.  They had a fantastic time going to each classroom for a different book-related activity and then enjoyed a wonderful traditional story from South Africa with Mrs Van Gruenen, which left the children singing “Abiyoyo” for the rest of the afternoon!







Lent (1st March 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have started to think about Lent.  We looked at how Shrove Tuesday is celebrated across the UK and why we celebrate it.  The children thought about what they might consider giving up for Lent, including chocolate, TV and their tablets!  Stream Class used their super reading skills to work together to read a pancake recipe and enjoyed weighing, mixing and adding toppings to their pancakes.  The next day, the children wrote up their recipes and included lots of tricky words and new sounds they have learnt recently in their writing!


In Phonics, we continued our work on CVCC words and included some digraphs.  For example, ‘ch-e-s-t’, ‘sh-e-l-f’, and ‘p-ai-n-t’.  Some children are still finding it hard to hear the 3rd sound in these words so we will carry on with this next week too, before we begin to look at CCV words like ‘tree’, and CCVC words like ‘stop’.

In Maths, we have been enjoying the sunshine and doing more outdoor activities.  On Monday, we used positional language to say where we were on a bus, train or in a car compared to the other passengers, and on Tuesday and Wednesday, we played lots of running around games hunting for hidden dinosaurs.  Once the children found a dinosaur they compared the length, height and weight of their dinosaur compared to their friend’s.  On Thursday, we made repeating patterns with our bodies.  Can your child show you the ‘banana, banana, meatball’ pattern?!


In Science, Stream Class had a fantastic time discovering dissolving.  They had a range of different foods to explore, including olive oil, syrup, flour, coffee and lentils.  The children made predictions before testing their answers and then wanted to taste some of the ingredients too.  Most children liked Marmite, but not many liked the coffee granules!

The children have loved the sunny weather this week and were very keen to play with water.  They love using pipes, guttering, buckets, watering cans and tools to make potions and transfer water around the outside area.  Please leave a pair of wellies at school if you have any spare so the children can play freely without worrying about getting their shoes soggy.


Stream Class have started football with Mr Passman in P.E..  Their first lesson went remarkably well and everyone impressed Mr Passman with their ball control skills!  Please also ensure your child has some trainers for outdoor P.E. in their P.E. bag. 


Last Friday, in Forest Friday time, the children made some amazing tree spirits!  They listened very carefully to their instructions and worked very hard on their creations.  The children used clay and natural materials from around the Forest Area, thinking about how their tree spirit might feel and how they could show that expression in their art.  Today, the children used a hoop to investigate a small area of the field.  They used magnifying glasses to look closely at their space in detail, looking for insects, flowers, or new shoots, and tried to predict how it might change over time.




Celebrations and Healthy Week (22nd February 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been thinking about celebrations and how to stay healthy.  The children learnt about St David’s Day, made some fantastic daffodils that really brighten up the classroom, and watched some traditional Welsh dancing.  We also found out about the Hindu festival of Shivaratri.  Stream Class created some brilliant rangoli patterns and Mehndi hand designs.   

Stream Class have been very keen to make and create recently, so we gave them a box to make their own doll’s house.  The children made lots of furniture and furnishings for the house and it looks fantastic!


On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had a new object to look at.  Most children guessed it was some sort of pancake maker, which was very impressive because it was actually a tortilla press!

In Phonics, we have started our work on Phase 4.  We played some relay games to build CVCC words and played some tricky word games too.  For some children, hearing the third sound in CVCC words can be difficult, for example, the ‘n’ in ‘went’ or the ‘l’ in ‘milk’.  To help with this at home you can try sounding out words throughout the day so your child can practise listening for those middle sounds.  For example, you could say ‘drink your m-i-l-k’, ‘wash your h-a-n-d-s’ or ‘turn off the l-a-m-p’.

For Healthy Week, we talked about how to keep our bodies and minds healthy.  Stream Class were very good at being able to say how to eat healthily while they designed healthy lunchboxes and shared which types of exercise they enjoy.  We also had lots of fun taking part in a workshop to learn how to play new games on the Flash and Bash outside.  Then we discussed different types of feelings and how we can use our mindfulness activities to help keep our minds healthy.


In Maths, we took our active learning outside all week.  Stream Class practised addition and subtraction by balancing a number of bean bags on their bodies, then adding or taking one away.  On Tuesday they practised recording through tally work by looking for signs of spring around the field and then adding up their totals.  Next the children ran around hiding toys outside, then finding new ones to add to their partner’s totals, and on Thursday, Stream Class designed their own game which had to include a point system. 








Chinese New Year (8th February 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning all about Chinese New Year.  The children have really enjoyed watching traditional dragon and lion dancing, and then making up their own Chinese dances to the music.  They tasted some prawn crackers, arranged the Legend of the Zodiac story in order, and made their own Chinese lanterns to decorate the classroom too!  

On Tuesday, Stream Class took part in the school’s Safer Internet Day.  We read the story of Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story and learnt his special song.  Can your child sing it to you? 

Buddy’s ‘Use Your Tablet Safely’ Song (sung to the tune of Frère Jacques):

Ask your grown-up, Ask your grown-up,

Ask for help! Ask for help!

Use your tablet safely, Use your tablet safely,

Woof, woof, woof! Woof, woof, woof!

In Phonics, the children learnt the final two trigraphs from this phonics phase, air and ure.  After half term we will be working on applying the phonics they know to longer words, including CCVC (consonant- consonant-vowel- consonant) words like snip, CVCC (consonant-vowel- consonant- consonant) words like milk, and two syllable words like farmer.

In Maths, Stream Class revised lots of the skills they have been learning so far, including estimating and checking, saying if an amount is more or less/fewer, saying the next number and adding two amounts together, as well as practising their 2d and 3d shape skills.  The children especially enjoyed counting magic beans to help with their adding!

We have had a very creative week in Stream Class.  In Art, we worked on drawing people, making sure they have limbs and features in the correct places, painting outside, and the children have been thinking about the story of Creation and designing their own Gardens of Eden in R.E..

I’m proud to say Stream Class won the Values Prize this month for the value of Humility.  The children really demonstrated their understanding of being humble, which can be quite a tricky concept at their age.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy their reward this afternoon!

Lots of staff and visitors have commented on the progress they have noticed in Stream Class and we are so proud of how well they are doing.  We hope you enjoy a week of rest and look forward to lots more exciting learning when the children come back!  








Magnets and Recycling (1st February 2019)

Over the last two weeks in Stream Class, the children have really developed their storytelling skills.  Their understanding of story structure is impressive and they have all demonstrated a fantastic use of their imaginations!  We look forward to you coming in to see their work on Friday 8th February at 9am for the Coffee Morning and Book Share!

In Science, the children have been exploring magnets, both inside and outdoors.  The children loved investigating which objects or parts of the school might be magnetic and lots of them could predict which would, or wouldn’t be magnetic. 

