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River Class News 

Healthy Schools Week (22nd February 2019)

There has been a focus on the different way we can keep healthy this week. Year 2s began the week with a maths starter outdoors when looking at multiplication and division using arrays. On Tuesday we learnt about ways to keep our heart healthy and the importance of exercise. The government recommend children have 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. Initially the children were given a list of various activities including reading a book, walking the dog and running up a hill and had to decide on the intensity of each activity They then were given equipment including hoops, bean bags and cones and worked in groups to devise various activities to raise their heartbeats a little bit (Level 1), moderate exercise (Level 2) and finally vigorous exercise (Level 3).





River Class are very knowledgeable about keeping healthy and came up with 5 key areas to keep healthy: healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, keep clean and have time for fun (especially important for a healthy mind). So the class had their first lesson in vlogging, where they used the ipads to create a video about keeping healthy. There was a lot to learn, including planning what they were going to say, sometimes using drama and then filming it all! The children worked really hard and seemed enthusiastic to do more vlogging in the future.


Our new Flash and Bash equipment is proving very popular with some of River Class and so there was excitement when we had a workshop in school to practise our skills and have some team games.





The children enjoyed baking some healthier muffins on Thursday. We had agreed that it was OK to have some treats to eat but these could be healthier and therefore they made a variety of muffins with different fruits and vegetables in them and then of course got to taste test them. The favourite was apple and cinnamon, the least popular was carrot and raisin.



Shine Bright for Chums

On Thursday River was full of colour when the children wore bright colours to raise money for CHUMs and the focus was on keeping our minds healthy. We thought about different ways to keep healthy minds and then how we could help each other feel better. The children drew self-portraits and then swapped these around the class, where other children said what was special or good about that person. They then went on to create a jigsaw about themselves, the centre piece of the jigsaw was a photo of the children and they filled in the missing pieces about themselves including what made them happy or sad, words to describe themselves and how they thought other people viewed them.

Sand Art (8th February 2019)

We brought the beach to River Class on Thursday! We had been looking at the work of Cornish sand artist Tony Plant and his transient art on the beaches of Cornwall. The children reflected on his work and then enjoyed creating their own works of art in the sand. Following this they assessed their own work and compared differences and similarities to his work.





e-Safety Day (8th February 2019)

Tuesday was e-safety day and the children reminded each other of our e-safety rules and why it is so important to stay safe online. We read a story about ‘Buddy’ the dog who kept Ben safe online and the children learnt Buddy’s e-safety song. The children were then given a list of things that they should and should not share online and used their closed crossed arms to show ‘No don’t share’ for personal information such as names, address, school etc and their wide open arms to say ‘Yes ok to share’ for things such as favourite breakfast, colour etc. Poster were created to reflect their understanding of the rules and the children demonstrate their understanding of the rules when online in school.


On Wednesday, River Class enjoyed a visit from Joshua’s mum who gave an insight in to one of our emergency services: paramedics. She talked to the children about some of the equipment used to help people and brought in some of the clothes they wear (which Ginny and Keira tried on). The children had the opportunity to ask their questions and get a closer look at the equipment!






In Art lessons, the class finished off their sea rescue pictures by adding different pictures to their colour wash, some even included some 3D rocks.







RNLI (1st February 2019)

We have been learning about the RNLI as part of our ‘To the Rescue’ topic and in history the children have been discussing the rescue boats and uniforms worn by the crews today compared with those in history. The children were surprised how slow rescues would have been, with some lifeboats being pulled to the sea by horses and then some boats were rowing boats. The Year Twos went on to do some great timelines of the RNLI.

In Art Mrs Ream has been doing some work with the children on the colour wheel. There has been lots of mixing of colours and they went on to create a water colour wash for a sea rescue picture.


Learning Logs

We have been amazed at some of the care and effort gone in to some wonderful lighthouse learning logs in River Class!




ICT (24th January 2019)

Year Ones loved programming the Beebots to a variety of different locations whilst using and beginning to understand new vocabulary such as algorithm and debugging.


In Maths they have been getting to grips with time and have been making their own analogue clocks to help them.


Year 2 Values Treat (24th January 2019)

Year Twos won the Values award again. They obviously really demonstrate living the values as they are regular winners! They enjoyed a double treat on Wednesday when they had a non school uniform day and a games afternoon. Children were invited to bring in a game to share with their friends and had such a good time, many of them didn’t want to go out to playtime!







