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Hawthorn Class News 


24th June 2022

This week the children had an additional trip to church. Rev. Alex helped the children to understand the link between the Holy Spirit and baptism. He explained why Holy water was used, the significance of the oil and why a candle is so important. Our baby Barry, (named by the children) was very well behaved and didn’t cry. An interesting fact learnt by all was that Holy water has to be allowed to drain directly into soil. The drain in the ancient font in All Saints is connected in such a way to allow this to happen.




17th June 2022

Hawthorn class have been outside enjoying the sunshine this week. A big well done to our Quadkids Athletics teams who competed against other schools at Bedford Athletics Stadium. All had a wonderful time and tried their hardest. We couldn’t ask for more.


The children also completed a maths challenge. How many shapes can you make inside a rectangle using a maximum of 10 strips of masking tape? Try it at home! Our highest score was 46.



10th June 2022

Both year groups in Hawthorn Class have been looking at time over the past few weeks. Here you can see some of the Year 3 children matching analogue descriptions to digital times.


The children have also been practicing their stitches in DT this week. This is all in preparation for the pencil cases that they will shortly be making. Watch this space for progress reports!





27th May 2022

Hawthorn class have been preparing for the Queen’s Jubilee. Here you see them proudly displaying their portraits of Her Majesty that they have carefully created using watercolours. They look magnificent – I think Her Majesty would be very proud.

The children were also invited to decorate plant pots with suitable Royal pictures. They have created these in acrylic paints. The pots will be decorating Sutton Village Hall for the Jubilee celebrations, so if you are passing, pop in and take a look.


20th May 2022

This week, eight children from the class travelled to Blunham Cricket Club to take part in an Inter-schools Kwik Cricket competition. Although our team did not win the competition overall, the children did the school proud and gave it their all. Well done everyone!


Back in school, the children completed an investigation to see how the shadow of an object is affected when a light source is moved and placed at different distances from the object. Here you can see them very much in action.





12th May 2022


 Hawthorn Class have been making the most of the Spring sunshine this week as they investigated Light & Shadows. The children first explored what a shadow was and how it was created. They also created sundials and explored how shadows ‘move’ throughout the course of the day and why this is not a reliable method of telling the time.




6th May 2022

Spring has definitely sprung. The Year 3 & 4 Nature Club members helped set up a small pond with tadpoles in this week. Mrs Ream kindly guided the children through the process of how to create a suitable habit for our visitors and how to care for them whilst they are with us. We will keep you updated as to how they are getting on.

Hawthorn Class thoroughly enjoyed their two music workshops this week which had a bit of a difference. In the first session the children created music coding in Scratch. Each child had 3 different sprites who became their band members. The band members performed a gig at the end!

Our second session saw the children use their knowledge of conduction to create music using a makey makey. Electrical circuits were used to create music. The children used their own conductivity to create these circuits. As you can tell from the photos they all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.




29th April 2022

Hawthorn class have started a new topic this half term and are asking, What is it like to follow God? The children this week looked at the construction of the Bible and what books make up this holy text. Did you know that there are 66 books in total containing a variety of texts including poems, songs and letters? 





22nd April 2022

Hawthorn Class are back in the swing of being at school after the Easter break. This half term we will be looking at Light & Shadow in our topic work.

The children made the most of the sunshine this week and have been learning how to play French cricket. There were definitely some naturals in the class as you can see!


1st April 2022

We have had an incredibly busy week in Hawthorn class, blowing away the myth that nothing happens in the final week of term!

The children have now completed their DT projects and each have created an animal with a moving mouth. As you can see from the photographs, the project has been a great success. The children managed to problem solve as they created their mechanisms and then added the finishing touches including a lick of paint.


As Spring is now here and the clocks have changed, we celebrated by planting some of our seeds, courtesy of Mrs Hollyman. Each child has taken home some snap dragon seeds to grow at home. Hopefully, the Sutton area will be full with very contented bees this summer.


We need to give FOSS a big ‘thank you’ for providing us with some large garden pebbles. In the photograph you can see the children busily decorating them. They are creating story stones to take home. Each of their pebbles has an important scene from the Easter story on it which the children will use to retell the Easter story to family members and friends this Easter.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, we have also been treated to the end of term Rock Steady concert. Our two bands were amazing as they performed to a packed house. Well done to all of you who were involved!



25th March 2022

We have been making the most of the glorious spring sunshine this week. Year 3 have been working on perimeter in maths. They were able to take their knowledge from the classroom to the playground where they calculated the perimeter in metres.

As part of our work on the Romans, we investigated what foods the Romans had introduced to the country. Here you can see the children enjoying a Roman Banquet where they tried the new tastes and flavours of olive oil & vinegar, grapes, dates and olives.




18th March 2022

As part as our whole school focus on Ukraine, the children have produced this piece of artwork. The children looked at a photo mosaic that we have in of the school. They then recreated the colours of the Ukrainian flag with miniature drawings in blue and yellow of people and things that they love or enjoy. Then the children made sunflowers. Each one has a special wish about the war in its centre. 


 We are coming to the end of our work on festivals. This week the children looked at Sikh festivals. They looked at Vaisakhi which marks the Punjab New Year and when Sikhism was founded. This is a relatively modern festival as the religion is only about 320 years old. Here you see them dramatizing the story of Guru Gobind Singh.


11th March 2022

This week the children have been focusing a little more on their DT projects. We have started to look at the mechanisms to make the mouths on the models move. The children are starting to design the mechanism that will suit their models best, depending on what movement they wish to create.



4th March 2022

This week Hawthorn class have been composing music. They were shown the trailer to a James Bond film without the sound and they had to compose music to match the pictures & emotions of the film. There was some fantastic music making that afternoon.

The children also enjoyed the World Book Day activities. Here they all are kitted out for the day!




