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River Class News 


Pirate Day (18th July 2019)

Our end of year fun day had the school full of pirates! River Class started their day with a good pirate breakfast: skull and cross bone bread and jam, with fruit and dead mens fingers (mini sausages). After that followed a variety of pirate songs and activities, including pin the eye patch on the pirate. In the afternoon the children split into groups and built a pirate ships that were then tested on the ‘high seas’ to see firstly if they would float and secondly if they could carry 10 ‘golden’ pieces of treasure.












Move Up Day (12th July 2019)

The new River Class settled in really quickly and Mrs Whitfield was very impressed how the new year ones listened to instructions and showed a real enthusiasm with the different activities. We started off with a team building game where the children had a piece of a jigsaw and they had to find a partner with another piece and then find the rest of the jigsaw together.

The children talked about why they were special and what made each one of them a star and then went on to write on their own star for a display. The morning ended with the children beginning to make birthday cards for each other for next year.

It was a lovely morning, full of smiles!




















Athletics Festival (12th July 2019)

On Tuesday, the sun was shining for some of the of year 2 children to enjoy an activities event at  Mark Rutherford School.  The event was set up for some primary schools to attend from the local area.

Each child got to part-take in throwing, running and skill activities led by pupils representing Mark Rutherfords sports leaders.

We had a great time with children trying many things they hadn’t seen before and it was great that many were congratulated by the sports leaders for showing determination, courage, perseverance and team work. 









Adjectives (5th July 2019) 

We have been using our wonderful outdoor a lot this week and the children have completed a variety of activities in Numeracy and Literacy. Both year groups have been using natural resources to help them with their division and year 2s have been working on the inverse.  In Literacy our work has been based on a short film ‘The Clock Tower’ and the children have been doing some excellent drama with Ms Osborne. They have worked on improving their sentences with some active grammar outside, focusing on using WOW adjectives, producing some lovely creative sentences. 

River Class spend a lot of time playing and working outdoors and this week the children were each given a ‘sit mat’ and went and found themselves a quiet place to sit and reflect on their surroundings. Thinking about their different senses, they went on to create some acrostic poems that are going to be displayed in the church.





Magic Pens (28th June 2019)

We headed out in to the Whispering Willows to make Magic Pens to inspire their creative writing. They had listened to a start of a story and then choosing a variety of materials they set about transforming a piece of elder in to a Magic Pen. With their pen they drew a picture of an imaginary world which the characters in their story were leaping into. After some planning and drama this lead to a Big Write (independent writing) and there were some fabulous stories!











PSHE (21st June 2019)

In PSHE we have been thinking about responsibility. One of the areas we have been looking at is Money- where money comes from, how we should look after it and thinking about precious things (some cost a lot of money and some don’t cost much at all). Following on from this, we have started to make piggy banks. The first stage is complete leaving a very gluey classroom!











Sports Themed Day (21st June 2019)

We started the week off with a great PE themed day. We had some interesting visitors that were a real inspiration for the children: Oliver’s mum talked about representing England in 400m hurdles, Lara’s dad talked about his love of sport and about playing county cricket, Florence’s mum brought in her bike and talked about her cycle ride across India and Emma and Hannah talked about their achievements in tennis and gymnastics. The children took part in a Skipathon and took part in a variety of PE activities.

Thank you to all of our visitors for their support!











Literacy (13th June 2019)

The children have been retelling the story of ‘The Sand Horse’ by Ann Turnbull using actions to help. Groups had time to recount the story and then work together to perform to the class. There were some great results with some imaginative actions and some super examples of good teamwork.


Weather Watchers 

River Class have picked the perfect week for making rain gauges for their weather reports! As part of their topic ‘Where shall we go?’ they are monitoring the weather for a week including checking the temperature, rainfall and wind direction. The Year 2s have made rain gauges and the year 1s made windsocs which they put around the school grounds. The year 2s have discussed how we can make our tests fair, for example by checking them at the same time each day. On our first day of checking they observed that there was no wind and the temperature was only 13 degrees celsius! When they checked the rainfall, they discovered that they varied depending on where each gauge was and drew conclusions as to why this could be.






Outdoor Maths (7th June 2019) 

River Class have been enjoying active outdoor maths this week. The Year 2s were getting more confident at telling the time in 5 minute intervals, they travelled around the field in a different ways for example running, hopping etc until the whistle went and then they had to seek out a partner with a matching time.  Year 1s were showing some good mental maths skills by adding single digits to a multiple of 10 by throwing bean bags in to hoops labelled with different numbers.