On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had another historical object to examine.  The children thought of lots of interesting ideas, and one child guessed correctly that it was an old coffee grinder!  If you have any old objects at home that we could investigate we would love to borrow them, please.  It could be anything from your old Walkman to an antique glove stretcher!

In P.S.H.E., we have been continuing our topic about helping our community and each other, and moving onto keeping our environment clean, tidy, and safe for plants and animals.  Stream Class thought about recycling and really enjoyed junk modelling, giving rubbish a new life.  This also inspired lots of discussion about 3D shapes and exploring special techniques for joining cylinders to flat surfaces.

In Maths, Stream Class have been revising their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, and using mathematical language to describe them.  Towards the end of this week, the children progressed to comparing two 3D shapes and explaining how their properties were similar or different. 

In Phonics, Stream Class have covered ar, or, igh, ur, ow, oi, ear, and er.  Next week, the children will learn air and ure and then they will have completed the next phase of their Phonics curriculum, having learnt a grapheme for each of the 42 phonemes.  They can now blend phonemes to read CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words and segment in order to spell them, as well as read some tricky words.  When the children return from their half term break, the children will move on to Phase 4, where no new graphemes are introduced.  The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge and to help them learn to read and spell words which have adjacent consonants, such as trap, string and milk, and more tricky words.













Story stones and counting (18th January 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been enhancing our storytelling skills.  Using the storytelling symbols, the children were supported to think of new ideas for their characters, setting and plot through the use of story stones.  In their Play To Learn time, lots of children chose to create stories independently, telling their narratives verbally, through drawings or writing sentences! 

In Science, the children investigated floating and sinking.  They were encouraged to make predictions and test their ideas, as well as look for new objects around the classroom which might be good to test.  Stream Class learnt the word ‘buoyant’ and were fascinated to find out that some rocks (they used a pumice stone) can float!

On the Investigation Table, Stream Class had a very, very old object to examine.  It was so special, they could only look with their eyes and not touch it.  Some children thought it could be a bird feeder, while others guessed a telescope and some sort of lamppost. It was, in fact, an antique lantern!  Thank you Jess Cobb for kindly (and bravely!) lending it to us.

In Phonics, the children learnt lots of knew digraphs.  They practised reading and writing words with ai, ee, long and short oo, and oa sounds.  Lots of our letters are formed using a ‘curly c’, starting with an anticlockwise c shape.  In Reception, we want to ensure the children learn the correct formation from the beginning, so at home please support your child to write c, a, d, g, q, o, e, s and f with a backwards rolling motion. 

In Maths, we have been working on number recognition and counting skills.  Stream Class uncovered some secret numbers using magic paint, then used white crayons to write their own.  The children made their front door and wrote their door numbers, went on a treasure coin hunt, and found natural objects outside to match their handwritten number lines!  In their choosing time, the children played Snakes And Ladders, and explored counting with hundred squares and counting beads.  They were quick to notice the string of beads changed colour after every lot of 10.

In R.E., Stream Class have been learning about the various people who help at church and contribute to making it a special place.  With this in mind, the children thought about the people who help them in their community and whether they help anyone themselves.  Stream Class decided it makes them happy when they help others. 















Forest stories (11th January 2019)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about storytelling.  The children watched a video of Michael Rosen telling his own story, We’re Going On A Bear Hunt, and talked about what makes him such a fantastic storyteller.  We went out into the Forest Area and the Sensory Garden to make up our own stories using a simple formula – main character, setting, what happened (or the ‘DUN, DUN DUUUUUN!’ part!) and then the solution at the end.  The children made up their own characters using objects they found outside and we put googly eyes on them to bring them to life.  Their first efforts at verbally telling a story were brilliant!

Our value for this month is humility.  In Stream Class we have been talking about being humble and trying to apply our values when playing games inside and outside.

In Science, the children investigated the differences between flour and cornflour when mixed with water.  The children used lots of great language to describe the similarities and differences between them and loved getting a bit messy too!

Outside, Stream Class are still really into cardboard boxes and water, which makes for quite an untidy looking space but the children get so much out of their play.  Some of the children set up a train station, taking on different roles and tasks, before deciding they should take turns and swap roles to make it fair. They used guttering and pipes as barriers and drew tracks with crayons and chalk.

In Phonics, the children learnt to read and write digraphs ch, sh, th, and ng, and played games using those sounds.  They have also learnt some tricky word songs ( and ) to help them sight read and spell them.  Some children had a go at writing stories independently this week using our story formula and some story cubes to help with ideas.   

In Maths, we have been practising counting forwards and backwards to and from 20, and saying a number that is one more, or one less.  The children used the number line outside to count and search around the Sensory Garden for the correct number of objects to match the numerals.

This week the children were given a mystery object to investigate.  They had to look at it very carefully and write down their ideas as to what it could be and why.  They shared their ideas and reasoning with each other and came to the conclusion that it was a camera with a part where paper comes out.  Stream Class were absolutely right … it was an old Polaroid camera!

The children were very excited to find our new Flash And Bash games on the playground and loved using their counting skills to count up each other’s point and compare scores.  They also loved the giant floor piano this week and some children have begun to compose their own melodies.  Some children had a go at playing Mary Had A Little Lamb as a team, with one child in charge of a key each.  They learnt to read the music that was written down for them and managed to play the whole song!














Happy New Year! (4th January 2019)

This half term in Stream Class we are learning all about storytelling.  Storytelling is a great way for children to develop language and literacy skills that they will use throughout their school lives.  They will learn to create narratives that they can use in role play, small world play, writing, and art work, and will strengthen a love for books and reading.    

On Thursday, Stream Class enjoyed practising their listening, understanding and speaking skills by talking about their holiday in pairs.  They had to remember to take turns, listen carefully to what their partner was saying, and ask appropriate questions related to their partner’s topic. 

In Phonics, the children learnt to read and write the digraph ‘qu’.  Can your child show you the action for ‘qu’ and tell you some words with the ‘qu’ sound? 

Thank you for your support with reading at home.  There is a noticeable difference in the children’s reading when they have been working on it with you.  If your child doesn’t want to read, you could try a different time of day, play a phonics game (try, apps, or a game on paper), look at a book at home and ask your child to read some sounds or words on the page, or answer questions about a story. 

In Maths, the children are building on their counting skills to 20, particularly the teen numbers.  When counting at home, please reinforce the ‘n’ and the end of teen numbers so they don’t confuse them with multiples of ten, like thirty, forty, etc. 

Stream Class made a great start in P.E. with their Games topic.  Mr Passman was very impressed by the children’s skills and tactics!

During Forest Friday time, the children listened to We’re Going On A Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen, then retold the story while marching around the Forest Area acting it out.  Stream Class have fantastic imaginations!







Advent (14th December 2018)

This week in Stream Class, the children have been learning about Advent.  They have been finding out about Advent wreaths and went to the church to make Christingles.  The children have enjoyed playing with our small world Nativity scene to retell the story of the First Christmas, and are still taking turns to be the baby Jesus in cardboard boxes outside! 

