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Lime Class News


22nd January 



Lime Class children have had a very creative week this week. We have seen lots of amazing 3D dinosaur landscapes so far. I know that this is still an ongoing project for several children. The children who were in class at the beginning of the week made an excellent start to their landscapes. They will be able to finish these once they return to school at the beginning of February. We look forward to seeing more dinosaur clay/playdough models and hearing reports about the volcano experiment!


This week the children have been learning about the digraphs [2 letters making 1 sound] sh, ch, th and ng. Mrs Price and Miss Austin were very impressed with the children’s work during the phonics Zoom lesson last Monday. We will be doing another phonics lesson this coming Monday so make sure you have your mini whiteboard/pen or paper and pen ready. In school, the children have been making great progress with their sentence writing too.


The Maths focus in class this week has been on ordering numbers up to 20 and addition. The children enjoyed ordering domino cards and Numicon shapes. They were able to write the corresponding numerals too. Thank you for all the lovely examples of maths work from the children who are learning from home. This is wonderful to see.

Lime Class Dinosaur Tea Towel

Many thanks to all parents for emailing photos of your child’s dinosaur painting or drawing. The tea towel design can be seen below as one of our class news photos. The company Class Printing has given us a quote of approximately £3.50 per tea towel. Please email Mrs Price @ if you would like to order one or more. This quote was based on Lime Class ordering 25 tea towels.


Home Learning Activity Sheets

Please email Mrs Price @ if you would like a pack of the weekly activities printed out. The pack can be picked up from school any time after Monday lunchtime.

Have a Lovely Weekend and Stay Safe and Well!








15th January

Home Learning and Zoom

Many thanks again to all Lime Class pupils and parents for showing such patience, kindness and goodwill during the present Lockdown, both at home and at school. The Zoom learning sessions are finally beginning to take shape. Mrs Price has been on a steep learning curve and is very grateful to Miss Austin for all her calming help. The emails we have been receiving are so encouraging. It is wonderful to be able to see the children’s work in this way. We are sorry that we cannot put all the photos on the Class News but we will try our best to share things out.


We have had another week of Dinosaur Fun. The children have enjoyed putting dinosaur bones together to make a dinosaur skeleton. The fossil making was a great success too. It was amazing to see all the children share their fossil making on the Zoom session. In class, the children learned a lot about weighing the ingredients and mixing them all together. Our fossil dough with coffee grinds is drying out nicely by the radiator. The class dinosaur painting picture is nearly completed. We have a few more to add to this and the final picture will go on next week’s Class News. Please see this week’s class photos for the progress made so far.


This week the children have been learning about the letters x, y, z and the digraph qu. Mrs Price will start doing a weekly Zoom phonics session. This will be on a Monday, starting from next week. Children will need to be ready with a whiteboard and pen or paper and pencil/pen. Pens are preferable as they will show up better on the Zoom screen.


The Maths focus this week has been on Counting and Estimation. The children have played a variety of counting and estimation games. They are getting really good at counting back as well as counting on from different numbers up to 20.

Home Learning Activity Sheets

Please email Mrs Price @ if you would like a pack of the weekly activities printed out. The pack can be picked up from school anytime after Monday lunchtime.

Have a Lovely Weekend and Stay Safe and Well!



















 8th January 2021


It has been such a strange and different week for us all. Thank you to both pupils and parents for your patience with regard to the Zoom sessions. I am sure that we will get used to this way of working and that the children will continue to enjoy their learning, whether they are at home or at school. Thank you so much for the photos. I will try to share as many as possible through our Class News.


There has already been lots of interest shown with regard to our topic of Dinosaurs. This week the children have been learning to use their phonics to read some of the very long and tricky dinosaur names. We have been very impressed with their dinosaur sentence writing too. We are looking forward to learning about fossils next week and finding out just how amazing they are!




This week the children have been learning about the letters j, v, w and x. They have been practising to write simple words and sentences using the relevant daily letter focus                     e.g. The vet has a van.



The Maths focus this week has been on counting accurately, saying the number that is 1 more and 1 less than a given number and practising number formations to 10 and beyond.

Topic Books

The children who are learning from home do have a blank topic book at school. Parents are welcome to come and pick this up so that all the home learning can be recorded in one place. This is only a suggestion as you may already have thought of another way of doing this.

Lime Class Family

We love seeing all the children’s faces on our Zoom calls and really miss them not being in class. The children who are in class are doing an amazing job and we thank them for this. Our Lime Class family is certainly one to celebrate!

Have a Lovely Weekend and Stay Safe and Well!