We have started our new topic ‘Where shall we go?’ and have began to look at the different continents and research some facts about them. Over the next few weeks the children will be creating their own non-fiction books containing some of the information they have reasearched.



Outdoor Maths (24th May 2019)

In Outdoor Maths we investigated the height and length of different larger animals. First of all the children had to estimate size of their given animal. They then found out the actual measurements and used metre sticks and trundle wheels show the size and compare this with their estimations.





Sculptures (17th May)

The sculptures are made and painted. The children discussed what they thought had gone well and things that hadn’t gone so well when developing their 2D drawing in to a 3Dsculpture. Some children found that their animal had lost a leg or two, but they shared their reasons and ideas as to why this could have happened and how they could make it even better next time.









Casey (17th May 2019)

River Class were introduced to Casey the Caterpillar this week, when we launched our school initiative working alongside the Mind Map Charity who work to help improve children’s wellbeing and resilience. We have a serious of stories involving Casey that we will use as a basis for gaining an insight in to different emotions and how they feel. We will be using Casey as a calming tool and Casey may make an appearance in our Mindfulness moments.



Outdoor Maths (17th May 2019)

River Class enjoyed some outdoor learning in the sun this week. Year 1s were thinking about the place value of 2 digit numbers and choosing the natural resources to represent tens and units. They then went on to apply this knowledge to add 2 digit numbers.



Innovate Cookery Workshop

Mike, the chef, from Innovate spent time with the class, where the children had the opportunity to make their own rainbow salad and wraps. There was a wide variety of food on offer for them to choose from including couscous, salad, pasta etc. To finish with, the children were able to decorate a cookie. Many children returned to school the next day and said they had really enjoyed eating the food they had prepared. 








SATS week (10th May 2019)

Our year  2s have been hard at work with their SATs this week. They have all concentrated really well and have completed two Maths and two Reading papers. Mrs Whitfield has been really impressed with their attitude and effort!

Other learning

It was lovely to have Joel’s mum visit River Class on Tuesday when she came to talk to us about her job as a vet. The children enjoyed hearing about some of the jobs a vet needs to do  and then  they enjoyed practising their bandaging  skills.

This week we have been thinking about sculptures in Art and the children were set the task of creating their own animal sculpture out of clay. First of all they chose their animal and drew a design, thinking about the different features. Next it was the real challenge: to convert their drawing in to a 3D animal. There were some amazing sculptures! Next week, they will go on to paint their animals.



















Literacy (3rd May 2019) 

This week our literacy lessons have been based on a short film about Gus, a cloud, and Peck, a stork. Following on from watching this the children did some drama and then enjoyed hot seating, where a child steps in to the role of one of the characters and then is interviewed by the rest of the class. The week finished with the children doing some excellent independent writing in the form of a letter, where they again they took on the role of one of the characters and wrote to their mum explaining what was happening in their life and how it was making them feel.


In River Class, the children have continued to enjoy a variety of mindfulness activities. We now have a mindfulness poster up in the classroom where children are adding their name as they learn to listen, reflect, relax in to their mindfulness moments.

Year Ones spent their Numeracy lesson outdoors revising their number bonds to 20 and then going on to develop their fluency in addition by using ‘Truth Tiles’.






Easter Maths Trail (29th March 2019) 

On their return after the Easter break the children spent their Maths lesson outdoors on an Easter Maths Trail, where they worked in pairs to solve problems from all areas of maths we have covered over the year.







Trip to Cambridge Botanic Gardens (5th April 2019)

River Class enjoyed a trip to these lovely gardens as a conclusion to our topic ‘The Potting Shed’.

We spent time with Education Officers from the gardens, who showed the children a variety of seeds, including the largest seed in the world, which before hollowed out, weighed the same amount as a small child! The children made their own pots out of newspaper and planted some nasturtiums, which if cared for should grow in to plants where both leaves and flowers are edible.

We then had a tour of the glasshouse and discovered lots of amazing plants and the different ways plants survive in cold mountains, tropical rainforests and in arid lands.

After a picnic in the garden room, we went on a scavenger hunt around the gardens and were befriended by two ducks who proceeded to follow River Class for some while. This may have been because each child had a brown paper bag to place their garden ‘treasures’ in and the ducks thought it was feeding time!

