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Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School Life at Sutton V.A. Lower School

Ocean Class News 

Humans are Animals too (13th September 2019) 

The children in Ocean Class have begun their new topic ‘Humans are animals too.’ This week they explored food chains and how animals can be classified by what they eat. They were also alarmed to discover the number of teaspoons of sugar hidden in some food and drink. Did you know that a can of cola has 9 teaspoons in it, and the recommended amount of sugar for KS2 children is only 6 a day?






Pirate Day (19th July 2019)

Ocean class was taken over by pirates this week. The children had an exciting day completing a maths pirate challenge. This was followed by biscuit decorating – pirate themed biscuits of course. After lunch the children had the challenge of constructing pirate ships from Lego to see who could carry the most cargo without sinking. A pirate feast was enjoyed by all. The day finished with fish racing. What a day!




















Georgraphy (19th July 2019) 

The children have completed their learning on the Journey of a River. As you can see they have made some impressive collages showing how this happens.










Bikeability (12th July 2019)














Flower Festival (28th June 2019)

Ocean class have had a busy morning. Some of the class have been to the church and created some beautiful flower arrangements in preparation for the Flower Festival. The remaining children have helped to prepare the village with litter pick. Sutton is almost set for an exciting weekend.




A busy week! (21st June 2019)

Eight members of Ocean Class travelled to Bedford athletics Stadium this week to take part in an inter schools athletics competition. As you can see there were a variety of field and track events. The weather was kind and the team competed well.



This morning the RotaKids children were joined in school by Ronnie and Bill. They were accompanied by two doctors from Germany who have been trying to set up a school in a remote part of Ghana. Ocean Class has previously fundraised for this project so it was a chance for the children to find out first-hand what the money was going to be used for.


Charlotte and Ella proudly displayed their certificates that they were awarded following the skipping rope challenge that the children took part in on Monday. Both girls received a skipping rope with a built in counter so in future they will know how many skips they have completed.

Ocean class are looking at rivers in their geography work this week. They are creating collages that show the journey of a river form source to sea. Completed collages to follow!




Rotakids (7th June 2019) 

RotaKids began their service work today. The children gave the church a timely spruce, just in time for a large wedding at the church. Floors were vacuumed and mopped, books counted, chairs washed down. The time flew by!






Junior Road Safety Officer's 7th June 2019)

The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) completed their 1st assembly this week. William, Lewys and Florence talked about the importance of wearing cycling helmets when you ride a bike. They also gave suggestions of places in Bedfordshire where there are cycle paths.

The JRSO’s also launched a competition to encourage cycle helmet wearing. If you would like to take part, children should have a photograph taken wearing a cycle helmet and their picture will be entered into a prize draw.



Mind Maps (16th May 2019)

Mind Maps came to visit us on Thursday. The children were introduced to Casey – a caterpillar to help us explore emotions. They then had a workshop on resilience where they made their own shields. The children learnt that being able to brush minor incidents and niggles away is an important lesson in life. They devised their own tool kits of what they could do to help them if they feel concerned in any way.






Innovate Cookery Workshop (16th May 2019)

Along with the rest of the school, Ocean class enjoyed a cookery workshop led by the school’s catering company Innovate.

The children identified healthy foods and then made ‘rainbow’ salads learning that the more colourful the ingredients the healthier it is.

They then tried their hands at making a wrap with healthy fillings of their choice. The end results looked good enough to eat!







First Aid Training (10th May 2019)

Ocean Class had some First Aid training this week. The children learn what to do in an emergency if someone needed First Aid. They also practised putting someone into the recovery position. Sophia may be small but she managed to manoeuvre Mr Blunt, no problem at all!



Salt Dough (3rd May 2019) 

Ocean class have begun a new topic – ‘Amazing Amazon.’ As part of the introduction to this, the children made a salt dough map of South America. They marked the countries on it and the route that the Amazon River takes. Watch this space as we add colours and labels to it.




Maths Workshop (5th April 2019)

The class had an End of Term treat today, when they spent the afternoon at a maths workshop.

The children were challenged to solve various puzzles, including copying a model from multi coloured building blocks when they were only allowed to visit the completed model one at a time and only use mathematical language to describe it.

The emphasis was on teamwork and the children worked well together in their groups.















Last week, the children went along to All Saint’s Church to prepare posies of flowers for their mums or carers, in readiness for Mother’s Day. The children also made a card each to accompany the flowers. We hope you liked them.






Outdoor Reading (22nd March 2019)

Ocean class made the most of the Spring sunshine this week and took guided reading outdoors. The children read an extract from "Tilly and the Time Machine" and dramatised it.