25th February 2022 

Hawthorn class have returned to school after the break with plenty of energy. In the photo you can see them working hard on their Design & Technology project. The pets are coming on a treat. The next part of the project will be to construct the head and think about how they are going to make the mouth of their pet move.

We have also completed some fantastic kennings this week which have been typed up and are being prepared for a classroom display.





11th February 2022

Hawthorn class have looked at various ways to help cope with difficult situations this week as it is Children’s Mental Health week. They have refreshed their learning of ‘THINK before you speak’ as well as thought about who they can talk to if they have a problem.

On Safer Internet Day, the children helped Bob the alien to navigate gaming. They then made videos of what they had learnt to share with the class.



4th February 2022

This week the children have been working hard in RE and science. They continued their work on Diwali and retold the story of Rama & Sita using puppets. In science, we have looked at the structure of soil and whether it is permeable or not. We have also recreated the rock cycle with the help of chocolate. Yummy!



28th January 2022

The week began with a lovely treat for the children courtesy of FOSS. The Theatre of Widdershins performed The Elves and the Shoemaker for the them. They really enjoyed this and there was plenty of audience participation too.




In Design & Technology this week, the children began the first stage of their models. A theme of pets has been chosen by the class. The challenge is to create a realistic looking animal which has a mouth that moves. We will keep you updated!

In RE the children have started to explore the importance of light in religion. This week we began looking at the story of Rama & Sita and Diwali, the Festival of Light. The children created Diwali lamps from clay.





21st January 2022

We have had a very busy time in Hawthorn Class this week. In maths, the children have been brushing up on their multiplication and division skills. This has including some outdoor maths activities applying what they have learnt. In PE, the children are working hard in their gym lessons with Mr Passman. As you can see, they are showing great flexibility!









14th January 2022

This week the children have completed their training as story seekers. They have spent some time retelling stories and adding in details and descriptions both with drama and by retelling stories aloud. They have really made their favourite stories come alive. Here they are practicing their stories ready to perform to the class. 




17th December 2021

Hawthorn class have had a very busy week, full of fun, achievements and treats.

The children proudly showed off their lovely Christmas cards that they have made for loved ones. Everyone chose their own colour scheme and the results are stunning.

This week has seen the end of the Sutton Challenge with medals being awarded. For completing at least 4 of the 12 challenges a big well done to Lara, Ella J, Tommy and Hope. For achieving at least 8 of the 12 challenges, silver medals were awarded to Maela, Robyn, Luka, Jacob, Nathan, Mevin and Lillie. Huge congratulations to Oscar F, Isla, Charlotte, Ella B, Oliver, Lilian and Joel on achieving gold and completing all of the challenges. Some very well deserved medals.

The children have also enjoyed a COVID safe Christmas dinner. Crackers were pulled and jokes exchanged as roast turkey with all the trimmings was consumed.

Christingles were made on Wednesday in time for the Christingle service on Thursday. The children all enjoyed this special activity. A big thank you to Mrs Kerridge for helping us.

And the week didn’t end there! On Thursday the children enjoyed a bikeability session. They completed level one of this training which helps the children on their way to riding bikes safely on the road.

Happy Christmas everyone!


















10th December 2021

Hawthorn class have spent this week sharing their achievements in the Sutton Challenge. The response has been amazing and has totally blown us away. The children have presented their achievements in various ways including some excellent PowerPoints, photos taken at home, scrap books and diaries – they have been a joy to behold.




3rd December 2021

On Tuesday morning Hawthorn class were lucky to take part in a coding workshop.  In first half of the workshop the children designed and built robots from scratch.  After playtime the children programmed the robots using coding, which they then downloaded onto their robots.  The class then had great fun playing with their robots.  The workshop leader was very impressed with the children’s knowledge and said they worked at level he normally sees in Year 5 children!  Well done Hawthorn!



On Thursday afternoon in History we braved the cold and headed over into the forest area.  The children had great fun building miniature huts like the ones they have been learning about from Star Carr and Skara Brae.  They worked in small groups using natural materials to build them.  As you can see from the photos there was some very creative designs.




26th November 2021

This week Hawthorn Class have begun their Story Seekers mission. The children are collecting stories and re-enacting them, thinking about the common features of stories belonging to a certain genre. They are using drama to help them become the characters in a story. They have also created posters of the common elements in stories that they have read.


 The children also had fun refreshing themselves on how to use the ‘Flash & Bash’ boards at school. They took part in a very competitive workshop where a great deal of agility was shown by all.




19th November 2021

Introducing Hawthorn Classes Kipsy caterpillar.

Kipsy lives under an oak tree in the corner of our classroom and pops out on a regular basis to discuss emotions with the children. We have explored many different emotions with Kipsy including shyness, being embarrassed, feeling accepted and resilience.

Odd Socks Day was on Monday this week. Children and teachers alike, wore odd socks to school for the day. This was to celebrate the differences between people and led us nicely in to this week’s anti-bullying focus of ‘One Kind Word.’

The children have explored various issues throughout the week. They have revisited what bullying might look like and what they should do if they think they are being bullied or they know of someone who is being bullied.

The children created a display with reminders of kind phrases that they could use to help make someone’s day a positive experience.






12th November 2021

This week in RE the children started a new topic – God, trinity & Incarnation. The children started by looking at a cup of water outside and then scribing words that they associate with water including its uses. On returning to the classroom, they then linked this with the many appearances that water makes in both the Old & the New Testaments.



In dance this week, the children created some impressive routines with Mr Passman. Here you can see them in action.



5th November 2021

The Year 4 children have this week being learning how to become play leaders. Mr Blunt came from the Schools Partnership to instruct the children. Now they are trained, the children will lead activities for the whole school at lunch times.



22nd October 2021

 After a full and exciting week, the children are looking forward to half term. On Tuesday, 10 children travelled to St Andrew’s School in Biggleswade to take part in the first intra-schools team challenge since COVID began. As you can imagine, there was great excitement! The children took part in a variety of games honing their tag rugby skills.