Numeracy (11th January 2019)

Year Ones did some excellent multiplication this week. The children used the resources really well to create to work out their calculations. There was lots of learning and lots of laughter, at the end of the lesson, when they used the multilink on their fingers to help them.




Both year groups have been using a number grid to add 10 to 2 digit numbers and year 2s went on to add 9, building on their knowledge. Some of the Year ones were able to use their knowledge of place value and spotted the patterns and go on to complete this mentally. Some were able to demonstrate their skills to the Year 2s.

Freeze Frame

We have been looking at the heroic actions of Grace Darling and the children went outside to do some drama based on their learning. The actors were using mime to reflect the actions and feelings of different people involved in the rescue. When Mrs Whitfield shouted ‘Freeze Frame’ the children froze and there were some great frames including the passengers on the Forfarshire enjoying dinner; the fear as the storm raged; Grace’s reaction to the drowning passengers; the rescue and finally everyone safe back in the lighthouse.









Christingle (14th December 2018)

We headed down to the church on Friday morning where Reverend Gill and some parents helped the children make Christingles ready for the service in the afternoon. Reverend Gill was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the symbolism of the Christingles.









RE focus Week: Christmas (14th December 2018)

We began our week by thinking about why Christmas is so important to Christians and have been thinking about Incarnation in relation to Christmas (the Christian belief that Jesus was God on Earth).  Advent is a time of preparation for Christians and the children have shared how they have been preparing for Christmas. We imagined how we might prepare a room for a new baby. The children developed their ideas and designed their own room full of bright colours and toys. This was then compared to the stable where Jesus was born, the children went on to draw the stable,  highlighting the differences.

River are very familiar with the Nativity story and they went on a trail to look at works by different artists portraying different stages in the story. After that they sequenced pictures but there was one was missing so they added their own artwork. They then used a net to create a cube to display the pictures.

Christmas is also a time to be thankful. The children shared what they were grateful for in their lives and also what some of the different characters might be grateful for in the Nativity. Each child wrote different Thank you prayers and two paper chains were created.







Getting Ready for Christmas (7th December 2018)

A number of our class performed in the Rock Steady concert for parents. The children showed real courage to stand up and show their developing skills with a variety of electric instruments and vocals. We have been working hard rehearsing carols and our prayer for the concert and hope those of you that saw it enjoyed the performance.

The children are enjoying their class advent calendar, that contains a small treat and a different stage of the Christmas story.









River Class have been developing lots of skills this week (30th November 2018)

We have been thinking about our senses and focused on our sense of smell. The children shared smells they love and those they dislike and how these smells made them feel. We went on to think about how our sense of smell can also be used to sense danger. We then conducted a blind smelling test where the children were given many different things to smell. They concluded that it wasn’t always that easy relying on just one sense and also not everyone likes the same smell!





River Class have been practising their ball skills, focusing on catching and accurate throwing in their PE lessons and many children are really developing their skills.






In Numeracy this week the Year Ones have begun to really understand the place value of 2 digit numbers by representing numbers with tens and unit blocks. The children amazed Mrs Whitfield with their confidence and good partner work. They then went on to demonstrate their understanding by playing Place Value basketball on the Ipads.






Following last week’s learning about electricity, different power sources and the idea of a circuit the children were delighted to make their own circuits. They discussed what power source they would need and what they would need to light a bulb. They were given the equipment and left to investigate and explore. After a few clues they managed to light all the light bulbs!










Victorian Times (23rd November 2018)

River Class have been thinking about how different life was in Victorian times without some of the luxuries we have now. They felt that one of the biggest impact on their lives would be having no electricity. This brought us on to thinking about how electricity gets to our houses and different power sources. We have started to look at the idea of a circuit and what happens when this circuit breaks.

Year Twos have started having their Club 30 times tables every week and Mrs Whitfield was very impressed to see that we have our first Bronze member, Eden, who got 30 out of 30 multiplication and division questions correct in 5 minutes! The first Club 30 afternoon with be held before Christmas, with Maths activities and refreshments.

River finished their week consolidating their learning from their Numeracy lessons over the week by enjoying different maths games. It was great to see the children discussing calculations and using different strategies whilst having fun!