Bedford Faith Tour (15th March 2019)

Ocean Class took part in the Bedford Faith Tour this week. The children first visited the Gurdwara. Inside they saw the langar or food hall. This is where visitors to the Gurdwara congregate and share food. They then moved on to the prayer hall or Darbar Sahib. Here they saw the incredibly ornate canopy which hangs over the Guru Granth Sahib or Holy Book. The book is placed on a raised platform. During a service a person waves a fan over the book called a chaur.

From here it was a short walk to the Mosque. The children learnt about the importance of the Five Pillars to Muslims and how this affects their lives. They were shown pictures of Mecca and its importance was explained to them. They saw the mihrab – a niche indicating the direction of Mecca, which Muslims face when they pray. They were interested to know about the prophets who influence Islamic faith as they also appear in Christian stories.

The final stop was at All Saints Church. Here the children enjoyed their picnic lunch before touring the church, and having many of the similarities between the 3 different faiths pointed out to them. They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learnt a great deal.































Dragon Art (7th March 2019)

Ocean Class have been busy creating artwork in the style of Stanley Grosse. The children had to use 3 different types of material within their collages, mimicking the artist’s trademark. They created dragons to fit in with our current topic theme of ‘Dragons – Fact or Fiction.’ As you can see there are some impressive creatures.












The Last Supper (1st March 2019)

The children were invited to the Last Supper this week. They explored the many different emotions that must have been involved at this memorable meal. They children also enjoyed flatbread and grape juice and talked about their significance in the church today.








Ocean Class have had a busy week investigating how to be healthy (22nd February 2019)

On Monday the children looked at what they should eat as part of a healthy diet. They then investigated the number of food miles that were in an average school packed lunch. The children devised healthy packed lunches that caused fewer food miles.

Tuesday saw the children look at personal hygiene and reasons why it is important to keep clean. The class then ‘carefully’ brushed their teeth before chewing on a disclosing tablet. Most were surprised by the results!








The children also received an invite to become Junior Road Safety Officers - more on this to come!


On Wednesday the children attended a ‘Flash and Bash’ workshop to learn how to use the fantastic new play equipment in the playground. They were also introduced to some traditional games to play during break times.


Thursday saw the children look at ratios in maths and then calculate the ingredients in the correct portions to make a delicious healthy smoothie – yum!


They also supported the campaign ‘Wear Bright, Shine Bright’ which promotes good mental health.

On Friday the children made Affirmation Stones. They children found words in newspapers to reflect how they feel about themselves and their hopes for the future.




All in all, a very busy week, full of fun and excitement.


Electricity and Magnets (8th February 2019)

To end our topic of Electricity and Magnets, the children designed and made their own torches. They managed to convert plastic bottles, incorporating switches, a bulb and a reflective surface to make their torches shine bright.












Safer Internet Day (8th February 2019)

For Safer Internet Day, Ocean Class looked at the amount of information that social media sites collect as you open an account. The children began by collecting information from Terms and Conditions. They then made ‘Gift Cubes’ to take home and place next to their own computers reminding everyone in their households of the information that is given away to these sites. 






Maths Treasure Hunt

Ocean class have been enjoying an indoors maths treasure hunt today. The have been applying their knowledge of measures to work out the answers.




Boccia (18th January 2019)

The children in Ocean Class tried a new sport this week. Boccia (pronounced Bot-cha) is a game that is very similar to Boules. A jack is thrown and then the members of each team try and throw their ball as close to this as possible, scoring points.

The children spent the afternoon competing against each other in teams. Their techniques improved greatly as the afternoon went on. The scores were incredibly close with the four teams winning the same number of games.








Christingle (14th December 2018)

In preparation of our Christingle Service this afternoon, the children went to church to make their Christingles with the help of Reverend Gill and some parents. Reverend Gill was very impressed with how much the children already knew about Christingle.





Athletics Tournament (7th December 2018)

A selection of children from Ocean Class attended an athletics tournament today. They really enjoyed themselves and recorded some good times against other competing schools.




Ocean Class have had a very busy and exciting week (30th November 2018)

On Wednesday they had a drama workshop with Jasmine. As you can see from the photos they enjoyed playing ‘wink murder.’



On Thursday the children had a mindfulness session where they explored different emotions and how these can be affected by others and how to control them. The children really enjoyed exploring their differences and their similarities.






Ocean Class children also took their knowledge of how to make line and bar charts into the great outdoors. They plotted how long journey times took for each of them.







Saxon Workshop (14th November 2018)

The children in Ocean Class had a shock on Wednesday when the classroom was raided by a Saxon Warrior. They decided to join with him, and spent the morning learning how to use Saxon weapons and trying on their chain mail and helmets.

They also explored how they could lay and ignite a fire should they need to travel away on a campaign.

After that, by way of entertainment, the children re-enacted the story of Beowulf. All the children took a part in the story retelling how Grendel and Grendel’s mother were slain.