We were all very proud of how well Stream Class behaved on our trip to the pantomime.  They lived the Sutton Lower School values from start to finish and really enjoyed the show!  Some of the children have been acting out the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and everyone wrote a super letter to their favourite character.

In Phonics, Stream Class worked on forming j, v, and w correctly, making sure the v and w were pointy!  Then the children had a go at using their new sounds to write full sentences, including some of the ‘tricky’ words from last week.  The Stream Class elf left us a card making station and some children have been writing some lovely messages for their friends, family and Father Christmas in their Play To Learn/Choosing time.  There are some new letter sheets in the phonics books for your child to practise at home if they’d like to.  After Christmas we will be focusing on digraphs – two graphemes (letters) that make one sound, like ‘ai’ in ‘rain’.  You can find some Jolly Phonics songs to help learn them on YouTube -  Your child could also show you the actions to the Phase 1 sounds - 

In Maths, the children have been learning about estimating, using pom poms and practising their recording skills.  Stream Class checked their answers carefully by lining the pom poms up as they counted.  When talking about teen numbers, we reminded the children that the ‘1’ represents 10, so when writing them down, we reinforce that.  For example, “Let’s write 14.  10 and 4.  The ‘1’ means 10, and the ‘4’ is 4 more.”  We have also been working on positional language and played a game to practise listening and understanding skills. 

Despite the cold, the children have been asking to play in the water tray (with warm water!).  Lots of them really enjoy transferring the water using guttering and pipes, and thinking of new ways to transport it to other places.   

The children’s listening skills are really improving.  They are doing very well in P.E. with Mr Passman, creating interesting shapes and mirroring each other!  Stream Class have also been working on their turn taking skills through board games and sharing toys.

We welcomed a new member to Stream Class this week, and it was so lovely to see how keen the children were to make friends and show her around.  Well done, Stream Class!







It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! (7th December 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been continuing our work on the Gingerbread Man story, with a flavour of Christmas thrown in! 

On Monday, Stream Class had a fantastic time decorating their classroom for Christmas.  They decorated the tree and wrapped lots of presents to put underneath.  Some of the children used their super writing skills to write letters to Father Christmas and gift tags to go with the presents under the tree.

In the afternoon, Mrs Harper very kindly taught the children some excellent biscuit decorating skills using her homemade gingerbread recipe.  Stream Class loved cutting, rolling, sticking, and squeezing icing and making pretty decorations to add to their gingerbread men!  Mrs Harper was very impressed with the children’s manners and listening skills.

Stream Class enjoy learning Bible stories with Open The Book, and on Tuesday, the children helped our Open The Book visitors to retell the Walls of Jericho story.  They were also treated to a special performance by the bands from River and Ocean Class, who displayed their musical talents at the Rock Steady show!

After reading the Gingerbread Man story again, the children thought about how the fox had offered to help the gingerbread man cross the river, but then later found out the fox had other intentions in the end.  Stream Class discussed the idea of strangers, and how some strangers are safer to trust than others.  They decided that if they are ever lost, they should look for ‘safer strangers’, like police officers, fire fighters, paramedics, and other people who help the community.       

Lately during Play To Learn time outside, Stream Class have been really interested in large cardboard boxes!  They’ve been making dens, houses and even nativity scenes.  The children made a stable and a manger and took turns being the baby Jesus in the box!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming digraphs ss and ll, as well as spelling tricky word ‘the’.  The Christmas elf has been leaving letters for the children, and Stream Class have been writing back with wish lists and questions about his job.  Some of the children also wrote thank you letters to Mrs Harper and letters to each other.

In Maths, Stream Class have been working on doubling and halving this week.  They doubled and halved the number of buttons on the gingerbread man’s jacket and practised fairly sharing by two. 

Stream Class worked very hard on their performance for the carol service on Thursday.  It was fantastic to see their confidence and effort to perform in front of an audience and we are all very proud of our little ‘stars’.







The Gingerbread Man (30th November 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been thinking about the story of The Gingerbread Man!  The whole class joined in with acting out the story and some children made playdough gingerbread men too. 

Stream Class won the Values prize last month by being the class that lived the value of happiness the most, so the children were allowed to think of a prize they would like.  They decided they would like a chocolate fountain and had a wonderful time putting grapes, strawberries and marshmallows on their skewers before dipping them in the chocolate.  Sorry about the chocolatey school jumpers!

In the Forest Area the children made some bird feeders and thought carefully about where to hang them; up high for birds or down low for the creatures that live on the ground.  We also went on a shape hunt outside, looking for 2D and 3D shapes all over the playground!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming h, b, f, ff, and L correctly, and writing words using those sounds.  Stream Class have also been learning to read and write some ‘tricky’ words.  ‘Tricky’ words are words that include sounds the children haven’t learnt to read yet.  For example, with the word ‘to’, the children haven’t learnt to read the ‘o’ as an ‘oo’ sound yet.  We have looked at ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘no’, ‘go’, and ‘I’ so far.

In Maths, Stream Class have been thinking about time.  We read the story of The Hungry Caterpillar and learnt a song about the days of the week.  Can your child sing the Days Of The Week song to you?  The children counted the seconds in a minute and had a go at completing different tasks in that time.  They decided a minute can seem like a long time if you’re jumping, and short time if you’re trying to build the tallest tower with blocks! 

We have been focusing a lot on mindfulness this week as our routines start to change a little bit coming up to Christmas.  The children thought about all the skills they’ve learnt so far to help calm their minds if they’re feeling ‘busy’, and we reminded them that these strategies can be used absolutely anywhere!  Stream Class have been doing yoga through stories in the morning, which has had a very calming effect on the children and is great for their gross motor skills too.  We were also very lucky to have Jess Slender come and run one of our visualisation sessions, which the children are getting better at every week. 

On Thursday, Tommy and Ricky from Captain Fantastic came to run a mindfulness workshop for us.  They covered so much in just one session and the activities were magical.  The children tried to catch bubbles, then reflected on how sometimes we can feel like we have too many thoughts, like bubbles, bouncing or floating around in our heads.  Stream Class learnt more strategies to calm their minds and focus their thoughts, then they talked about the power of self-confidence, and that even superheroes feel a little worried or scared sometimes.  They helped support George the orangutan to perform a magic trick, shared ideas about different emotions and discussed how it’s OK for friends to have different likes and dislikes.           

Then we put our colour mixing knowledge to the test as Stream Class created some fantastic paintings!  The children only had primary colours to choose from and used their skills to make their own shades of orange, green, purple and pink to work with. 

At the end of the week, Stream Class enjoyed a visit from Ocean Class, who came to share books and read stories to them.  It was lovely to see the classes mix and for the younger children to learn from the older ones. 