On Thursday, we welcomed Mr Blunt from the Schools Partnership to school. The whole class got slightly muddy competing in ball scoring games but had a wonderful time.

In science this week, the children have been measuring their own lung capacity. Don’t forget to ask your child how they did this and what it was.

Happy Half Term everyone!


15th October 2021






8th October 2021


Hawthorn Class have been looking at some of the issues that will be discussed at the COP26 conference in Glasgow this year.

The children will next week meet the local MP Ricard Fuller to explain the issues that they would like action on the most.


During the course of the week, the children have looked at the effects on climate change from what we eat. Did you know that 1/3rd of the world’s CO2 emissions come from food production? Hawthorn Class also learnt that the most CO2 emissions come from people wanting to eat meat, and particularly from beef and lamb production. We had a full discussion on what we could do to help this. We talked about the word ‘flexitarian’ – this means you eat a varied diet but eat meat less often.


We looked at the use of plastic in the world today. Did you know that every year 400 million tonnes of plastic is produced? And every year over 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans?!


They also looked at the food miles that our food travels before we eat it. They were shocked at some of the distances that were travelled. If you eat a banana grown in Indonesia, it has travelled 7261 miles to get to you. To travel, it will have caused emissions.

We discussed what seasonal means, and how we can help to reduce CO2 emissions by buying food that has been grown in this country or locally.


1st October 2021

Hawthorn Class have had a busy week. In art, the children have been looking at how to include movement in their artwork. They have drawn a variety of objects that move, traced them and then reproduced this several times over their original drawings to create the illusion of movement. They looked at pieces of art by Giacomo Balla & Natalia Sergeevna Goncharova amongst others, to help them.



17th September 2021

Hawthorn Class have been brushing up on their ball skills with Mr Passman this week. He was very impressed with their listening skills and technique. Well done all!

The highlight of the week (other than Ofsted) had to be the first J-sax lesson. The pictures speak for themselves as the children opened their instrument cases for the first time. The children were fantastic, even managing to play a tune at the end of their 1st lesson – watch this space!







10th September 2021

Hawthorn Class have had a very successful first week of term! The new members of the class have settled well and are getting used to the new ways in their new class. Amongst the week’s activities, the children have made some fabulous birthday cards to give to one another when the day is right. They have also worked hard at created our class prayer book testing their ICT skills.



22nd July 2021

Hawthorn Class are celebrating the end of term in style. They have finished their dragon collages this week based on the work of Stanley Grosse. They were also highly delighted to see the arrival of an ice cream van at the school gates this morning. FOSS had very kindly arranged this as an end of year treat obviously anticipating that it was going to be so hot!

We also say goodbye to our Year 4 children today as they spread their wings and more on to Middle School. Good luck everyone …… we will miss you!

Happy holidays everyone!




16th July 2021

This week in RE the children have been designing their own symbols for the Christian, Sikh or Islamic religions. They had to think of something appropriate that would represent a part of each religion and explain why they had created it. Can you match the object to the religion?




9th July 2021

Hawthorn class have enjoyed comparing Christianity with Sikhism and Islam this week. They created a quiz to test their knowledge. It was a closely fought contest with Team A clinching victory on the last question. Can you answer some of the questions seen in the photograph?




2nd July 2021

We’ve had a great week looking at some of the art work and stained glass window designs by artist Dante Rossetti and then had a go at designing and making some of our own based on the tales of George and the Dragon.

We were also able to welcome parents to the school field to share our books and school work with them.





25th June 2021

Hawthorn Class started a new RE topic this week – How, Where and Why do People Worship?

The first challenge was to create Lego models of the most inventive thing that they could think of. A range of models were produced – can you guess what they are?

Year 3 had an exciting time this morning investigating the capacity of various containers. They can now tell you the difference between capacity and volume so please ask them at home!





18th June 2021

Mr Blunt came to visit us this week and led the children in some Quad Kids Athletics. The children had a fabulous time running against the clock, throwing howlers and completing the standing long jump. They were all very proud of their individual scores and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.





11th June 2021

Hawthorn Class have been enjoying relay races with Mr Passman this week. They have been learning to pass a baton between runners. If you listen carefully, you may be able to hear the cheers from the winning team!


21st May 2021 

The Year 3 children have completed another week of looking at fractions. Here you see them identifying fractions and then finding equivalent fractions on their whiteboards.

The children in Lego Club have thoroughly enjoyed completing challenges. Each group has an engineer, a builder and a supplier. Good communication skills are required to construct some exciting models.



14th May 2021

As it is the summer term and ignoring the weather, the children enjoyed a tennis lesson with Mr Passman this week. As you can see, they were making good use of the field.

In literacy they began looking at newspaper reports, reporting on the tale of Walter Pigeon and the haphazard secret agent, Walter Beckett.

Within our sound topic, the children this week investigated which materials would muffle sound the best. Children had a selection of materials and a rather loud buzzer to phantom this out.

In music, the children performed some percussion work which they have been working on for the last few weeks.







7th May 2021

In RE, the children have been looking at the Pentecost. This week they were asked to produce a piece of artwork representing Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. As you can see, they had some phenomenal ideas.




30th April 2021 

Hawthorn Class had a treat this week with Mr Blunt from the Schools Partnership coming to deliver a cross country session with them. Previously in the year, the children had completed the same event and so this session was to see if they could improve their times from then. It must be the influence of our wonderful new running track, but all the children had improved in their stamina and speed. Well done everyone!

In science this week, the children made string telephones and investigated how sound travelled through them. They compared varying sizes of yoghurt pots with taught and loose string. They even tied a knot in the string to see what effect that this might have.



23rd April 2021

Hawthorn class enjoyed a workshop this week called ‘The shield of Resilience.’ The Making Me charity came to school to help the children understand how they need to shrug off disappointments by using positive thoughts and keep on trying.