A Busy Week in River Class (16th November 2018)

On Tuesday the children enjoyed a Multi Skills Festival which was run by Paul Blunt and our KS2 Young Leaders in the village hall. Various stations were set up, giving the children different opportunities to use skills such as running, jumping, throwing and balance. The Ocean class Young Leaders demonstrated the activities, counted and timed the children before recording their scores and they did a fabulous job! It was a team event and after totalling up all the scores it was the Lightening Bolts who just managed to win overall.

In our topic work, we have finished the self-portraits and there have been some really great pictures. Kerry-Ann and Finley were a couple of examples of great effort. We have now moved on to History and started to  compare and contrast life in a Victorian school (around the time Sutton School was built) with modern times. After the initial lesson, which included a drill lesson, all of River class agreed they wouldn’t want to have been a pupil in Victorian times. It was lovely to see the children continue learning at playtime when many of them continued to play ‘Victorian Schools’ with one child finding a mini traffic cone to use as a dunces hat!

The class was full of Spidermen, Nurses and many other heroes in our Children in Need dress up day.





Ladybird Hotel (16th November 2018)

Some of River Class have enjoyed creating a Ladybird Hotel in the Sensory Garden.  They have discovered lots of ladybirds in amongst a plant and put a great deal of thought in to building them some additional accommodation.



Identity Day (9th November 2018)

River Class had a visit from Oliver's Dad, who talked to the children about his childhood in the Dominican Republic. 

The children also brought in objects that represent their identity, which they really enjoyed sharing with each other.










Getting their bearings (9th November 2018)

The children have enjoyed using compasses to find North and then went on to  play some games to help them practise their compass directions.


In Art we have started our self- portraits and the first stage was to really think about what think we look like. The children worked with a partner to describe each other’s features and what was different about them and then after looking at themselves in a mirror they began to notice eye colour, shapes of faces and different colour eyes and lips.




The children have been confident naming various 2D shapes and able to discuss some of their properties. We headed outdoors to create different shapes, with the year 2s deciding whether their shapes were regular or irregular.




Name Plates (2nd November 2018)

We have started our new topic ‘Who am I?’ by creating name plates that reflect who we are. The children along with Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Helen had time to share their likes/dislikes, hobbies, people and things that are special to them with their friends before planning sketching out their plans. They then went on to make their name plates and we then shared them to discover more about our friends, looking at our differences and similarities.

The class enjoyed their Outdoor Learning Day. Please see the ‘News’ section on this website for more details.




Magnets (19th October 2018)

To end our topic ‘The Big Build’ we were discovering what materials were magnetic. The children had a range of magnets to test different materials and discovered that not all metals are magnetic.




Two Year Ones were very proud to wear the River Class special lanyards on Thursday. Ginny was wearing hers as she had been a brilliant help to her friends with their early morning Maths and Sam was wearing his for amazing reading and geography work.

The year ones have been working on their division this week and have been gaining an understanding that when dividing it needs to be shared equally. After doing some work in the classroom they headed outside to find resources to help them.



The Year Twos had won the Values award in September so they voted to make Challah Bread as their treat. They have been learning about the Jewish faith and have tasted some Challah Bread so decided to make their own and it tasted delicious!








Last Swimming (12th October 2018)

River Class loved their last lesson. The less confident enjoyed their last lesson in the deep pool and were very proud of their achievements, whilst the more confident swimmers completed a number of lengths.





Learning Logs (12th October 2018)

The children are continually amazing Mrs Whitfield with their wonderful Learning Logs. The whole class were able to sample some Challah Bread made by Margaret, whilst Tommy created a huge rocket and wrote a story about his adventure in the rocket.


Road Safety (12th October 2018)

River Class have been recapping on keeping safe near roads.



Symmetry (5th October 2018)

Year 1 have been demonstrating their understanding of symmetry by creating symmetrical patterns outside.




Maps and Plans (5th October 2018)

In Geography we are beginning to look at maps and plans. The children have been investigating how different objects look from a bird’s eye view and we have used Google Earth to zoom in on Sutton village and in particular the school to get a different view.

The children, worked with a partner, to create some excellent plans of their classrooms, ensuring they included a key to explain what the different symbols mean.