Later, the story continued with Beowulf as an old man. He completed one final act of bravery, slaying a dragon, just before he died. He was buried along with possessions that he may need in the afterlife, such as a horse and a hunting dog. A slave was also sacrificed to accompany her master.










































Odd Socks Day (12th November 2018)

One of the activities in Ocean Class on Odd Socks Day was to create a poster. The children were asked to name examples of different types of bullying and then scrunch them up and throw them into their bins.

They also created short poems, writing these on to their own handprint shapes cut from paper, based on respect.







Identity Day (9th November 2018)

Mrs Van Gruenan visited Ocean Class to tell us about her South African identity. The children learnt about the area in which she grew up, the wildlife in that area and some of her favourite South African foods. She also shared some Afrikaans greetings with them. 






Making Sounds (9th November 2018)

Ocean Class children took our focus on mindfulness and the Creation story outside this week. They sat quietly in the sensory garden and listened to natural sounds. They were then tasked with trying to recreate these sounds for themselves.








Outdoor Learning (1st November 2018)

Ocean Class were looking at the colours of the rainbow in RE. The children were asked to collect as many colours that they could find in nature. We will then use these to think about how we should look after the Earth and stewardship.




The children were also asked to find an unusual place to read in. As you can see from the photos, some were very inventive with their chosen spots in which to read.








Where does my Food GO? By Prem Ahluwalia 

Power Point Presentation 

A busy week in Ocean Class (5th October 2018)

In maths we have been investigating shape. Year 3 children produced Venn diagrams and sorted shapes by their properties.



In our topic work this week, the children investigated what had happened to egg shells left in various liquids. By looking at the eggs, can you guess which ones were in sugary or acidic drinks and those in liquids which are kinder to your teeth?



The children travelled to St Albans this week to take part in a Harvest Celebration service with other schools that are part of the St Albans Diocese. We were treated to fantastic live musical performances and the children really enjoyed this heart-warming event. 


Where does by Food GO? By Stephanie Fischer Ingles

Power Point Presentation 



Digestion (14th September 2018)

The children in Ocean Class have begun looking at the digestion system in humans. The children recreated the journey of food through the body using digestive biscuits, bananas and tights. They thoroughly enjoyed getting their hands dirty!









Move Up Day (19th July 2018)

The new Ocean Class enjoyed move up day. They followed a planets theme for the day, constructing the planets from papier mache. Having painted them we then used a toilet roll to create a scale model of the distance of the planets from the sun.










Bawdsey Manor (6th July 2018) 

The children had an absolutely fantastic time at Bawdsey Manor. They really threw themselves into each and every activity with every child attempting everything even if it wasn’t in their comfort zone. The sun shone for the whole 3 days. They arrived home exhausted but with many happy memories which they will hopefully carry with them for years to come.



















Shadows (8th June 2018)

Ocean class children completed the last part of the work on light and shadows and created shadow puppet shows. They based their stories on traditional fairy tales. Can you spot any wolves in the images?


Ready, Steady, Read (18th May 2018)

Ocean class have been enjoying the sunshine as well as accruing reading minutes. The whole school are participating in a reading challenge to raise sponsorship and new books for the school. There is also a challenge to find out which class can accrue the most reading minutes in a week. The children completed a treasure hunt based on correct punctuation and grammar.

Ocean class are busy training for their annual football tournament. The Hutchinson Cup will take place next Friday.



Ocean class are also busy training for their annual football tournament. The Hutchinson Cup will take place next Friday.



NSPCC (11th May 2018)

Ocean Class children welcomed the NSPCC to school this week. The children wore green to help raise money for the charity. The NSPCC spoke about the importance of Speaking Out, Staying Safe. The message was simple. Every child deserves a happy childhood. 

A team of 8 children travelled to Blunham Cricket Club to take part in the Kwik Cricket competition run by the Schools Partnership this week. The children played very well and came 4th in their group.

Well done Stanley on a great Power Point Presentation this week: Quiz on shadows by Stanley Auckland



Noah (4th May 2018)

Ocean Class are investigating the story of Noah in RE. The children dramatised the story and performed it to the rest of the school. The audience commented on how good the performance was. Well done Ocean Class




Number Lines (27th April 2018)

Ocean class children went outside to construct number lines this week. They had to match both written numbers and those in digits and place them accurately on to number lines. Other challenges included the human abacus and a rounding running race.








Light and Shadows (20th April 2018)

Ocean class have had a very busy and exciting start to the summer term. We have begun our new topic of Light and Shadows. The children made the most of the Summer sunshine and investigated their own shadows. They made some very astute observations about how shadows changed. They also made sundials.

The children had a cricket taster on Thursday morning and if that wasn’t enough to make them sleep, they then had an afternoon of dodgeball. Great fun was had by all with the Bulldog Team winning by 1 point!