Within the classroom, the children can now write out their worries and throw them at the shield.

They finished the week by doing some outdoor maths and literacy, enjoying the spring sunshine.





16th April 2021

The children have had a busy first week back at school. They have started the new topic of sound. The children completed a sound walk in silence (!) and then explored how instruments make sound.

Mrs O’Flynn made a welcome return to the classroom this week and the children were delighted to have music with her again.

They also completed their first Big Write of the term with some lovely adaptations of the ‘Beast of Bodmin Moor.’


26th March 2021

Hawthorn class have had a busy final week to the end of term. They performed ‘Baby Shark’ after only 3 weeks of tuition on the trumpet. For a musical treat, please watch this video!

Within literacy, the children have begun to look at ‘The Beast of Bodmin Moor.’ They were a little concerned to find evidence that the beast may have visited Sutton School. Even the local press made enquiries about the sightings so the children wrote their own newspaper reports.

The children were all treated to an Easter activity bag to keep them amused over the holidays. These have been put together by Mrs Price on behalf of Sutton & Potton churches. As you can see from the smiles, they were much appreciated.

Crafting has also been going on behind the scenes. Thanks to a wonderful donation by FOSS, the children have decorated plant pots and made Spring daffodils to go in them.




19th March 2021

The children in Hawthorn Class have had a busy week and are settling well back into routine. They made some beautiful pieces of artwork. The children were asked to associate a colour with someone special in their lives. They then drew their portrait and mounted it on that colour.




12th March 2021

Last Friday was the last day of home learning. Children at school and at home were encouraged to wear a disguise for the day. Can you guess who is who?

The fun maths activity of the day was making chocolate chip cookies. These were washed down with a celebratory hot chocolate as a reward for surviving home learning / the key worker bubble.

The children in school also created a banner to welcome their friends back to school.

Tuesday saw great excitement with the long awaited trumpet lessons beginning. Mr Lowe made the most of the glorious sunshine and the children had their lesson outside.

Luka thought the trumpet lesson was great and Tilly thought it was fun. Harriet was delighted that everyone had their own labelled trumpet and Matthew gave the lesson 5 stars!





5th March 2021

Hawthorn’s Heroes

What a spectacular end to home learning it has been. Everyone has gone that extra mile and worked incredibly hard. I have seen some fantastic pieces of work both in the zoom calls and first hand. You should all be very proud of yourselves. Enjoy those ‘end of home learning’ activities and treats today!

Callum B wrote a great poem about Teddy – can you guess who or what Teddy is?

Ella B and Tilly both wrote odes to their favourite foods and made me feel very hungry.

Natalie had a very active PE session practising her football skills.

Keira completed a poster on The Five Pillars of Islam.

Sam has been working his socks off and has sent me lots of work to look at.

Elsa wrote some very good sentence summaries describing stories she had read.

Those children in Hawthorn bubble have completed some lovely pieces of work including recording themselves presenting the Rainforest weather.

Maela has written some lovely descriptive poems this week.


You have definitely proved once again that …..not all super heroes wear capes! Be proud!






26th February 2021

Hawthorn’s Heroes

Everyone is continuing to work really hard. It is great to think that there is only one more week of home learning to go! The excitement is mounting at the thought of you all being back in school.

This week:

Joel has worked hard in every subject this week and never fails to send me his learning. He has really improved his hand writing and did a lovely piece of French naming body parts.

Ella J sang ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ in French live on zoom!

Lincoln skipped 34 times without stumbling on a skipping rope in PE!

Hope has shared her lovely work practically every day on zoom this week.

Matthew sent a photograph of his bug hotel that he completed during our outdoor learning day.

Ella B has shared some amazing artwork this week on zoom which helped to cheer us all up.

Well done everyone! You can start counting down the days to being back in school now. 10 sleeps to go!!


Joel's french


Matthew's bug hotel



12th February 2021

Hawthorn’s Heroes

A huge well done for reaching the half term holidays everyone. You have worked really hard this half term and I know that it hasn’t always been easy. I’m incredibly proud of all that you have achieved. Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy your outdoor learning day!

Kerry-Ann made a scrumptious chocolate cake at home. Ella B made some galaxy rainbow fudge with her sister which she assured us was delicious. Tilly made chocolate cookies as large as dinner plates!


Tyler sent for a walk and had a snowflake land on his glove. Ella B investigated snowflakes further and discovered that everyone was unique.

Tilly wrote a fantastic letter to a zoo as part of her literacy. Elsa and Maela wrote wonderful descriptions to accompany photographs of the sea.

Joel sent his Safer Internet Day work to be shared – he had seen how much screen time he had used in one day.

Oliver sent in his poster of how he could improve his mental health to share. He has some excellent ideas.

Tilly, Ella B and Joel photographed their re-enactments of the Last Supper. They drafted in family and cuddlies to help make up the twelve disciples.

All the children who were in school shared at least one piece of work in the zoom calls this week.

I think it is fair to say that Hawthorn class have proved that …not all super heroes wear capes.

Happy Half term everyone!





5th February 2021 

Hawthorn’s Heroes

Yet again, I have seen some really gorgeous pieces of work this week. Well done everyone for continuing to work so hard at home and in school.

Callum B wrote a wonderful Easter poem this week, as did Harriet. Tilly managed to rhyme her poem as well which was amazing.


Tilly's poem

Keira shared her beautifully presented story ‘Boo and the Tortoise’. She is taking real pride in her home learning as is carefully mounting all of her work in her home learning book.

Tilly and Tyler drew their dinner and then labelled it in French – their drawn pictures are so good that they look like photographs.


Maela made a rather delicious marble cake with her sister this week. She took the recipe from her dad’s French recipe book.

Callum S & Ella J have used some lovely descriptive language in their writing this week.

Finley and Tommy have been working really hard in maths.

And Robyn collected a £1 from the tooth fairy – she must have been looking after her teeth really well!