The Little Red Hen (23rd November 2018)

This week in Stream Class, we have been retelling the story of The Little Red Hen through role-play.  We had a go at ‘hot seating’ each character from the story to find out their motives for not helping the Little Red Hen, how they felt, and whether they were a good friend or not.  First, the children thought about what a question is, and which types of words a question will usually begin with.  Then, they thought about what information they wanted to find out from the characters.  In the end, Stream Class did a fantastic job at taking turns to be each character and putting themselves in their shoes (or paws!). 

The children have also been using their role-play skills in R.E., by acting out the story of Noah’s Ark and the nativity story.  They are enjoying practising their carols on our mini stage outside and are looking forward to their big performance!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming e, u, and r correctly and writing words using those sounds.  We also worked on our first digraph, ‘ck’!  On the big playground, the children were challenged to cycle or scoot towards a letter or number painted on the ground and were amazingly speedy! 

This week, Stream Class used their writing skills from last week to attempt to write a whole sentence, including some words we don’t sound out – ‘I’ and ‘the’.  Everyone could tell me they needed to put a full stop or an exclamation mark at the end to show their sentence was finished, and we discussed using capital letters at the beginning.  Can your child spot any punctuation in different types of books or magazines at home?

In Maths, we have been looking at coins.  This can often be a challenge for little ones, as representing different amounts with a coin can seem quite abstract.  However, Stream Class picked it up very quickly and enjoyed playing games inside and outside using money.   The children took turns at being shopkeepers and customers, naming coins and amounts correctly, as well as writing price tags for new toys or food to sell at the shop.  We also had a go at counting in 2s and 10s and sang songs to help us. 

This week in Understanding the World, the children found out how to program robots!  They learnt to give Bee-Bots instructions and then moved on to build obstacles to manoeuvre around.  Sometimes the Bee-Bot didn’t do what they had expected, so Stream Class had to debug faults and look out for any programming errors too. 

Stream Class’ music appreciation skills are improving every week!  This week they listened to Le Carnaval des Animaux by Camille Saint-Saëns.  The children thought about the melody, tempo, form and texture of each movement to work out which animal it could be about.  Some children guessed every piece correctly!  It was fantastic to see the children join in with the representation of a lion’s roar played by the piano and move like an elephant to the double bass. 

The children spotted some pipettes in my pocket last week and were curious as to what they were for, so this week the children made magic potions by taking small amounts of ‘ingredients’ to create colourful mixtures!  If they wanted, they could follow a ‘recipe’ to make primary colours into secondary ones and they are really developing their confidence to know how to make green, orange, purple and pink from memory.  Using a pipette is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills for writing, and it’s fun too!   







Odd Socks Day and Children In Need (16th November 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have been thinking about kindness, respect, and being a good friend.  All week the children have been reflecting on what anti-bullying means and how to treat others.  Some children chose to make anti-bullying posters and wrote about ways to spot and stop bullying.  On Thursday, they thought about children who are less fortunate then themselves and why we fundraise for Children In Need.  Stream Class shared ideas about real life heroes and people who help us in our community.  We have lots of budding police officers, doctors, and fire fighters in our class!

In Phonics, the children worked on forming g, o, c and k correctly and writing words using those sounds.  Everyone had a go at labelling the characters from The Little Red Hen, including the ‘hen’, ‘dog’, ‘cat’, and ‘duck’, and some children even included some two syllable adjectives, like ‘lazy’ and ‘sleepy’!  Mrs Chapman was very impressed to see how well the children’s writing is coming on.

In Maths, we have been looking at 3D shapes.  The children investigated the number of faces, edges and vertices a shape had, whether the faces were curved, flat or both, and what shape the faces were.  They used a Venn diagram to sort them and at the end of the week, Stream Class played ‘I’m thinking of a shape …’, where they took turns to describe a 3D shape using the correct terminology and the rest of the class tried to name it based on the description.  Can you spot any 3D shapes around the house?  Your child might be able to talk about a can being a cylinder, a cereal box being a cuboid or a dice being a cube!

The children are enjoying their gymnastics and movement lessons in the Village Hall with Mr Passman.  They have been learning to make new shapes and hold balances, before linking their moves together.  Stream Class have been learning about what happens to their bodies during exercise, including changes in their heart rate and stretching their muscles!    

In Stream Class, we have been listening carefully to dynamics and tempo in music.  The children thought about the differences between Moonlight Sonata’s first and third movement by Beethoven, and how the pieces made them feel.  Most of the children preferred the third movement and even asked if they could get up and dance!  

On Friday the children planted some tulip bulbs for spring.  They thought about which way round to plant the bulb and why, where to plant it and how to look after it so that it grows into a tulip.  Stream Class really enjoy Forest Fridays and love being out in the Forest Area.  This week they spotted a family of squirrels chasing each other, discovered different types of fungi and noticed that some of the trees have become bare.








This is Me! (9th November 2018)











Traditional tales (9th November 2018)

This week in Stream Class we are still exploring traditional tales.  After acting out the story of The Billy Goats Gruff and lots of work on bridges, the children found out about streams, rivers and oceans.  Then we read the story of The Little Red Hen and thought about where our food comes from.  Mrs Ream very kindly came to teach us all about growing wheat to make flour!  The children learnt to separate the grain from the chaff and then ground their grains using a pestle and mortar and a special mill too.  Later, we read Hungry Hen by Richard Waring, which had a surprising twist at the end of the story …

In Phonics, we have been concentrating on forming i, n, m and d correctly, and using them to write simple CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words.  The children use their hands to help them segment the sounds they can hear in the word and write each sound as they go.  Their progress is brilliant and we have noticed the children labelling their pictures and writing more and more in their play!         

In Maths, we are still exploring Measure.  We continued our work on length, and then moved on to height.  The children measured lengths and heights using blocks, rulers and measuring tapes, then went on to compare and order them.  Can your child measure something around your house or garden?  They could measure using Lego bricks, string, measuring equipment, or anything you can think of! 

On Wednesday, Stream Class learnt to use stopwatches after discovering the Year 4 Play Leaders’ ones in the playground.  We counted along as the seconds changed to minutes and tried to time each other racing around the field!

In R.E., Stream Class have begun to learn about the Nativity story and why Christians celebrate Christmas.  Mrs Beer has been accompanying the children at the piano to teach them Little Donkey, which is already sounding lovely.

With Disney’s Nutcracker film coming out, the children learnt about the original story, listened to some of the music by Tchaikovsky, and watched a ballerina performing The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. 

On Friday, the children celebrated Identity Day and enjoyed finding out about what makes each other special and different.  Thank you for the effort you put in to help your child think about their identity and bring in something special to show their friends.  It was a really lovely day!

With the unpredictable weather, it would be great if the children could put their coats and do them up independently before it starts to get very chilly!  Stream Class have been shown the Montessori ‘coat flip’ method, where they put the hood on their shoes, put their arms in the sleeves, then flip the coat over their head.  Zips can be trickier and will need lots of practice!