18th December 2020

It’s nearly Christmas…

The children in Lime Class have had a fun, Christmassy last week before the holidays. They have been working on their cutting, joining and colouring skills for different Christmas arts and crafts. Button, the school elf, has kept them amused with his daily antics. The CBeebies presents the Ugly Duckling was a real mid-week hit with the children. However, nothing could top the virtual visit from Santa Claus on Christmas Jumper Day!

Mrs Price and Miss Austin feel very proud of how much all the children have achieved this term. As a group, they have gelled incredibly well. It has been so heart-warming to watch as friendships develop and grow. The children look out for each other and this has led to a happy learning environment where they all can thrive. The support from parents this term has been amazing. Mrs Price and Miss Austin are so grateful to parents for getting together to buy them both such a thoughtful and generous present. This will always be treasured.



















Star of the Week

This week Reagan Williams is our Star of the Week. He has been working hard on his reading at home and has made outstanding progress. Reagan’s love for learning shows in everything he does! Well done Reagan!








We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a fun, restful break and we look forward to seeing you all at the gate again on Tuesday 5th January.




11th December 2020 

Topic- Celebrations


This week, the children have been responding to lots of different Christmas themed stories:  Kipper’s Christmas, The Nativity Story, Stickman and Mr Snow. We are so impressed by how well the children’s reading and writing skills are developing. Thank you for all the reading support you give at home. This is invaluable. The children in Lime Class are very grateful to the church for allowing them to enjoy ‘The Travelling Crib’ for a few days before it visits Larch and Hawthorn classes [see photo].

Lime Classroom

We have had a bit of a move around with furniture in Lime Class and have a new place for our Reading Area and for our Role Play Area. The children are clearly enjoying the changes. The reading area is such a cosy place and now there is so much more space for role play fun. Huge thanks to Mrs Chapman for giving us this idea! Mrs Price and Miss Austin love watching how the children learn through play, having such fun at the same time.

Phonics and Maths

This week in Phonics, the children have been learning the letter sounds for h, b, f and l. They are quick to name different objects that begin with these letter sounds and their letter formation is improving such a lot too. In Maths, the children are practising counting back from 20 as well as counting up. For number formations, we are working on 9, 10 and revising all the number formations learnt so far.

Star of the Week

This week Bertie Murray is our Star of the Week. He concentrates so well with his phonics, reading and writing and has made excellent progress!


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!















4th December 2020

Topic-Celebrations [Being Thankful]

This week the children in Lime Class have been thinking about the importance of being thankful. They have learned about Thanksgiving Day in America and responded to different thank you stories. Andy from the Theatre of Widdershins was thrilled to receive their letters of thanks for his wonderful puppet show last week. In Maths, the children continue to work on counting, ordering numbers and number formations up to 10. Active Maths with Mr Passman is very popular on a Tuesday afternoon. In Phonics this week they have been practising reading and spelling CVC words. The children are now applying their knowledge when writing simple sentences e.g. ‘Meg is a cat. She is a hero’.


The children are really getting into the Christmas spirit and excited to finally be into the month of December. Button, the school elf has been causing great intrigue and the children keep looking out for him hiding secretly in Lime Class. Christmas stories such as Mog’s Christmas Calamity and Meg and Mog’s Christmas are very popular too.

 Carol Singing

Lime Class children have been learning to sing the carol ‘See him lying on a bed of straw’. Their actions are amazing too! The children have been doing this outside in the playground and gradually making fabulous progress! You will soon be able to view their performance on our school website.

Star of the Week

This week Evelyn Osoba is our Star of the Week. She always puts so much care and effort into her work and has been achieving great results-especially in her writing. Well done Evelyn!

Headteacher’s Award

Fred Kirwan proudly received a Headteacher’s Award for some impressive number work that he did independently. Super effort Fred!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!























27th November 2020

This week the children have been carrying out investigations linked to fairy tales. They built bridges for the Three Billy Goats Gruff using cardboard tubes, paper, lolly sticks and masking tape. It was wonderful listening to their conversations about how to make their bridges wider and stronger.


For our actual Science Day on Tuesday, the children had fun building the Giant’s castle through the clouds [Jack and the Beanstalk] using Lego bricks and shaving foam. They thought of different words to describe the different textures. “This is fluffy like a cloud.” “It feels gooey and soft.” “The foam has melted in my hand and it has disappeared!” The children also enjoyed building a tower for Rapunzel out of playdough and pasta. It was amazing to see how they persevered with their structures. There were so many different tower designs.


In Maths, the children are working on number formations, counting and ordering numbers. In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds for e, u and r and practising to spell CVC words using the letters they have learned so far.