It was a lovely trip, made all the more enjoyable by the great behaviour and the respect that the children showed for the surroundings and other adults they encountered during their visit.

Following on from our trip the children completed an outdoor quiz based on the Botanic Gardens and including some areas covered in the Potting Shed topic. There was lots of good teamwork and we were amazed at how much they had remembered from their day out. One of the trickier questions asked children to identify the artist who had designed the print on the Botanic Garden Education Officer, Bronwyn’s,  top and the winning team were able to identify it was William Morris. We had looked at work by William Morris earlier in the term but were very impressed that they could recall this!















Mindfulness (29th March 2019)

River Class have been enjoying some Mindful stories, both inside and outdoors, during the week. These help the children relax and allow time for reflection.



Multiplication and Division Trail (29th March 2019) 

River Class enjoyed a Multiplication and Division trail during the week. Working in pairs they solved different problems using their mental maths skills alongside resources. There was some good teamwork and the children were able to demonstrate their great skills.







Fractions (22nd March 2019)

Outdoor learning has helped the children to get a really good understanding of fractions this week. Year Ones were working becoming confident with ½ and ¼ of amount and Year Twos were demonstrating their skills finding ½, ¼, ¾, 1/3 and some children enjoyed some of ‘Mrs Whitfield’s tricky challenges’!


Non- fiction writing

The children have enjoyed learning about the Emperor Penguin this week. They have found out a huge amount of facts from various resources and have finished the week by writing their own non-fiction book!


Hydroponics (15th March 2019)

The children shared their thoughts on what seeds need to germinate and then we began our first experiment to see we could get a seed would grow without soil: hydroponic plants. They followed instructions well and have created their own hydroponic system, hence River Class now has a ‘washing line’ across the room with lots of bean seeds ready to germinate!




Art (15th March 2019)

There are some super artists developing their skills in River Class. This week we started by looking at photos of common plants and after naming them the children completed an observational drawing of their given photo using coloured pencils. Following this we discussed Sunflowers by Van Gogh and then the children had a ‘vase’ of flowers to study and paint- a very challenging lesson, but accompanied by some relaxing music they set to work with some great results!






Helping with fractions (8th March 2019)

To bring fractions in to the real world the Year Ones used cake! They started off by thinking about halves and then quarters before enjoying the resources.




We have continued with our topic about plants and the children have discovered the different ways seeds can be dispersed before germinating and growing into new plants. They have been planting some seeds and are going to look at the germination and will be thinking about what seeds need to grow.







The Year Ones have been using their IT skills to type in the important Green Cross Code, following our Captain Safety Workshop. They children went on to change the style and size of the fonts, before saving and printing their documents.


Active Maths (1st March 2019)

The children have enjoyed spending time outside learning about 3D shapes. Some of them started the week with a 3D shape hunt and then later in the week they demonstrated their knowledge of properties of 3D by completing a variety of Active Maths games.






The Potting Shed

We have started learning about plants in Science and began by looking at any signs of new growth in the school grounds. The children went twig spotting and used some identification sheets to name some trees just by looking at the branches with new buds. They went on to think about life cycles of plants and looked at a variety of seeds and had to match them with the fruit, vegetables or plants.





Healthy Schools Week (22nd February 2019)

There has been a focus on the different way we can keep healthy this week. Year 2s began the week with a maths starter outdoors when looking at multiplication and division using arrays. On Tuesday we learnt about ways to keep our heart healthy and the importance of exercise. The government recommend children have 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise a day. Initially the children were given a list of various activities including reading a book, walking the dog and running up a hill and had to decide on the intensity of each activity They then were given equipment including hoops, bean bags and cones and worked in groups to devise various activities to raise their heartbeats a little bit (Level 1), moderate exercise (Level 2) and finally vigorous exercise (Level 3).





River Class are very knowledgeable about keeping healthy and came up with 5 key areas to keep healthy: healthy diet, exercise, plenty of sleep, keep clean and have time for fun (especially important for a healthy mind). So the class had their first lesson in vlogging, where they used the ipads to create a video about keeping healthy. There was a lot to learn, including planning what they were going to say, sometimes using drama and then filming it all! The children worked really hard and seemed enthusiastic to do more vlogging in the future.


Our new Flash and Bash equipment is proving very popular with some of River Class and so there was excitement when we had a workshop in school to practise our skills and have some team games.