29th January 2021

Hawthorn’s Heroes

What else can I say but well done Hawthorn Class again! You have all worked incredibly hard and I have received some fantastic pieces of work. Many of you have also shared your work in our afternoon zoom meetings which has been great.

Callum B sent a great story based on the design of a willow pattern plate, as did Tilly. Check out their descriptions.

Ella B and Tilly were inspired by the snow and then wrote poems.

Joel produced a super neat emotion graph around how people felt during Easter week.

Keira completed a beautifully presented book review.

Lilian wrote a postcard from the Amazon rainforest having decided not to fell a kapok tree.

Tyler created a wonderful piece of art work based on the artist Piet Mondrian.

Oliver has sent me lots of pieces of work and is working really hard.

Matthew and Elsa have shared their work with the rest of the class.




Tilly's snow poem



Hawthorn’s Heroes

Welcome to our new weekly feature. Hawthorn class have all worked really hard again. Well done EVERYONE. Here are some of the highlights from our 3rd week of home learning.

Joel conducted a science experiment at home using magnets and recorded what he did in full.

Ella J wrote a lovely story of her version of Ananse and the Birds, as did Tyler.

Freddie made a colourful poster for RE looking at the ways Christians celebrate Easter.

Luka completed a learning log task. He made a PowerPoint of the French alphabet.

Robyn wrote a fabulous poem about a visit to a castle.

Hope & Lincoln have worked really hard at their division in maths this week.

Natalie has worked hard all week and has sent a photo of every piece of work she has completed.

Remember…… not all superheroes wear capes!























French alphabet and words - Luka

Poem - Robyn


Friday 15th January 2021 

I want to say a huge ‘WELL DONE!!!!!!!’ to all of Hawthorn Class this week – you are all working so hard. I have had some fantastic emails with work attached and many of you have shared during our zoom calls.

Some of the achievements from this week:

Ella B got 50/50 for Times Tables at home. She was given 3 minutes to complete them and finished them with 25 seconds to spare!

Harvey sent in a brilliant video of the Easter week story.

Tilly wrote a fantastic poem with lovely noun phrases in.

Harriet achieved full marks in her spellings for the first time.

Keira sent in a stunning video of her work at home. She has used her home learning book and stuck all her work in carefully.

Hope has read 5 books in a week!

Joshua has been challenging himself at home with his maths.

Maela & Tyler made stunning shakers ready for her Samba music lessons.

Jamie focused hard in school and stormed through his literacy and maths.

You have all done really well!

Harvey's castle poem





8th January 2021 

Hawthorn class has been much quieter this week. The pupils that are here are completing the same tasks as those at home. Look at the crazy hair from our static electricity experiment! If you haven’t tried it will a balloon yet, why not give it a go?

Thank you to all of you at home who are sending in pictures of work that you are proud of. Please keep them coming so that we can share it on the website.







Natalie Peaker - What I did and got for Christmas



18th December 2020

Hawthorn Class have had an exciting week. They have been preparing a few surprises for loved ones at home this week as well as working hard. They have also enjoyed Christmas jumper day and Christmas lunch (COVID style!) Even Santa joined them on a zoom call to help spread the Christmas cheer.





27th November 2020

Hawthorn Class have had a busy and exciting week. We made the most of a crisp morning this week to enjoy an active English lesson with the children adding conjunctions to sentences.

Science Day proved to be a big hit with the children when they looked at light for the day. The photographs show them exploring refraction with a glass of water and 2 arrows drawn on paper.

We were also lucky enough to be joined by Andy from Widdershins who performed an excellent puppet show for the children. They were enthralled by the stories and enjoyed finding out how the show was put together.






Hawthorn Stars of the Week

Congratulations to Tyler who has worked really hard in his hockey lessons, and Kerry-Ann who works hard in everything that she does.




20th November 2020

Hawthorn Class have been taking part in Anti-Bullying Week. The children have looked at how we all have a part to play in stopping bullying and looked in detail at how bullies might be supported by others. They learnt about the role of defenders, and how speaking up will help to resolve the situation. As you can see from their beautiful artwork, Hawthorn Class say ‘NO’ to bullying.


Congratulations to our Stars of the Week. Hope has had a fantastic week working hard in all areas of the curriculum. Lincoln made a magnificent effort in his Big Write. Well done both of you!



13th November 2020

Hawthorn class have had a busy week. They collected rainbow colours as they began their new RE topic of the Creation story.

The children have had two online workshops this week. On Monday, they brushed up on their E-Safety will a workshop from Hazard Alley. They learnt amongst other things, how to create a strong username and password. On Thursday, they had the first of six workshops on leading a healthy lifestyle. This week the focus was on having a healthy body.

They also took part in a Intra Schools cross country event. The fastest boys and girls in each year group will have they completion times put forward against other schools.









16th October 2020

Hawthorn class have this week been looking at an Indian Folk Tale in literacy. The children have made animal masks and fire sticks in preparation to re-enact the story next week.




2nd October 2020

Within their topic work, Hawthorn Class have been investigating their own teeth. After completing a tooth survey, the children made models of their teeth from modelling clay.






25th September 2020

As part of our recovery curriculum, the children have been exploring horizons. They painted watercolour backgrounds of the horizon and then created their own poems about the sky.




18th September 2020

Hawthorn children enjoyed taking their topic work outside this week. They have been looking at the work of an Italian artist who was clever enough to be able to create portraits of people from fruit.

The children also welcomed back Mrs O’Flynn who began ‘body popping’ with the class. They haven’t lost their rhythm during lockdown!







Welcome to Hawthorn Bubble

Hawthorn Class are enjoying the Recovery Curriculum activities on their return to school. They have made rainbow sand, played socially distanced team games to name but a few.

They are also getting used to the new ‘normal’ of Whole School Collective Worship being online!

The children are very happy to be back with their friends again, as they settle into their new class.