Football Tournament (29th March 2018)

The year 4 children were invited to Ivel Valley School in Biggleswade to take part in a football tournament organised by their DofE children. They played well and had a great time coming 3rd overall. Well done Sutton!



Isabella's Learning Log (9th March 2018)

Isabella shared her fabulous volcano with Ocean Class this week.  She constructed it using clay and even created a magma chamber inside. Her class really enjoyed watching the volcano erupt.


World Book Day (1st March 2018)

Sutton Lower School children wore their pyjamas to school for World Book Day as they celebrated bedtime stories. The  children enjoyed sharing their books from home with each other.










Healthy Eating (23rd February 2018)

Ocean Class has been looking at healthy lifestyles this week. The children have taken part in a range of activities. The week began with a blind folded fruit tasting session. All the children tried the fruits that they were given. They then went onto explore how much fruit is considered to be a portion.

The children also created healthy lifestyle kennings, conducted a survey and produced graphs on the variety of snacks eaten within the school. They also have looked at sun safety.




Roman Day (8th February 2018)

Ocean Class were visited this week by Mrs Emmett who was kind enough to share some of her Roman resources with the children. They began by exploring Roman schools and the similarities and differences between then and now. They also got to try out some wax tablets for themselves and discovered that the Roman alphabet was missing some of the letters we use today. Then they visited the slave market. Poor Sophie was sold for her blond hair as her ‘owner’ wanted to make wigs with it. The children also explored the dress of the average Roman family. 




The Bedford Girls’ Maths Roadshow  (2nd February 2018)

The children of Ocean Class had a real treat this week. The Bedford Girls’ Maths Roadshow came to visit. The children were led through a variety of problem solving activities by Year 9 pupils. They really enjoyed themselves. They were also lucky enough to receive a maths themed biscuit each from the visitors.  



National Handwriting Week (25th January 2018)

Children across the school celebrated National handwriting Day 0n January 23rd. The children in Ocean Class linked their activity to our topic of Romans. The children created their own Roman style wax tablets and then practised their handwriting on them. They found the wax a little hard in our cold climate but could imagine how useful these tablets would have been in Roman times.







The Romans (19th January 2018)

Ocean Class are looking at the Romans in their topic work. This week we have looked at the life of a Roman soldier and begun to explore life in a Roman town. Oscar shared his learning log with the class. He had made a Roman lamp from clay.


Jenny Vass joined us for Collective Worship this week. She talked to the children about Trust, our current value. Dylan & Bella bravely agreed to be blind folded. They agreed to eat anything they were presented with -worms (or strawberry laces) and place their hand in the mystery box with the ferocious animal (a cuddly lion.) 



Christmas Stories (15th December 2017) 

The children this week enjoyed an RE themed week investigating the Christmas stories in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke.

Ocean Class also enjoyed a rock workshop where they were able to recreate Queen’s ‘We Will rock You.’

They are all starting to feel a little bit festive as you can see!     






Tolerance (8th December 2017)

Blythe and Sophie presented a PowerPoint in Collective Worship concluding our value of Tolerance. The children in assembly enjoyed playing the games within it.

You can take a look at the presentation here.


The Stone Age (1st December 2017)

The children have been exploring more about the Stone Age. They collected materials from the local wood and then had a go at creating their own paint by grinding what they had collected. IT was harder than they anticipated. The class will now use the paint to decorate a cave just as the Stone Age people at Lascaux in France did.



The Higgins Museum (24th November 2017)

Ocean Class enjoyed a visit to the Higgins museum in Bedford this week. They had a fantastic time discovering just how hard it was to live in the Stone Age. Harrison reenacted a scene from a burial during the Stone Age. The children learned that you would have been buried with artefacts such as daggers, a beaker of food and archery equipment to help you in the after life.  





The Stone Age (17th November 2017)

Ocean Class children had a go at making their own coracles this week as they continued to look at the Stone Age. As they discovered it wasn’t as easy as they first thought. Imagine trying to make one from wooden strips and animal skins.




 RE (10th November 2017)

Ocean Class children are beginning to look at a new topic within RE investigating Baptism and the Gospels. They were asked to recreate a list of the good uses of water and when water is more destructive or the consequences when it is in short supply.


Play Leadership (20th October 2017)

This week the Year 4's have undertaken Play Leaders training. The course was run by Mr Blunt and the School's Sports Partnership. The children had a great time and are looking forward to showing off their new skills.

The children in Ocean Class have also been investigating lung capacity. The class took some large water bottles and created a measurement scale in litres down one side. They inverted the bottles in water and threaded a piece of clear tubing into the bottle. Each child then took it in turns to see how much water they could displace indicating their own lung capacity.






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