The Billy Goats Gruff (2nd November 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have begun our topic about traditional tales.  We read the story of The Billy Goats Gruff and used our bodies to add some percussion sound effects!  The children made some very creative masks to act out the story and worked hard to build some fascinating bridges for the goats to cross.  Some children decided to try to make their bridges wider and wider across the river and had to think very carefully how to construct them so they didn’t fall down!

In Phonics, we have been thinking about correct pencil grip and letter formation, and the children have a copy of the correct starting points for each letter in their book bags.  We are working towards a ‘tripod’ grip and using lots of gross and fine motor skills work to strengthen shoulders, arms and fingers to achieve this.  One way to help is to use the ‘Pinch and Flip’ pencil grip method and there are lots of little clips on YouTube that demonstrate how it’s done.   

In Maths, we have been exploring Measure and investigating length.  Stream Class used different tools to measure lots of objects inside and outside the classroom, including each other!  The children also built ramps and experimented with how to make a toy car travel further, predicting and measuring each time.  To help the children read the measurements on their tape measures and rulers we learnt a cool song about counting in tens -      

Stream Class love taking their learning outside so to celebrate Outdoor Learning Day we measured even more lengths on the playground, on the field and in the sensory garden too.  Then we used our imaginations to think of some interesting and exciting names to call different autumn colours.  The children thought carefully about extending their vocabulary and came up with some super ideas, including ‘kiwi green’, ‘sunshine yellow’ and ‘fire engine red’! 

On Wednesday, we were very lucky to have Rachel from the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy run a fun-packed workshop for the children at the Village Hall.  Stream Class demonstrated some excellent facial expressions and acting and we were very impressed by their performance! 

On Thursday, we noticed some unexpected visitors had walked through the classroom and left footprints!  Stream Class worked together to investigate who the footprints could belong to and used their reasoning to discuss why it could or couldn’t be a particular animal.  They looked very closely at similarities and differences between different woodland animals’ tracks to solve the mystery!

During our Mindfulness Moments the children learnt a relaxing chant about peace.  Can your child show you how to do it and tell you how it makes them feel?  We have also been listening to Pachelbel's Canon in D and learning some names of the instruments in the orchestra.  













Autumn (19th October 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have been continuing our discussions about our emotions and exploring autumn too.  We talked about how it is possible to feel two emotions at the same time and read a beautiful book called In My Heart by Jo Witek, which inspired lots of fantastic drawings and writing.  The children loved the singalong book If You’re Happy and You Know It from Barefoot Books and learnt to say ‘hello’ in lots of other languages, including French, Russian, Japanese and Greek!

In Phonics we played a game with some ‘tricky’ words which we don’t try to sound out, like ‘the’, ‘I’, and ‘to’.  The children’s progress in reading and writing this half term is amazing!  Over the half term break, can your child spot some sounds on signs or food packets?  Can they write some using a paintbrush and water outside? 

In Maths we have been practising our counting skills and starting to write numerals.  We remembered to put objects in a line to make counting them easier, and when counting with a picture we start in the top corner and try to think of a sensible order so we don’t miss any out.  During half term, can your child count as they go up and down the stairs and tell you which number is one more or one less?

We have a new member of the class this week … Honey the hedgehog!  The children really lived the values of care and responsibility when creating our new friend, while Mrs Hammond bravely assisted the children to hammer sticks into the pumpkin.  We think Honey looks great!

On Thursday we went outside on a hunt for the most beautiful leaves we could find.  The children looked for the most interesting colours and shapes to use the next day for their sun catchers.  Then, while in the Forest Area, the children decided they would like to build.  What amazing dens and castles they created!  Stream Class demonstrated lovely teamwork and cooperation to carry logs and ‘hammer’ parts into place.   

The children have worked very hard during their first half term at school and we are all extremely proud of them.  For some great ideas to keep your child busy over the holidays you might like to look at and search for ‘EYFS’.  Some other useful websites for games are and  We would love you to share what you have been doing in your child’s learning log and we can put a copy on our ‘Wow Wall’!








Our Emotions (12th October 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about our emotions.  Sometimes it can be tricky for the children to express themselves, so we have been working on reading facial expressions and using vocabulary to say how we feel. 

The children listened very carefully to each other talk about their feelings and discussed ideas about how to cheer friends up when they’re sad.  They made ‘mood monsters’ with playdough and used the iPads to take photos of each other showing different emotions.  Some children drew faces and used their phonics skills to label them with the corresponding emotion too!

In Phonics we have started working on forming graphemes (letters) correctly and segmenting words for writing.  Using the sounds we have been learning, Stream Class had a go at writing short CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words like ‘sat’ and ‘pan’ by using their hands to help them sound out the word.  Can your child show you how to sound out ‘tap’ or ‘sit’?

In Maths the children have been looking at the properties of the number 5 through games, movement and songs.  We went outside and made 5 using different natural materials and partitioned 5 by being sheep in pens, tractors and frogs! 

On Forest Friday we made a party in the Forest Area for our classroom teddies and dollies by making little seats and tables for them.  Then we worked on sharing/dividing sweeties fairly between the toys and helped to eat them too!

Stream Class have also been talking about road safety this week and the children shared their knowledge on how to cross the road safely.  We explored the different types of crossings we might find while we’re out and about and practised using them outside.

Some very special guests came to visit us too.  Rebecca Kilby Smith, an education officer, came to speak to us about the Houses of Parliament.  The children we very interested to learn about what happens within the Houses of Parliament and asked lots of great questions at the end! 

On Thursday the children we treated to a very exciting morning with Captain Fantastic, who had the children laughing, dancing, singing and gasping at his magic tricks.  Can your child remember his song?









The Senses (5th October 2018)

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about our senses.  We played lots of fun sensory games to explore our sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste!  The children enjoyed the Feely Bag game, using excellent descriptive language to describe to their friends what was in the bag without looking.  They investigated different herbs and vegetables by cutting, crushing and smelling, then they sorted them using their sight and smell.  Stream Class used their sense of taste to guess which fruit they were eating while blindfolded!  They tried pomegranates, satsumas, kiwis, apricots, and figs, yum!

In Science the children used touch, taste, smell and sight to make jelly.  They observed the changes that occurred as they followed the recipe and discussed the importance of washing their hands before making food.

Outside Stream Class had great fun playing with the foamy carwash, digging for shapes in the sandpit, making exciting potions, and going on a senses hunt in the Forest Area!

During our Mindfulness Moments we have been listening to Brahms's Lullaby to help us relax and feel calm after playtime and lunchtime.  The children have also been working on resolving conflicts with other children by using their communication skills to find a compromise or share in a calm way.  We have reflected on our value of Friendship and our new value of Happiness to help us work and play together at school.

In Phonics we are thinking more about letters and the sounds they make.  We played I Spy and gave some aliens some very funny alliterating names.  We also used mirrors to look carefully at the different shapes our mouths make when pronouncing different sounds.  There has been lots of early writing at Play To Learn time and the children’s name writing has greatly improved already! 