20th November 2020

This week the children in Lime Class have been learning about the religious festivals Diwali and Hannukah. They had a very tactile time in Art making: Rangoli patterns with coloured sand- Firework pictures using paint hand prints, silver pens, coloured sand and lots of glue! The children worked really well with a partner to cut out nine candles for their shared Menorah pictures. I think you will agree that our class display [see photos] looks impressive!

In Maths, the children have been practising counting and number formations. They have also been putting numbers in the correct order. The children have a great time doing Active Maths with Mr Passman on a Tuesday afternoon.

In Phonics, the children have been practising reading and spelling words containing the Phase 2 letter sounds they have learned so far: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o and ck.                     Visit the website Phonics Play to access some excellent phonics games for your child to practise at home. There are some free online game available. We have so far covered Sets 1 and 2 in Phase 2.

Anti-Bullying Week

All week the children have been responding to a range of anti-bullying stories. They drew pictures and shared their ideas about the story Topsy and Tim help a Friend I was so impressed by their insight and understanding. This work has been put into their Topic books.

Star of the Week

This week Tom Gregory is our Star of the Week. Tom’s confidence has grown such a lot over the past few weeks, he has a wonderful learning attitude and he goes out of his way to help others too! Well done Tom!




13th November 2020

First of all, many thanks for all the wonderful celebration photos that have been emailed to the school. The children have loved sharing these with the rest of the class! This week, our learning focus has been on birthdays. The children have talked about their own birthday months and the birthday months of religious leaders Guru Nanak, Buddha and Jesus Christ. They shared their ideas on animated stories about these leaders through drawing and discussion. This work is recorded in their topic books and is lovely to see!

In Maths, the children have been exploring different ways of making 5 and 6. They have used multilink cubes for problem solving activities linked to number bonds. They enjoyed making number bonds with dominoes too.

In phonics, we are making lots of progress with letter formations and spelling different words using the letters s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d. The children have been playing Sound Swap i.e. changing sat to sit, sit to pit, pit to pat etc.

The children really know how to learn through play as you can see from the photos. Their ‘cross country’ run on Tuesday was a great success too. Forest Fridays are a wonderful way to round off the week. Leaf mountain competitions are great for team building.

Have a great weekend!












6th November 2020

This week in Lime Class, we have been exploring ‘what makes us special’ in our new topic of Celebrations.

Tuesday- The children designed their ‘Special Me’ shields. This gave them an opportunity to think about what makes them feel happy and proud.

Wednesday- The children celebrated their families by making lolly stick puppets of a family member.

Thursday- What make me unique? The children drew round their hand and put their unique print for every finger.


Tuesday- Learning to read and order the days of the week, sequence story events for The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Wednesday- How long is one minute? The children challenged themselves by completing a range of different tasks in one minute e.g. How many beads can you thread in one minute?

Thursday-Comparing Measurements. The children measured themselves on our outdoor height chart and they even managed to put themselves in the correct height order as a whole class!


The children have been practising their letter formations for s, a, t, p, i and learning letter sounds i, n, m, d.




23rd October 2020 

This week in Lime Class we had some home learning time.  I hope you enjoyed the home learning activities!  At school we have been learning about habitats.  We made some lovely artwork about animals which live in different environments and did a cutting and sticking sorting activity to think about which animals live in a forest habitat and which live in a sea habitat. 

On Wednesday we enjoyed Music with Sarah O’Flynn.  The children are becoming very good at learning the signs to start and stop playing their instruments, as well as becoming louder and quieter.  They love singing along to the piano and enjoy singing duets in from of the whole class! 

On Friday the children had their weekly PE lesson with Mr Passman.  Their topic is Dance and they have become very skilled at moving in time together in different directions and in different ways.

Lime Class have made the most of our waterproof suits this week in the soggy weather and enjoyed being outside in the Forest Area exploring which types of creatures come out in the rain.








16th October 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about baby animals! We read the story Monkey Puzzle and worked out that Butterfly didn’t know Monkey’s mum would look like him because her babies are caterpillars. Then we played a matching game as a whole class, with adult and baby animals making pairs. The children loved painting symmetrical butterflies too, and seeing the magical effect that happens when you open the folded paper up.  Next, we read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the metamorphosis process. The children ordered and retold the story afterwards using pictures from the book. Our favourite activity from this week was looking at each other’s baby photos and trying to guess who was who!  We noticed that some children look similar to their baby pictures, but some children now look very different. Later, we did a writing activity, writing about activities we couldn’t do as babies.

We have started our work on learning new phonics this week, which has been a great success! Lime Class have learned about s, a, t, and p, and they are looking forward to learning 4 more next week.