Romans (20th March 2020) 

The children in Hawthorn class had lots of fun this week creating Roman buildings out of recycled goods. Can you recognise the famous buildings they have made?







Healthy Schools Week (11th March 2020)

As part of our Healthy Schools’ Week activities, the class have conducted a survey on the snacks they bring to school each day. It was quite surprising that a large proportion of children do not bring a snack to school.

Young children have smaller stomachs than adults. They are incapable of eating a lot of food at one meal and typically get hungry between meals. If your child only eats three meals, they may not get enough carbohydrates, protein and fat. Snacks also give your child the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and develop properly.


Hawthorn class also took part in a blind- folded food tasting session to help highlight what a portion of fruit or vegetables actually is. The children went on to research interesting facts such as 32 grapes are a portion.







Learning log

The Romans Timeline by Daniel Peaker


RE (28th February 2020)

In RE this week, the class continued to explore festivals. This week we looked at the ancient story of Moses and if he was right to lead the Israelites to safety or not.  For this, the children formed a ‘conscious alley’ whispering to Moses as he walked by, giving their opinions on what he should do.





RE (14th February 2020)

This week in RE the children made Diwali lamps. They learnt how lamps were lit to mark the way for Rama & Sita to return to their homeland. They also looked at how today Hindus mark this important festival.








Hawthorn looked at Burundi today as this is where a proportion of the profits from the company that built our new classroom go to support a school. They learnt about the extreme poverty in the country and how much of the arable land is used to grow coffee and tea – neither of which you can eat. The children moved on to look at sustainability, and went on a ‘shopping trip’ to decide which products they would buy, and what impact this might have on our climate, pollution and poverty.


Harriet made a fantastic model of a volcano to show her class. She also made her own ‘lava’ from washing up liquid, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. As you can see it erupted rather well!


7th February 2020

The children in Hawthorn Class had a go at retelling the story of Rama & Sita. They made puppets to help them. This is part of their look at religious festivals, especially those where light is a feature.

Kerry-Ann shared her very impressive Japanese Rock garden with the class this week. She had cunningly used aquatic plants and stones to help her.

The children were looking at fossils this week and how they are formed. They went on to make some impressive replicas for themselves.






Japanese Rock Gardens (31st January 2020) 

William shared his impressive rock collection with the class. He told the class about these rocks which had formed in and around volcanoes.


Hawthorn Class had a go at designing and creating Japanese rock gardens this week. They used resources that they found in the playground to create features such as ‘rippling water’.







Computing Themed Day (24th January 2020)

Hawthorn class really enjoyed their Computing Themed Day. The children began the day by exploring types of communication and how fake news can be identified. They then explored how the internet and also search engines work.

The children then moved on to evaluate some websites, before making their own especially designed for children.



The children also had a go at creating their own websites. Check out the links below:


History at Sutton Lower School (22nd January 2020)

The children in Hawthorn class have been thinking about why we learn history at school. Have a look at some of their ideas.





Shake, Rattle & Roll (17th January 2020)

Hawthorn Class have begun their new topic of ‘Shake, Rattle & Roll.’ This week the class have been investigating what makes up soil.

They also completed an experiment to see whether different soil types were permeable of impermeable.







Happy New Year! (10th January 2020) 

Hawthorn Class have had a busy week beginning their new topics. In RE the children are beginning to look at religious festivals across a variety of faiths. This week they thought about what elements are included in festivals.




A festive week! (20th December 2019)

Hawthorn Class have been looking at the origins of Christmas this week. They began by making Christingles at Sutton Church. A very able production line managed to create enough for the class in no time at all.

The travelling crib visited us during the week. The children were in awe at the wonderful knitted Nativity characters.

In RE the children learnt about how the Gospels of Matthew & Luke are combined to create the Nativity story. They also explored many of the strange customs and traditions that we have at this time of the year – such as putting a tree in your house!




Curriculum Intent (13th December 2019)

The children in Hawthorn Class were asked to think about what they learn in Geography and why they learn it. Here are some of their answers.




Stone Age Artwork (13th December 2019)

The children in Hawthorn Class collected natural materials this week for their Stone Age artwork. They ground and mixed their own paint to experience how difficult it must have been to produce artwork on cave walls and to decorate objects. As you can see, it was messy but fun!





The school had Christmas lunch this week. All the staff, as well as the children, wore their Christmas jumpers as well in order to raise money for Save the Children.




The Stone Age (6th December) 

The children went outside to experience what it was like to have to construct a shelter from scratch in the Stone Age. The class made scaled down versions of Mesolithic shelters. They began by gathering small flexible sticks which they wove together. They then had to collect grass and create bundles which they then placed over the sticks. These constructions took them over 45 minutes to make. Imagine what it must have been like for Stone Age people with their simplistic tools and no forms of transport to help gather materials.








This week Hawthorn Class have looked at fronted adverbials in literacy. One activity was to play a game. Whichever word you landed on had to be converted into a sentence with a fronted adverbial. 





Mrs Farnsworth, a dental nurse, gave the class a talk on dental hygiene this week. They learnt have to brush their teeth effectively and the amount of toothpaste that they should use. They were then tested on which foods were not kind to teeth and which were.





A very busy week! (29th November 2019)

During RotaKids this week, Ethan from St John’s Hospice in Moggerhanger, talked to the children about the types of care that the hospice offers. Children learnt how the hospice is a ‘home from home’ and that even pets were allowed to visit/ They also heard how St John’s sends nurses out into the community to help people in their homes.

Hawthorn Class had a fantastic time at The Higgins in Bedford this week. They explored artefacts from the Stone Age that had been found locally. They were also able to try some simple tasks for themselves such as grinding barley for flour. They were shocked to find how much effort was involved in each task and the time it took. The children then explored a Bronze Age man and recreated the life that they thought he had led from the artefacts that were buried with him.