Swimming and wildlife (28th September 2018)

Weekly Swimming Lessons

River Class are enjoying their weekly trip to Saxon Pool for swimming lessons. The children are having lots of fun developing their skills and it has been great to see some of the children, with less confidence in the water, progress each week and now really look forward to their lessons in the pool.



We have also had a prickly visitor this week in the garden.



Experimenting in Science (21st September 2018)

We conducted our first experiment to find a hat to keep Bernard dry in the rain. They discussed the different materials they had learnt about and some of their properties. The children came up with some suggestions on how we could test these materials to find out which ones were waterproof and year 2s thought about how we could try to make it a fair test.  The children made predictions, carried out the test and then after their observations they concluded which material would be most suitable and why. They went on to write up their experiment.





The Big Build (14th September 2018)

We have been learning about different materials and some of their properties in our Science lessons this week. The children have been sorting a variety of objects by different properties and Year 2s had to decide what to do with objects that were made of more than one material.

The children discussed some of the properties needed to build a house and why 2 of the 3 Little Pigs weren’t successful house builders. Then, in groups, they were given some building materials and could use additional materials from our outdoor area and they created some houses for the 3 little pigs. They assessed each other’s building and then ‘packs of wolves’ tried to blow down the houses!





Settling in to River Class (7th September 2018)

The children have settled really well into their new classes. They are beginning to learn the new routines and have worked really hard. We have done some Outdoor Learning in preparation for our Science topic. Children were given some labels which had different properties of materials on them eg soft, rough, stiff and then collected different items from around the school according to their properties. They then had a chance to be creative and do some transient art outdoors. We have done some handwriting practise, written sentences and done some impressive maths work.

River Class have had their first swimming lesson and the children seemed very confident in the water.









Orienteering (19th July 2018)

Using their map reading skills the children completed their first Orienteering course, finding clues to spell out a message about staying healthy. They worked well together, learning to orientate their map and find the different stations hidden around the field.





Move Up Day (13th July 2018)

The new Year Ones and Twos settled in brilliantly today on Move Up Day. They started off with some team building games outside, before heading in and listening to a story about Milton, a little boy who had lots of worries, and was helped by a Courage Jar. The children went on to make their own jars which they can take home and draw or write about any worries they have and put them in their jar. It was a busy day, with children making class birthday cards and getting to know each other in PSHE.









Visit from the Fire Service (21st June 2018) 

A visit from Potton Firefighters

What could be better? A sunny day and lots of water! River Class enjoyed a visit from the fire service where they had a chance to use the hose pipes, and were surprised just how heavy they were, before the firefighters turned the hoses on the children and absolutely soaked them!









Picture Maths (22nd June 2018)

River Class enjoyed the warm weather by pairing up and studying some detailed pictures very carefully. The children then had to answer questions about the pictures which required them to apply their maths skills involving counting, addition and multiplication.




Strike a pose! (15th June 2018)

Our River Class artists used charcoal to sketch a selection of models who had chosen to strike different poses. The artists were encouraged to really study the expression on the models’ faces, briefly glancing down at their paper to draw. The children concentrated really well and the models stayed very still!




In our PSHE lesson this week, we took some time to explore the differences between our peers. The children found out about each other were able to use this knowledge to decorate the whispering Willows in colourful handwritten leaves.


Symmetry Outdoors (15th June 2018)

The children showed their understanding of symmetry by creating some amazing symmetrical patterns and pictures using natural resources.








Learning about Place Value Outdoors (8th June 2018)

Children were demonstrating their knowledge of Place Value by using resources from around the field. They generated a two digit number and then represented the tens and units with items such as pebbles, sticks etc.




Active Maths (25th May 2018)

Combining PE with Numeracy the children got in to teams and ran relay races with mental maths challenges. 





Healthy Dips

The children enjoyed chopping, grating and mixing different ingredients to create some healthy dips. We made beany dip, cucumber yoghurt (with either mint or coriander) and the favourite was a fruity salsa. It was great to see the children trying the various dips and then discussing their thoughts.










Enjoying a Scavenger Hunt (18th May 2018)

As part of the Ready Steady Read Week River enjoyed a Scavenger Book hunt. Children were given a list of items and there was a section of books around the field and they had to locate these words or pictures in the books.