The children enjoyed baking some healthier muffins on Thursday. We had agreed that it was OK to have some treats to eat but these could be healthier and therefore they made a variety of muffins with different fruits and vegetables in them and then of course got to taste test them. The favourite was apple and cinnamon, the least popular was carrot and raisin.



Shine Bright for Chums

On Thursday River was full of colour when the children wore bright colours to raise money for CHUMs and the focus was on keeping our minds healthy. We thought about different ways to keep healthy minds and then how we could help each other feel better. The children drew self-portraits and then swapped these around the class, where other children said what was special or good about that person. They then went on to create a jigsaw about themselves, the centre piece of the jigsaw was a photo of the children and they filled in the missing pieces about themselves including what made them happy or sad, words to describe themselves and how they thought other people viewed them.

Sand Art (8th February 2019)

We brought the beach to River Class on Thursday! We had been looking at the work of Cornish sand artist Tony Plant and his transient art on the beaches of Cornwall. The children reflected on his work and then enjoyed creating their own works of art in the sand. Following this they assessed their own work and compared differences and similarities to his work.





e-Safety Day (8th February 2019)

Tuesday was e-safety day and the children reminded each other of our e-safety rules and why it is so important to stay safe online. We read a story about ‘Buddy’ the dog who kept Ben safe online and the children learnt Buddy’s e-safety song. The children were then given a list of things that they should and should not share online and used their closed crossed arms to show ‘No don’t share’ for personal information such as names, address, school etc and their wide open arms to say ‘Yes ok to share’ for things such as favourite breakfast, colour etc. Poster were created to reflect their understanding of the rules and the children demonstrate their understanding of the rules when online in school.


On Wednesday, River Class enjoyed a visit from Joshua’s mum who gave an insight in to one of our emergency services: paramedics. She talked to the children about some of the equipment used to help people and brought in some of the clothes they wear (which Ginny and Keira tried on). The children had the opportunity to ask their questions and get a closer look at the equipment!






In Art lessons, the class finished off their sea rescue pictures by adding different pictures to their colour wash, some even included some 3D rocks.







RNLI (1st February 2019)

We have been learning about the RNLI as part of our ‘To the Rescue’ topic and in history the children have been discussing the rescue boats and uniforms worn by the crews today compared with those in history. The children were surprised how slow rescues would have been, with some lifeboats being pulled to the sea by horses and then some boats were rowing boats. The Year Twos went on to do some great timelines of the RNLI.

In Art Mrs Ream has been doing some work with the children on the colour wheel. There has been lots of mixing of colours and they went on to create a water colour wash for a sea rescue picture.


Learning Logs

We have been amazed at some of the care and effort gone in to some wonderful lighthouse learning logs in River Class!




ICT (24th January 2019)

Year Ones loved programming the Beebots to a variety of different locations whilst using and beginning to understand new vocabulary such as algorithm and debugging.


In Maths they have been getting to grips with time and have been making their own analogue clocks to help them.


Year 2 Values Treat (24th January 2019)

Year Twos won the Values award again. They obviously really demonstrate living the values as they are regular winners! They enjoyed a double treat on Wednesday when they had a non school uniform day and a games afternoon. Children were invited to bring in a game to share with their friends and had such a good time, many of them didn’t want to go out to playtime!







Numeracy (11th January 2019)

Year Ones did some excellent multiplication this week. The children used the resources really well to create to work out their calculations. There was lots of learning and lots of laughter, at the end of the lesson, when they used the multilink on their fingers to help them.




Both year groups have been using a number grid to add 10 to 2 digit numbers and year 2s went on to add 9, building on their knowledge. Some of the Year ones were able to use their knowledge of place value and spotted the patterns and go on to complete this mentally. Some were able to demonstrate their skills to the Year 2s.

Freeze Frame

We have been looking at the heroic actions of Grace Darling and the children went outside to do some drama based on their learning. The actors were using mime to reflect the actions and feelings of different people involved in the rescue. When Mrs Whitfield shouted ‘Freeze Frame’ the children froze and there were some great frames including the passengers on the Forfarshire enjoying dinner; the fear as the storm raged; Grace’s reaction to the drowning passengers; the rescue and finally everyone safe back in the lighthouse.









Christingle (14th December 2018)

We headed down to the church on Friday morning where Reverend Gill and some parents helped the children make Christingles ready for the service in the afternoon. Reverend Gill was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the symbolism of the Christingles.