The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) took to the pavement this week. The children had created a letter and a map to help to improve the parking of their grown-ups at drop off and pick up times. The letter was very positively received.




Geography Focus Day (22nd November 2019)

The whole school enjoyed a geography focus day this week. In Hawthorn Class we looked at deserts. The children found some of the deserts in the world, including Antarctica. They learnt that a desert has less than 25cm of rain in a year. They also looked at who or what lived in these difficult and unhospitable climates.

We were also treated to two visitors teaching the children about flags, their symbols and colours, and what life is like in Croatia.








Athletics (15th November 2019)

Some of the children from Hawthorn Class took part in the sports hall athletics at Mark Rutherford School in Bedford this week. They competed in a variety of activities against other local schools. All the children gave a big ‘thumbs up’ for the event. A big thank you to the Schools Partnership for organising it.


Climate Change 

The children throughout the school looked at the issues with climate change in a Global Learning afternoon this week. The older children in Hawthorn looked at how CO2 emissions are causing different foods across the world to be affected, with changeable weather patterns and seasons. Each child made a promise to ‘Share the Love’ and reduce the amount of CO2 they were responsible for. Some pledged to walk more or turn off the lights when not in a room. They also painted endangered species from around the world in a pointillism style (small spots).





Play Leaders Training (8th November 2019)

Mr Blunt from the Schools Partnership joined the children on Tuesday morning. Hawthorn Class had a busy session learning how to be Play Leaders. They are now ready to lead games and activities during lunchtime play.















Art - Matisse (18th October 2019)














Investigating lung capacity (11th October 2019) 

The children of Ocean Class had lots of fun this week investigating their own lung capacity.

First they had to mark 500ml intervals on a large plastic bottle. They then needed to invert this filled with water into a box of water. The next step was to carefully insert a plastic tube into the bottle. The children then took it in turns to blow down the pipe into the bottle. The air that they breathed out displaced the water in the bottle and they were then able to read their lung capacity on the scale.









Basketball (20th September 2019) 

Ocean class have been enjoying the autumn sunshine whist developing their basketball skills. A group of children demonstrated to the class, showing how to mark your opponent to try and block them from scoring.



Humans are Animals too (13th September 2019) 

The children in Ocean Class have begun their new topic ‘Humans are animals too.’ This week they explored food chains and how animals can be classified by what they eat. They were also alarmed to discover the number of teaspoons of sugar hidden in some food and drink. Did you know that a can of cola has 9 teaspoons in it, and the recommended amount of sugar for KS2 children is only 6 a day?






Pirate Day (19th July 2019)

Ocean class was taken over by pirates this week. The children had an exciting day completing a maths pirate challenge. This was followed by biscuit decorating – pirate themed biscuits of course. After lunch the children had the challenge of constructing pirate ships from Lego to see who could carry the most cargo without sinking. A pirate feast was enjoyed by all. The day finished with fish racing. What a day!


Georgraphy (19th July 2019) 

The children have completed their learning on the Journey of a River. As you can see they have made some impressive collages showing how this happens.



Bikeability (12th July 2019)




Flower Festival (28th June 2019)

Ocean class have had a busy morning. Some of the class have been to the church and created some beautiful flower arrangements in preparation for the Flower Festival. The remaining children have helped to prepare the village with litter pick. Sutton is almost set for an exciting weekend.



A busy week! (21st June 2019)

Eight members of Ocean Class travelled to Bedford athletics Stadium this week to take part in an inter schools athletics competition. As you can see there were a variety of field and track events. The weather was kind and the team competed well.


This morning the RotaKids children were joined in school by Ronnie and Bill. They were accompanied by two doctors from Germany who have been trying to set up a school in a remote part of Ghana. Ocean Class has previously fundraised for this project so it was a chance for the children to find out first-hand what the money was going to be used for.


Charlotte and Ella proudly displayed their certificates that they were awarded following the skipping rope challenge that the children took part in on Monday. Both girls received a skipping rope with a built in counter so in future they will know how many skips they have completed.

Ocean class are looking at rivers in their geography work this week. They are creating collages that show the journey of a river form source to sea. Completed collages to follow!



Rotakids (7th June 2019) 

RotaKids began their service work today. The children gave the church a timely spruce, just in time for a large wedding at the church. Floors were vacuumed and mopped, books counted, chairs washed down. The time flew by!






Junior Road Safety Officer's 7th June 2019)

The Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) completed their 1st assembly this week. William, Lewys and Florence talked about the importance of wearing cycling helmets when you ride a bike. They also gave suggestions of places in Bedfordshire where there are cycle paths.

The JRSO’s also launched a competition to encourage cycle helmet wearing. If you would like to take part, children should have a photograph taken wearing a cycle helmet and their picture will be entered into a prize draw.



Mind Maps (16th May 2019)

Mind Maps came to visit us on Thursday. The children were introduced to Casey – a caterpillar to help us explore emotions. They then had a workshop on resilience where they made their own shields. The children learnt that being able to brush minor incidents and niggles away is an important lesson in life. They devised their own tool kits of what they could do to help them if they feel concerned in any way.




Innovate Cookery Workshop (16th May 2019)

Along with the rest of the school, Ocean class enjoyed a cookery workshop led by the school’s catering company Innovate.

The children identified healthy foods and then made ‘rainbow’ salads learning that the more colourful the ingredients the healthier it is.

They then tried their hands at making a wrap with healthy fillings of their choice. The end results looked good enough to eat!





First Aid Training (10th May 2019)

Ocean Class had some First Aid training this week. The children learn what to do in an emergency if someone needed First Aid. They also practised putting someone into the recovery position. Sophia may be small but she managed to manoeuvre Mr Blunt, no problem at all!


Salt Dough (3rd May 2019) 

Ocean class have begun a new topic – ‘Amazing Amazon.’ As part of the introduction to this, the children made a salt dough map of South America. They marked the countries on it and the route that the Amazon River takes. Watch this space as we add colours and labels to it.