In Maths we have been looking at adding one more or saying the number that is one more than a given number.  Stream Class played lots of games and sang some songs to help, including One Man Went To Mow and Ants Go Marching In.  Can your child sing one to you? 







We are all different (28th September 2018)

This week in Stream Class our theme has been ‘We Are All Different’.  We looked at a book about children that had different types of families, spoke different languages, looked different from one another, and had different likes and dislikes.  This inspired lots of discussion and Stream Class decided that although we are all different, we can still love one another and be friends.

The children built sentences with word cards to talk about themselves, such as ‘I like eating oranges’, ‘I have a dog’, and ‘I have a brother and a sister’.  We had an extra card with a little dot on it that goes at the end to show the sentence is finished, can your child tell you what it was called?

We had lots of messy fun with play dough and natural materials from outside to make different faces.  On Friday we had a go at collecting our own resources and making faces in the Forest Area.  Stream Class also made some fantastic pizza faces and tried lots of ingredients, including olives, radishes, peppers, sweetcorn, mushrooms, basil and ham.

The children loved making life-sized pictures of each other and we worked together to create a pictogram survey about the most common hair colour in Stream Class.  Some children had a go at creating their own pictogram surveys about the most common eye colour in the class and could analyse the data they’d collected!

In Phonics we are still working hard at hearing individual sounds in words through rhymes and games.  Sometimes it can be tricky for children to hear slight differences in sounds, like ‘dog’ and ‘dug’.  Practising this now will help with reading and writing later on!  The children are really coming along with their blending skills when reading or playing games, and have picked up the actions to our phonics songs very quickly.  Can your child show you the actions for s,a,t,i,p or n?

In Maths we have been learning about repeating patterns.  We started looking at simple patterns with 2 colours, and moved on to creating more advanced patterns with shapes.  The children went on shape hunts around the outdoor classroom and spotted lots of circles, triangles, rectangles, squares, and even a hexagon!

In Stream Class we have been learning about celebrating Harvest and helping people who are less fortunate.  The children have been invited to bring something small to the church on Friday 5th October, such as a little chocolate bar, sweeties, or small bar of soap, to give to people in need.   

In P.E. the children have continued to impress Mr Passman with their listening skills and ability to follow instructions.  Stream Class have been marching in different formations creating some excellent displays.  The children are getting even better at dressing and undressing independently, even if their sweatshirts are sometimes back to front!  As the weather gets colder, please practise teaching your child to zip their coat up independently.








Our bodies (21st September 2018) 

This week in Stream Class we’ve been learning all about our bodies.  We have been singing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes’ in English and Spanish and some children had a go a labelling body parts.  They have been practising different balances using different parts of their bodies and also pretending to be paramedics, helping people who have been injured or are poorly.   

In Phonics we have been working on clapping syllables in words and continuing with our rhyming work.  We have started singing some songs to help us learn our phonics sounds from Jolly Phonics, which can be found on YouTube, starting with Jolly Phonics Phase 1.  The children have practised sounding out words in ‘robot talk’ and trying hard to hear a word when blending the sounds together.  Stream Class have received their first reading books this week and we have talked about sounding out slowly and carefully.  When reading at home, 5 – 10 minutes a day is enough.  Early reading is hard work!

In Maths we have been working on our 2d shape knowledge.  The children took turns to be the teacher and describe a shape to the class while the others guess.  Their descriptions using mathematical language were very impressive!  Can you spot some 2d shapes around the house?  Stream Class also played a ‘Build-a-Bear’ game where they had to roll dice, count the spots and find the corresponding numeral.  There was some very careful counting and colouring work.

Our Value this month is ‘Friendship’ and Stream Class have discussed how to be a good friend.  There has been some fantastic role play, both inside and outside, and the children are developing some lovely friendships and imaginative language.  They have worked really hard on their listening and attention skills this week and demonstrated how well they can listen during our special Open the Book assembly and at the church.  During Mindfulness time and lunchtimes we have been listening to more classical music, this time Mozart and Saint-Saëns.

The children are doing very well at getting themselves changed independently at P.E. time.  If possible, please dress girls in trousers or long socks and tights can be tricky!







Families (14th September 2018)

This week in Stream Class we’ve been learning all about families.  The children have played turn taking games to develop their language and social skills and made pictures of families through drawing and collage.  We discussed a story called Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson about a family of monkeys and talked about lots of different types of families.  The children have loved singing the Family Fingers song while learning about families from different countries and naming members of the family in Hindi, Chinese, and Arabic!

In Phonics we have been working on rhythm and rhyme activities to develop skills for hearing sounds in words, which will help us with spelling and writing in the future.  Some of the children have shown a real eagerness to write and have been writing letters to Puddles (see pictures).  Astonishingly, Puddles has written back and even given the children some special alphabet strips to help identify and form letters if they’d like to try some more writing again! This week in Maths the children worked on counting skills and number recognition.  When counting objects, we line them up as we count, and with pictures we start in the top left corner where possible and move our finger systematically as we count.

The children have really settled in to school life now and have especially impressed the staff with their manners and cutlery skills and lunchtime.  This week they have enjoyed yummy macaroni cheese and roast dinners while listening to relaxing music, including Vivaldi and Tchaikovsky.  Stream class have also made us very proud during Collective Worship by sitting quietly and listening very attentively with the rest of the school.

Stream Class are enjoying P.E. with Mr Passman on Fridays and had an active afternoon today in the Forest Area too!  After reading Stick Man, also by Julia Donaldson, we found sticks to make our own ‘stick families’ and then walked to the church for our first Collective Worship there. 






Welcome to Stream Class 2018-2019!

What a busy few days we’ve had in Stream Class!  The children have settled in incredibly well and we’re very proud of them, as we’re sure you are too.  They look very smart in their school uniforms and are doing a great job of getting to know each other already. 

This week the children have played some sound and number games, worked on their fine motor skills and got changed for P.E. all by themselves.  They have enjoyed their fruit snacks and milk at playtime (don’t forgot to order via the office!) and used cutlery to eat their school lunches.  We remind the children to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.  If your child’s bottle if full at the end of the day, it means it has been refilled. 

Stream class have enjoyed exploring the indoor and outdoor classrooms with their new friends and have especially loved playing on the big field and climbing equipment.  Friday afternoon is Forest Friday, when we investigate our natural surroundings more closely.  Today we went on a nature scavenger hunt and discovered lots of fascinating natural objects!

Well done, Stream Class!





Story Writing (29th June 2018)

The Whispering Willows was the perfect place for little imaginations to come to life this week. The children have been thinking of their own castle stories, and in the classroom they were stuck for different ideas. Once we went outside they all came alive! We had dungeons, castles being built, giant lamps, broken drawbridges for the baddies and dragon trees. The children worked well together, did lots of acting and wrote some stories.