RE focus Week: Christmas (14th December 2018)

We began our week by thinking about why Christmas is so important to Christians and have been thinking about Incarnation in relation to Christmas (the Christian belief that Jesus was God on Earth).  Advent is a time of preparation for Christians and the children have shared how they have been preparing for Christmas. We imagined how we might prepare a room for a new baby. The children developed their ideas and designed their own room full of bright colours and toys. This was then compared to the stable where Jesus was born, the children went on to draw the stable,  highlighting the differences.

River are very familiar with the Nativity story and they went on a trail to look at works by different artists portraying different stages in the story. After that they sequenced pictures but there was one was missing so they added their own artwork. They then used a net to create a cube to display the pictures.

Christmas is also a time to be thankful. The children shared what they were grateful for in their lives and also what some of the different characters might be grateful for in the Nativity. Each child wrote different Thank you prayers and two paper chains were created.







Getting Ready for Christmas (7th December 2018)

A number of our class performed in the Rock Steady concert for parents. The children showed real courage to stand up and show their developing skills with a variety of electric instruments and vocals. We have been working hard rehearsing carols and our prayer for the concert and hope those of you that saw it enjoyed the performance.

The children are enjoying their class advent calendar, that contains a small treat and a different stage of the Christmas story.









River Class have been developing lots of skills this week (30th November 2018)

We have been thinking about our senses and focused on our sense of smell. The children shared smells they love and those they dislike and how these smells made them feel. We went on to think about how our sense of smell can also be used to sense danger. We then conducted a blind smelling test where the children were given many different things to smell. They concluded that it wasn’t always that easy relying on just one sense and also not everyone likes the same smell!





River Class have been practising their ball skills, focusing on catching and accurate throwing in their PE lessons and many children are really developing their skills.






In Numeracy this week the Year Ones have begun to really understand the place value of 2 digit numbers by representing numbers with tens and unit blocks. The children amazed Mrs Whitfield with their confidence and good partner work. They then went on to demonstrate their understanding by playing Place Value basketball on the Ipads.






Following last week’s learning about electricity, different power sources and the idea of a circuit the children were delighted to make their own circuits. They discussed what power source they would need and what they would need to light a bulb. They were given the equipment and left to investigate and explore. After a few clues they managed to light all the light bulbs!










Victorian Times (23rd November 2018)

River Class have been thinking about how different life was in Victorian times without some of the luxuries we have now. They felt that one of the biggest impact on their lives would be having no electricity. This brought us on to thinking about how electricity gets to our houses and different power sources. We have started to look at the idea of a circuit and what happens when this circuit breaks.

Year Twos have started having their Club 30 times tables every week and Mrs Whitfield was very impressed to see that we have our first Bronze member, Eden, who got 30 out of 30 multiplication and division questions correct in 5 minutes! The first Club 30 afternoon with be held before Christmas, with Maths activities and refreshments.

River finished their week consolidating their learning from their Numeracy lessons over the week by enjoying different maths games. It was great to see the children discussing calculations and using different strategies whilst having fun!






A Busy Week in River Class (16th November 2018)

On Tuesday the children enjoyed a Multi Skills Festival which was run by Paul Blunt and our KS2 Young Leaders in the village hall. Various stations were set up, giving the children different opportunities to use skills such as running, jumping, throwing and balance. The Ocean class Young Leaders demonstrated the activities, counted and timed the children before recording their scores and they did a fabulous job! It was a team event and after totalling up all the scores it was the Lightening Bolts who just managed to win overall.

In our topic work, we have finished the self-portraits and there have been some really great pictures. Kerry-Ann and Finley were a couple of examples of great effort. We have now moved on to History and started to  compare and contrast life in a Victorian school (around the time Sutton School was built) with modern times. After the initial lesson, which included a drill lesson, all of River class agreed they wouldn’t want to have been a pupil in Victorian times. It was lovely to see the children continue learning at playtime when many of them continued to play ‘Victorian Schools’ with one child finding a mini traffic cone to use as a dunces hat!

The class was full of Spidermen, Nurses and many other heroes in our Children in Need dress up day.





Ladybird Hotel (16th November 2018)

Some of River Class have enjoyed creating a Ladybird Hotel in the Sensory Garden.  They have discovered lots of ladybirds in amongst a plant and put a great deal of thought in to building them some additional accommodation.



Identity Day (9th November 2018)

River Class had a visit from Oliver's Dad, who talked to the children about his childhood in the Dominican Republic. 

The children also brought in objects that represent their identity, which they really enjoyed sharing with each other.