Our Fabulous Year 2s

What a fantastic bunch of Year 2s! They put in a huge effort with their SATs and seemed to enjoy their week. Mrs Whitfield and Sutton School are so proud of them!


2D shape

We have been revising our knowledge of 2D shapes this week. Year 2s were creating and naming different  2D shapes using only 8 lolly sticks. The children also used themselves to create different polygons. They walked around the playground and when the name of a polygon was  called out they had to decide on how many  they needed in their group and then create the shape. Year Ones then went on a 2D shape hunt and Year Twos investigated symmetry and right angles of 2D shapes.





NSPCC (11th May 2018)

On Thursday the children were invited to wear Green to raise awareness and money for the NSPCC. In the afternoon representatives from the NSPCC visited us and spoke about the importance of Speaking Out, Staying Safe. River Class went on to create some posters reflecting their understanding.

Thank you to all the families who supported the fundraising.


Value: Caring

The children had a Values Assembly based on the book ‘Oi! Get Off Our Train’ which led to a discussion about how we should care for animals on our planet. Following this, some of River Class decided to care for the bugs on the school field and created a Bug Hotel.


Football Coaching (4th May 2018)

The children are loving their lessons practising their football skills with coach Andy Passman. A variety of activities and games are encouraging their control of the ball as well as helping with team building.






Feelings (4th May 2018)

In PSHE children have been exploring different emotions and beginning to think about how these feeling affect us and what might cause them. In groups, children discussed a variety of emotions and used different resources to represent them.



Dodge Ball (27th April 2018)

Mr Blunt spent the afternoon with River Class on Thursday playing dodge ball. The children were very enthusiastic and enjoyed working in their teams to ‘attack’ their opposition whilst at the same time defending themselves!


River Class loved feeding the lambs when  Stanley and his dad brought their 3 lambs to school. The children were interested to feel the lamb’s fleece and take it in turns to give them some milk.







Growing and Sowing (20th April 2018)

We have started our new topic ‘Sowing and Growing’ by discussing what seeds need to grow. The children were each given a runner bean seed to take a closer look at and have placed then in a cup with tissue paper and water. Over the next few weeks we should be able to observe the changes and fill in a bean diary.




River enjoyed a lesson with an All Stars cricket coach learning some new skills.








Brightly coloured Brazil (23rd March 2018)

During our topic on Brazil, we have noticed that Brazil is full of vibrant colours: at their carnivals, football supporters and in the favelas. This week the children have made carnival masks using a scraffito technique to decorate them and we have recreated a favela (a Brazilian shanty town). Children had a brief look in to life in a brightly coloured favela and compared it to where they live before going outdoors for their art lesson. 






The Carnival is coming….. (16th March 2018)

River Class have already learnt a huge amount about Brazil. They have used atlases to locate the country, and the key cities within the country, focusing on Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro. The children were amazed to find out that Brasilia was designed and built in the shape of an aeroplane. They went on to design their own cities, drawing a map, complete with key.

We have been learning about some of the features of Rio and the carnival has come to use. Children have designed and dressed their own carnival dancers and have been listening to, and recreating, some Samba drumming.

The topic has inspired some lovely creative Learning Logs.


Values Treat (2nd March 2018)

As the Year 2s won last month’s Values Award, they chose to make cupcakes. We are lucky to have a new oven in school, purchased by FOSS, so it was the first time River had tried it out.

The children made chocolate and vanilla marble cakes, which they enjoyed after their lunch.




Synagogue Trip (23rd February 2018)

River Class enjoyed our visit to see Rabbi Lister at the Synagogue in North London. As usual he was very welcoming and gave us a brief insight in to the life in a Jewish family. He talked about how they enjoy Shabbat and what they can and cannot do during this time.

We were treated to a tour of the Synagogue and the children were amazed at the Ark where the beautiful Torah scrolls were kept.

Rabbi Lister finished off our morning teaching us a song where the children learnt to sing in Hebrew!







Healthy Schools Week (23rd February 2018)

This week the focus has been on how to stay healthy. We investigated germs, and the importance of washing hands,  and carried out an experiment using glitter as germs to demonstrate how easily germs spread.

The children have carried out a survey to find out the most popular fruit snack in River Class and then presented their data in either a pictogram or a bar graph. They then went on to make statements about the data collected.