9th October 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been learning about mythical and sacred animals.  We watched Chinese dragon dancing and listened to the story of George and the Dragon.  Next, we listened to the story of Masha and the Firebird and learnt how to mix red and yellow together to make different shades of orange to paint a phoenix.  On Wednesday, we listened to Sugarlump and the Unicorn and made some fantastic unicorn headbands, which inspired the children to make their own mythical animal headbands independently throughout the rest of the week!  Then, we learnt about how cows are sacred to Hindus and saw pictures of beautifully decorated cows in India for celebrations. The children decorated pictures of cows with their own designs for a display in the classroom. 

In Maths we have been working on repeating patterns.  We used coloured cubes, body percussion, voice sounds and musical instruments to practise making 2 and 3 step repeating patterns.  Can your child show you a pattern at home?

In Phonics we’ve been learning about rhyme.  The children played games and sang nursery rhymes to tune into rhyming sounds.  This will help Lime Class hear phonemes when we start Phase 2 next week.  For a copy of the Phonics Presentation from this week click here.








2nd October 2020 

Last week in Lime Class we have been learning about nocturnal animals and their habitats in the UK.  The highlight of the week was investigating tunnels, dens, sets and burrows made from play tunnels, tents and tables inside the classroom!  The children had a fantastic time crawling through to find pictures of nocturnal animal families hiding inside.  Another fun activity from last week was making cute hedgehogs from air dry clay and painting them. 

Lime Class loved getting their waterproofs and wellies on to play in the Forest Area and we had lots of fun finding out which minibeasts come out when it’s wet.  Some children found a gigantic worm and studied it for ages! 

Outdoors we went on a colour hunt, trying to find all the colours of the rainbow in the Sensory Garden and the Forest Area.  The children predicted green would be the easiest to find. 

Before we can learn phonics with phonemes and graphemes we must first practise listening skills.  We played lots of listening games last week, including a game with musical instruments where the children had to close their eyes and hear the difference between them.

On Friday we were very lucky to welcome a real life vet, Mrs Williams, into Lime Class for our topic on animals.  Mrs Williams showed the children real x-rays and talked to the children about how to care for pets. Lime Class also enjoyed another fun PE lesson with Mr Passman! 

On Friday afternoon, through the magic of technology, we joined Mrs Kerridge and Mr Brooker at church via the internet.  It was lovely to be able to see inside the church and join in with prayers as a whole school!








25th September 2020

This week in Lime Class we have been animal protectors!  The children learnt the word ‘endangered’ and found out about different animals that need our protection and why.  Next, Lime Class thought about ways to keep animals healthy and then considered ways to keep ourselves healthy too.  We made yummy grape snake patterns and enjoyed gobbling them up afterwards!  The children have also looked at various habitats that need our protection and thought about ways to rescue the homes of our endangered species.  Everyone received an Animal Protector certificate at the end of the week for their hard work on a great cause!

On Wednesday Lime Class learnt about Sutton School’s 150th birthday and found out what school was like in the Victorian times, followed by a slice of birthday cake. The children decided they much prefer the school as it is now!

Music Sarah, Sarah O’Flynn, came to deliver her amazing weekly music sessions with Lime Class for the first time.  Sarah is a professional musician with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Scottish National Orchestra! The children absolutely loved their first lesson.

Lime Class have loved spending their afternoons discovering the Forest Area and will soon learn how to put their wellies and waterproofs on when the weather changes. 

Please remember to get the most out of your child’s new reading book by following the guide on the inside cover and try to make it last.  Perhaps you can write a sentence for a page or two and model how we write for your child.

I’m sure Lime Class will be ready for a rest this weekend!







Hello and welcome to the Lime Class news! 

Here you’ll find photos and stories about the children’s learning each week.

The children have all settled in beautifully already and are making lots of new friends.  It’s been lovely to see how wonderfully they are playing together and how super their manners are!

 This half term our topic is Animals, and this week we have been learning about pets.  We read the story ‘I want a pet’ by Lauren Child and saw that the main character had left a purple egg for us to look after! We thought carefully about what it might hatch into and decided it couldn’t be a mammal, but perhaps an exotic type of pet.  Lime Class discussed how to look after different types of pets and what to do if one becomes ill.

Lime Class loved playing in the pet shop role play area and showed off their new learning in there.  We played lots of ‘getting to know you’ games and sang lots of songs too!

The children are really enjoying having their lunchtime picnics outside and look forward to playtime with their new friends afterwards. 

I hope you enjoy looking at a small selection of photos.  Thank you for working so hard with your children to support what has been an excellent transition to Sutton VA Lower School!