Getting their bearings (9th November 2018)

The children have enjoyed using compasses to find North and then went on to  play some games to help them practise their compass directions.


In Art we have started our self- portraits and the first stage was to really think about what think we look like. The children worked with a partner to describe each other’s features and what was different about them and then after looking at themselves in a mirror they began to notice eye colour, shapes of faces and different colour eyes and lips.




The children have been confident naming various 2D shapes and able to discuss some of their properties. We headed outdoors to create different shapes, with the year 2s deciding whether their shapes were regular or irregular.


Name Plates (2nd November 2018)

We have started our new topic ‘Who am I?’ by creating name plates that reflect who we are. The children along with Mrs Whitfield and Mrs Helen had time to share their likes/dislikes, hobbies, people and things that are special to them with their friends before planning sketching out their plans. They then went on to make their name plates and we then shared them to discover more about our friends, looking at our differences and similarities.

The class enjoyed their Outdoor Learning Day. Please see the ‘News’ section on this website for more details.




Magnets (19th October 2018)

To end our topic ‘The Big Build’ we were discovering what materials were magnetic. The children had a range of magnets to test different materials and discovered that not all metals are magnetic.




Two Year Ones were very proud to wear the River Class special lanyards on Thursday. Ginny was wearing hers as she had been a brilliant help to her friends with their early morning Maths and Sam was wearing his for amazing reading and geography work.

The year ones have been working on their division this week and have been gaining an understanding that when dividing it needs to be shared equally. After doing some work in the classroom they headed outside to find resources to help them.



The Year Twos had won the Values award in September so they voted to make Challah Bread as their treat. They have been learning about the Jewish faith and have tasted some Challah Bread so decided to make their own and it tasted delicious!







Last Swimming (12th October 2018)

River Class loved their last lesson. The less confident enjoyed their last lesson in the deep pool and were very proud of their achievements, whilst the more confident swimmers completed a number of lengths.






Learning Logs (12th October 2018)

The children are continually amazing Mrs Whitfield with their wonderful Learning Logs. Tommy created a huge rocket and wrote a story about his adventure in the rocket.


Road Safety (12th October 2018)

River Class have been recapping on keeping safe near roads.



Symmetry (5th October 2018)

Year 1 have been demonstrating their understanding of symmetry by creating symmetrical patterns outside.




Maps and Plans (5th October 2018)

In Geography we are beginning to look at maps and plans. The children have been investigating how different objects look from a bird’s eye view and we have used Google Earth to zoom in on Sutton village and in particular the school to get a different view.

The children, worked with a partner, to create some excellent plans of their classrooms, ensuring they included a key to explain what the different symbols mean.






Swimming and wildlife (28th September 2018)

Weekly Swimming Lessons

River Class are enjoying their weekly trip to Saxon Pool for swimming lessons. The children are having lots of fun developing their skills and it has been great to see some of the children, with less confidence in the water, progress each week and now really look forward to their lessons in the pool.



We have also had a prickly visitor this week in the garden.



Experimenting in Science (21st September 2018)

We conducted our first experiment to find a hat to keep Bernard dry in the rain. They discussed the different materials they had learnt about and some of their properties. The children came up with some suggestions on how we could test these materials to find out which ones were waterproof and year 2s thought about how we could try to make it a fair test.  The children made predictions, carried out the test and then after their observations they concluded which material would be most suitable and why. They went on to write up their experiment.






The Big Build (14th September 2018)

We have been learning about different materials and some of their properties in our Science lessons this week. The children have been sorting a variety of objects by different properties and Year 2s had to decide what to do with objects that were made of more than one material.

The children discussed some of the properties needed to build a house and why 2 of the 3 Little Pigs weren’t successful house builders. Then, in groups, they were given some building materials and could use additional materials from our outdoor area and they created some houses for the 3 little pigs. They assessed each other’s building and then ‘packs of wolves’ tried to blow down the houses!


Settling in to River Class (7th September 2018)

The children have settled really well into their new classes. They are beginning to learn the new routines and have worked really hard. We have done some Outdoor Learning in preparation for our Science topic. Children were given some labels which had different properties of materials on them eg soft, rough, stiff and then collected different items from around the school according to their properties. They then had a chance to be creative and do some transient art outdoors. We have done some handwriting practise, written sentences and done some impressive maths work.

River Class have had their first swimming lesson and the children seemed very confident in the water. 


























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