The children loved an afternoon of using their different senses to guess the fruit and vegetables. There was blind tasting, listening to descriptions from their friends to guess the food and also using their sense of touch. A number of children discovered that they actually enjoyed such things as red pepper and mange tout even though they thought they didn’t like them!








Celebrating 100 days

Children will have been in their year groups for 100 days on Tuesday so we spent Monday morning celebrating the number 100. Children estimated how many star jumps they could do in 100 seconds and then tested their estimations. They decided that 100 seconds is a long time to be doing some things! In pairs they estimated how far 100 steps would take them and then tested this, many children realised that counting to 100 was quite tricky, so we looked at different strategies to count to 100.

The children then completely a variety of activities to show what 100 looks like, these included working together to do 100 thumbprints, write 100 names on a piece of paper, find 100 bricks.









Safer Internet Day (8th February 2018)

As part of Internet Safety Day, River Class shared ideas about all the wonderful opportunities the internet has given us.

The children were given a selection of pictures, including computers, fire, water, roads etc and in groups discussed what they had in common and different ways they could be grouped. We then considered how we keep ourselves safe around these potential dangers. River Class had some excellent discussions and children proved very knowledgeable about safety. 

E-Safety is very much part of our Computing Curriculum and the children are very familiar with the e-safety rules, so we decided to focus on how to be kind and to understand that on the internet we still need to continue to live our values. The children went on to design their posters about how to be a good friend, whilst still keeping themselves safe.



National Handwriting Day (26th January 2018)

River Class produced some lovely creative writing for National Handwriting Day. They were given pictures of different cloud formations and asked ‘What can you see?’. We were delighted at their imaginations as the children saw ‘slimy, scaly, horrible crocodiles’ , ‘green turtles on beaches with yellow sand’ or ‘long, thin curly’  and many other wonderful sights.

Year Ones enjoyed an Active Maths lesson telling the time. They moved around the playground with a variety of movements (skipping, hopping, running) and then were given the command ‘Stop, Stop Set your clock to….’ and given a time.  They loved it!



We also put our Value of Trust in our friends when we went on a blindfolded tour of the field. The children were surprised just how tricky this was!






Weather Watching (19th January 2018)

The children are taking a real interest in the weather, recording rainfall, wind direction and temperature. Each day our weather watchers go out and look at the clouds to try and identify what type of clouds are in the sky.



 Getting Active in Maths (12th January 2018)

Year 2s enjoyed their Active Maths when completing a multiplication number trail. The children worked in pairs to solve a number of multiplication problems, the answer informed which station they needed to find next.

Active Maths uses PE and physical activity to raise achievement in maths. It helps to support progress and attainment across the whole school, and raises aspirations to narrow the learning gap. The benefits of active learning in the classroom are widely acknowledged in a variety of areas of the curriculum.

Children fedback their thoughts afterwards, here are some of their views:

‘I love being outside’ Lewys

‘I like moving around and walking in maths’ Alex

‘I like the fresh air’ Samuel

‘It was great fun and I liked working with other children’ Oakham

‘I liked looking for the next number card’ Stephanie

‘I enjoyed having more space’ Greyson

‘I like being active’ Caitlin

‘I enjoyed the exercise’ Daniel 





A Windy Week (5th January 2018)

It was the perfect week to start our new topic ‘Blown Away’! We have been outside describing the wind and testing the wind direction, using bubbles, a parachute and then the children went on to make their own Windsocks. They then used compasses to find out which direction the wind was coming from. A group of children worked with Mrs Helen to make an anemometer to test the wind speed.



Advent (8th December 2017)

The build up to Christmas has started with the River Advent calendar. As well as getting a little treat each day the children read a small part of the Nativity story and then add a new character to our Christmas story display, as they appear in the story.



Football Skills Festival (1st December 2017)

A team of ten from River Class spent the morning at Edward Peake School competing in a football skills festival. They enjoyed taking part in a number of activities with children from other local schools.  




A Bird’s Eye View of Sutton (24th November 2017)

We have been looking at Sutton (and various other places in the world) from a different angle using Google Earth and maps. We have begun to look at different features and symbols on maps and the children have drawn their own maps of Sutton Village.