In maths we were looking for 3D shapes around us and the children again came to life outside. We had a go at using fun foam to mould spheres, cubes and cuboids which we all found a bit tricky but it produced some lovely mathematical language.

As you can see from the pictures we’ve been doing big painting and using technology to draw castles, and Maëla shows what a messy job it can be!









Responsibilities (15th June 2018)

In PSHE we have been talking about responsibilities and the children are very happy to have jobs to do around the classroom. They are taking their new roles very seriously. It may be a good opportunity to think about any responsibilities your child has at home! We were so lucky to have 3 of Mrs Ream’s 11 Labrador puppies in the classroom on Tuesday. They are only 7 weeks old, so the children could see what a responsibility it is for Mrs Ream to take care of so many pets. We tried to keep one but she wouldn’t let us…




Also this week there has been lots of outdoor learning, the children have been experimenting with containers in the paddling pool, so learning science and capacity. They have also been planning their own stories about castles. We were thrilled that in the classroom they struggled to think of different ideas, but once outside in the Whispering Willows area where the gazebo became a castle, the willows became a dungeon, their imaginations went wild. Being outdoors is great for them in so many ways!




Castles (8th June 2018)

This week we began our new topic about Castles. You may have noticed your child come home with a crown sporting the two times tables, or a spear or princess hat. On top of a lot of craft, they began learning some features of castles and labelled diagrams. We already have lots of lovely learning logs about trips to castles! The children have made some lovely bunting depicting themselves as a knight, prince or princess which we have strung across the classroom.

In RE we are learning about our favourite stories, this week the children loved the story of David and Goliath and how such a small boy could overpower a giant. The children carried on with some lovely role play outside.

In maths they learnt some numbers in French and have been doing a lot more addition and subtraction sums, on the interactive whiteboard and on giant numberlines.




The Happy Couple (25th May 2018)

Our wedding theme continued this week in RE with our wedding reception. Tommy was absent so Joel stepped into the groom’s shoes! The children dressed for the occasion, enjoying speeches from Margaret and Oliver, party food and table decorations. There was a first dance and we wore ourselves out dancing to some classic wedding dancefloor fillers!

During the rest of the week we have been writing about space and learning a space poem with actions. Robyn very kindly brought in some dehydrated astronaut ice cream sandwiches which the children loved.

There has been lots of craft, from paper aeroplanes (rockets!) to sewing.









Wedding Bells! (18th May 2018)

In RE the children are learning about weddings. What better way to learn than to act them out! Tommy and Alyssa dressed for the occasion and pretended to get married on Monday. The children loved the ceremony, from the clothes to the plasticine rings! Next week is the wedding reception. Photos to follow!

In maths the children have been counting in 2’s – they then found objects outside and put them into groups of 2 to count.

Tennis training is proving lots of fun, we have some budding professionals in the class!







Outdoor Learning (11th May 2018)

With this weeks lovely weather, you can see we have done lots of outdoor learning! 

Stream Class are starting to challenge themselves in maths and some have enjoyed using our playground number line to work out sums. We’ve also been learning more about 2D shapes, we have been really impressed with the children’s knowledge, especially of pentagons, hexagons and octagons.

In our topic Space there has been lots of writing about rockets and the moon. 

Stream have continued learning a song for the Musical extravaganza - all to be revealed!

The children are also loving thinking of names for Mrs Ream’s puppies, all eleven of them. 






Super Star Story Tellers! (20th April 2018)

This week has been all about sunshine and story-telling. The children have been using their imaginations to tell a story to the class who then act it out as Mrs Gent scribes their words. It has motivated lots of lovely writing!

As it has been so lovely the children have spent a lot of time in the outdoor area, especially around the water tray. I have overheard a lot of great language being used about capacity and water displacement as they played together.

We have had All Stars Cricket in to lead a session which the children loved.

In maths this week some children have been revising recognising numbers to 20 and ordering them, and some have been learning their 10 times tables.







Keeping active (16th March 2018)

Last week Mrs Gent changed the room layout to give Stream Class more space for being active and for carpet activities. The children love it! You can see from the photos that it means we can do lots of fun things such as yoga (the children were excellent and really focused doing this) and a bit of the Body Coach workout for kids!

We are still on our topic of growth and Mrs Ream’s flowers are getting taller every day. We read a book called Fussy Frank and the children all wrote down things that they are fussy about. Their writing is really coming along. They love some songs on Youtube called Tricky words – ask your child to sing along to them for you.

We finished work on 3D shapes last week and this week are focusing on numbers to 20 including addition and subtraction sums.

Phonic sounds that we have focused on are ‘air’ and ‘ear’.




Healthy Stream Class! (23rd February 2018)

This week for Healthy Schools week the children have learnt about healthy eating and keeping active. They have had lots of opportunities to plan healthy meals, made some amazing plates of food out of tissue paper and used the laptops to pack a lunch box. We are sure the highlight of their week was making a sandwich. We sat back and observed their skills and were very impressed in their healthy choices. They all loved sitting eating their creations, even the ones who made ham, egg, hummus, cucumber and banana sandwiches ate them all up!

They enjoyed learning all about the Winter Olympics, they loved the highlights of snowboarding, the luge and ice skating. They then made themselves medals and all seem certain of Olympic success one day.

They were very enthusiastic in maths this week too, as you can see the roll of paper in the photo was covered in numbers and sums by the end of the afternoon. The offer of choosing time didn’t even lure them away. It was great to see them challenging themselves and how proud they are becoming of their achievements.








Fun online (9th February 2018)

This week there was a national e-safety day. Being very young, we spoke to Stream Class about the things we can do online, how we get online, what is fun and problems they might come across. The general opinion from Stream is that adults spend too much time on their phones! We played lots of fun games on the Nickelodeon and Cbeebies websites and talked about how they must ask an adult before they use the internet.

For the last week of dinosaurs we made dinosaur footprint biscuits (these may or may not make it home as they are sampling them as I type) we looked at modern day reptiles that are like dinosaurs and talked about animals that may become extinct.

We have been outside a lot more doing PE mixed with active maths!

In phonics most of the class are writing words or sentences with the ‘oo’ sound in them.






Rhyming competitions (2nd February 2018)

This week we have been listening to poems mainly about dinosaurs! The children have really got the hang of rhyming words. There have been lots of competitions of ‘who can write the most words that rhyme with…’ in 5 minutes. Try it at home with simple words like cat or log progressing to trickier words.

In music we have been shaking our sillies out. Ask your child to sing it to you!

As you can see in the photos the children have loved finding patterns in nature in maths lessons. In PE we had a go at obstacle races and problem solving with the circle of children and a hoop.

It’s been a lovely week!







Welcome Charlotte! (18th January 2018)

On Wednesday after lots of care from the class, our mysterious egg hatched! You can see from the photos what was inside… the children love her and Maëla named her Charlotte. She will be going home with each child for 2 or 3 nights as the children thought she would probably be lonely here at school.