The children used the outdoors for inspiration when creating a River Class poem. They took themselves off to a quiet area of the field away from each other and spent time reflecting before writing their contribution to our poem which will go up on our classroom wall.






Prayer Tree

We have our new Autumnal Prayer Tree in River Class, which has lots of short prayers from the children either thanking God or saying sorry to Him.




Flying High (17th November 2017)

River have finished off the history part of their Flying High topic this week by looking at the impact of flight on our lives today, by comparing life boats, and holiday transport in Victorian times to modern day Air Ambulances, Air Sea Rescue helicopters and passenger planes.

On Friday we went outdoors for our maths lessons, Year 2s went on an array hunt and spotted lots of arrays including a large one in the goal net. They used the resources to make their own arrays and went on to do division and multiplication. Year 1s used the outdoor learning to help them understand grouping in multiplication and were introduced to division by sharing equally.







Outdoor learning (10th November 2017)

The children have done some great work on 2D shapes and they enjoyed using the outdoors to create their own shapes, discussing the properties with their partners. They also went in search of 2D shapes around the school field and were able to use their knowledge to identify  many shapes.




Bread Making (20th October 2017)

In preparation for our Harvest Service, the children have been making their own bread! We made some in the bread maker, but most of it was made by hand. The children worked well together and were amazed at how the much the dough had risen by the afternoon when left to prove.

In the afternoon the children made their own flour from wheat. They used their hands to separate the grain from the chaff and then we used Mrs Ream’s mini mill to grind the grain in to flour.






Pizza Express

River Class had a brilliant morning out at Pizza Express, when the restaurant gained an additional 29 chefs! The children shaped their bases, added tomato, cheese and basil and then handed over their pizzas to be cooked. Whilst cooking we discussed the different ingredients used and then the children enjoy some or all of their pizza in the restaurant. A great visit that coincided with our Global Food Week.

It was lovely to see many children continue with their enthusiasm for being pizza chefs when they returned to school with lots of active role play, using the play equipment from around the field.














Learning Logs (13th October 2017)

There has been some amazing effort put in to Learning Logs from River Class, children have created life cycles for some interesting animals and plants, some of these have been drawn and some have been created in 3D with lovely models. Samuel even made his out of lego!

Other children have completed menus, written about their home and who lives there and Oscar created a very large house, with his family looking out of windows. We learnt a lot about Isabel and how she has changed when she brought in wonderful model of herself.



Outdoor time (6th October 2017)

River Class made their own analogue clocks outdoors, using different length sticks to represent the clock hands. They then enjoyed challenging each other to set their clocks to various times.







Mini Beebots (29th September 2017)

As part of our ICT topic this term we are learning about algorithms. The Year Ones took on the role of being a mini Beebot and had to follow simple instructions given by their partner.





Some of the Year Ones were a little apprehensive before their first swimming lesson, but by the second visit to the pool, they were loving it! There have been lots a smiles and splashing. The children are great at getting changed quickly and sensibly much to their teacher’s relief!








Problem Solving (15th September 2017)

River Class ended their week with some problem solving activities in Numeracy. Year 1s had a selection of activities on offer: to decide whether they could fit 20 identical and 20 different items in a matchbox and then tested their predictions, whilst other had domino challenges and some played maths games on the laptops and ipads. Year 2s had games, work problems and domino challenges to solve in pairs.





Lots of effort in River Class (15th September 2017)

The children have been working hard in their subjects. We have been adding numbers using different written and mental strategies in Numeracy and story writing in Literacy. In our topic work the children has completed some lovely writing and pictures detailing the Life Cycle of a Butterfly and in Art we have looked at different animal skin patterns and have used a variety of resources to recreate our own patterns.


River have been working hard on their story writing this week. After enjoying the story ‘Oscar Got The Blame’, the children planned an alternative version. They made the most of the sunshine and used our outdoor area to help their creative writing.









What a great week! (8th September 2017)

The new River Class have settled in so well and what a fabulous class they are! Year Ones are getting used to their new routines and have amazed Mrs Whitfield with their skills. We have started our new topic ‘What do I need to be me?’, starting to look at life cycles of different animals. We now have some caterpillars in class and are going to observe their different stages of development.


As a class we have talked about our class rules and they are now displayed in the classroom, along with some interesting pictures! Can you guess the rules from these photos?




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