In other news, this week we have been learning about symmetry in and outside of the classroom. There has been lots of writing practise about dinosaurs and in music the children are composing their own songs.







Busy dinosaurs! (12th January 2018)

Stream Class have done so much this week! They all seem happy to be back at school despite the miserable January weather. Our new topic is dinosaurs so here is a selection of photos showing what we have been up to.

In phonics we are doing lots of reading of sentences and writing CVC words. During topic work the children amazed themselves by being able to break dinosaur names down into chunks and then spelling them using phonics.

We have done lots of dino work in maths too – as you can see we made life size footprints of a Stegasaurus and a T-Rex. We measured the area of one using our shoes, and the length of another using multilink. Ask your child if they remember how big they were!

We braved the rain on Thursday to excavate some dinosaurs in the Outdoor Learning area. These boys also made an amazing dinosaur skeleton out of sticks. 













Christmas week (15th December 2017)

As you can imagine we are in full Christmas mode! We are sure the children have told you about the Pantomime and our Christmas dinner already. We were really proud of Stream Class, they were very well behaved on the coach and in the theatre and really seemed to enjoy themselves.

On Wednesday some of the children had a go at being rock stars although they all seemed a little overwhelmed by the instruments and the noise.

Everything else this week is top secret in Stream Class. But here is a sneaky photo of three of the class who were caught painting themselves, not their work!







In their own words (1st December 2017)

We know Stream Class don’t always tell you what they have been doing at school each day, so we asked them what they have learnt and what they have enjoyed this week. See if you can work out what they have been doing!

Alyssa – we made the biggest tower of bricks.

Maëla – it was the funniest that the bricks were falling down.

Joshua – I had fun stacking.

Tommy  - playing and I am star of the week.

Margaret – I did good writing about Elsa turning Anna into an icicle.

Ginny – I did good reading with Miss Austin and in phonics.

Elena – the outside area.

Cooper – I timed Hope, she was running to the hill and back.

Lilian -  I loved phonics because it has an a which is in my name.

Natalie – I had fun writing about Frozen.

Hope – I dressed up as a donkey.

Joel – Joshua played with me and the car park all the time.

Luka – I had fun when I was running and Cooper was at the timer.

Isla – I learnt sounds (Isla then told me every sound she knows!)

Oliver – I did 1 + 1 and 2 + 2 and 3 + 3 sums.







More Magic! (17th November 2017) 

This week has all been about potions again! The children are getting very good at following instructions and on Tuesday they all had a go at making a bubbling potion. They used lots of bossy verbs like ‘put’ ‘stir’ and ‘shake’ when talking about how to make one. They had a go at writing magic words and numbers in candles and painting over the top so the words appear, they made magic milk, some broomsticks and we had a few Harry Potters walking around on Thursday.

In maths they practised 2D shape names and did painting with 3D shapes. We are encouraging them to identify the faces and vertices on 3D shapes and to spot them around the classroom (and at home!)

The trickiest sound they learnt this week was the two sounds ‘oo’ makes, as in ‘look’ and ‘moon’. Look out for them in any books you share together!






Magic potions! (10th November 2017)

This week the children have continued learning about imaginary worlds by talking about setting up their own magical school. They have designed school crests and written school rules using bossy verbs. We added a bit of science by making a witches brew – they loved watching it bubble and spew out glittery foam.

In RE and music we have begun singing the Christmas Play songs. Ask them if they can remember any and to sing you a little!

This week’s sounds have been ‘ie’ ‘ee’ and ‘or’. Please encourage your child to show you the actions and form the letters.

We hope they are keen to do some work in their learning logs this weekend. Please remember they do not have to stick to the list of activities!




Magical! (3rd November 2017)

We hope your children do not cause too much damage with their sparkly wands this weekend! This week, carrying on with our topic ‘Imaginary Worlds’, we watched a clip of the Hogwarts Express and Olivander’s Wand Shop then the children decided to make their own.

In phonics we have moved onto the sounds ‘oa’ and ‘ai’ so ask them to show you the actions for these, and look out for the sounds in any books you may share.

They took their shoes off and drew around their feet in maths. There was lots of feet measuring with cubes and lovely maths language to describe who had the biggest and smallest feet.



Global learning week (20th October 2017)

This week Stream Class have been learning the meaning of Global. We’ve had a lovely week looking at the foods that we eat and those that are eaten in different countries. We’ve used maps, videos and Google Earth to explore our world and where food grows.

The children focused on their observational drawings of an interesting pumpkin that Luka’s mummy gave us, used salt dough to make models of their favourite foods and they tried some Ugali that I made. They all agreed that they prefer sausages and chips.

So it is the end of their first half term! We hope they have enjoyed themselves, we love seeing their happy faces each morning but think they definitely deserve a week off!

See you soon!





Learning through play (13th October 2017)

This week the children have really started to extend their learning through playing together, which has been great to see. In maths they loved setting up a role play bus to count children on and off – the beginnings of calculation. During child initiated learning the bus became a plane, the plane took them to Majorca and they were even using mathematical language discussing distances and the cost of the pretend sweets Alyssa was serving to all of the passengers.

We used our waterproofs as well as you can see, the children loved it. They spent a morning foraging for sticks and treasure to make an autumn crown.

Other activities included making moving fish, singing Dingle Dangle Scarecrow, letter formation competitions, relaxing on our new reading area sofa and telling prospective parents about their new school.




Grumpy Faces and Whales (6th October 2017)

This week has been all about grumpy faces and whales! Ask your child if they can sing ‘I’ve got a grumpy face’ to you, they cannot do it at school without smiling. There’s been lots of singing in music lessons and we also sang along to ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid. This of course led to numerous other Disney singalongs which they are very good at!

They listened again to a story about offering gifts to whales and also a tiger that dances in the moonlight. The children started to make their own stories up too, ask them if they can tell you their story.

In maths we looked at repeating patterns involving colours, then shapes, then objects. We have been counting to 100 and talking about 1, 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Finally we did our first bake off! I think they were most excited about being in the staff room, not the baking. In case you hadn’t realised, the biscuit they brought home was a fish…



Undersea World (29th September 2017)

Undersea World’s is our topic and we started the week with a lovely book called The Whale Song. The children loved the story about a little girl who gave a gift to some whales. They all thought of what precious gift they would give and wrote about it.

We’ve done lots of outdoor learning too – they had fun doing a scavenger hunt as you can see! We also gave the children plastic shapes, they then made the shapes out of natural objects. There was lots of discussion about whether bendy sticks could make a square and how many sides a circle has! Sorry if they came home a bit muddy but they were having so much fun, as the weather worsens we will put them in waterproofs for these sessions.

In circle time the children really showed they know how to sit nicely now, and they didn’t speak unless holding the bear. They spoke about what makes them happy and who makes them happy at school – there were lots of beaming faces as they all realised that they are important to each other.











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