Maths Workshop (5th April 2019)

The class had an End of Term treat today, when they spent the afternoon at a maths workshop.

The children were challenged to solve various puzzles, including copying a model from multi coloured building blocks when they were only allowed to visit the completed model one at a time and only use mathematical language to describe it.

The emphasis was on teamwork and the children worked well together in their groups.



Last week, the children went along to All Saint’s Church to prepare posies of flowers for their mums or carers, in readiness for Mother’s Day. The children also made a card each to accompany the flowers. We hope you liked them.






Outdoor Reading (22nd March 2019)

Ocean class made the most of the Spring sunshine this week and took guided reading outdoors. The children read an extract from "Tilly and the Time Machine" and dramatised it.





Bedford Faith Tour (15th March 2019)

Ocean Class took part in the Bedford Faith Tour this week. The children first visited the Gurdwara. Inside they saw the langar or food hall. This is where visitors to the Gurdwara congregate and share food. They then moved on to the prayer hall or Darbar Sahib. Here they saw the incredibly ornate canopy which hangs over the Guru Granth Sahib or Holy Book. The book is placed on a raised platform. During a service a person waves a fan over the book called a chaur.

From here it was a short walk to the Mosque. The children learnt about the importance of the Five Pillars to Muslims and how this affects their lives. They were shown pictures of Mecca and its importance was explained to them. They saw the mihrab – a niche indicating the direction of Mecca, which Muslims face when they pray. They were interested to know about the prophets who influence Islamic faith as they also appear in Christian stories.

The final stop was at All Saints Church. Here the children enjoyed their picnic lunch before touring the church, and having many of the similarities between the 3 different faiths pointed out to them. They all thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learnt a great deal.






















Dragon Art (7th March 2019)

Ocean Class have been busy creating artwork in the style of Stanley Grosse. The children had to use 3 different types of material within their collages, mimicking the artist’s trademark. They created dragons to fit in with our current topic theme of ‘Dragons – Fact or Fiction.’ As you can see there are some impressive creatures.












The Last Supper (1st March 2019)

The children were invited to the Last Supper this week. They explored the many different emotions that must have been involved at this memorable meal. They children also enjoyed flatbread and grape juice and talked about their significance in the church today.




Ocean Class have had a busy week investigating how to be healthy (22nd February 2019)

On Monday the children looked at what they should eat as part of a healthy diet. They then investigated the number of food miles that were in an average school packed lunch. The children devised healthy packed lunches that caused fewer food miles.

Tuesday saw the children look at personal hygiene and reasons why it is important to keep clean. The class then ‘carefully’ brushed their teeth before chewing on a disclosing tablet. Most were surprised by the results!





The children also received an invite to become Junior Road Safety Officers - more on this to come!


On Wednesday the children attended a ‘Flash and Bash’ workshop to learn how to use the fantastic new play equipment in the playground. They were also introduced to some traditional games to play during break times.


Thursday saw the children look at ratios in maths and then calculate the ingredients in the correct portions to make a delicious healthy smoothie – yum!


They also supported the campaign ‘Wear Bright, Shine Bright’ which promotes good mental health.


On Friday the children made Affirmation Stones. They children found words in newspapers to reflect how they feel about themselves and their hopes for the future.




All in all, a very busy week, full of fun and excitement.


Electricity and Magnets (8th February 2019)

To end our topic of Electricity and Magnets, the children designed and made their own torches. They managed to convert plastic bottles, incorporating switches, a bulb and a reflective surface to make their torches shine bright.







Safer Internet Day (8th February 2019)

For Safer Internet Day, Ocean Class looked at the amount of information that social media sites collect as you open an account. The children began by collecting information from Terms and Conditions. They then made ‘Gift Cubes’ to take home and place next to their own computers reminding everyone in their households of the information that is given away to these sites. 



Maths Treasure Hunt

Ocean class have been enjoying an indoors maths treasure hunt today. The have been applying their knowledge of measures to work out the answers.




Boccia (18th January 2019)

The children in Ocean Class tried a new sport this week. Boccia (pronounced Bot-cha) is a game that is very similar to Boules. A jack is thrown and then the members of each team try and throw their ball as close to this as possible, scoring points.

The children spent the afternoon competing against each other in teams. Their techniques improved greatly as the afternoon went on. The scores were incredibly close with the four teams winning the same number of games.








Christingle (14th December 2018)

In preparation of our Christingle Service this afternoon, the children went to church to make their Christingles with the help of Reverend Gill and some parents. Reverend Gill was very impressed with how much the children already knew about Christingle.




Athletics Tournament (7th December 2018)

A selection of children from Ocean Class attended an athletics tournament today. They really enjoyed themselves and recorded some good times against other competing schools.




Ocean Class have had a very busy and exciting week (30th November 2018)

On Wednesday they had a drama workshop with Jasmine. As you can see from the photos they enjoyed playing ‘wink murder.

On Thursday the children had a mindfulness session where they explored different emotions and how these can be affected by others and how to control them. The children really enjoyed exploring their differences and their similarities.

Ocean Class children also took their knowledge of how to make line and bar charts into the great outdoors. They plotted how long journey times took for each of them.





Saxon Workshop (14th November 2018)

The children in Ocean Class had a shock on Wednesday when the classroom was raided by a Saxon Warrior. They decided to join with him, and spent the morning learning how to use Saxon weapons and trying on their chain mail and helmets.

They also explored how they could lay and ignite a fire should they need to travel away on a campaign.

After that, by way of entertainment, the children re-enacted the story of Beowulf. All the children took a part in the story retelling how Grendel and Grendel’s mother were slain.

Later, the story continued with Beowulf as an old man. He completed one final act of bravery, slaying a dragon, just before he died. He was buried along with possessions that he may need in the afterlife, such as a horse and a hunting dog. A slave was also sacrificed to accompany her master.





































Odd Socks Day (12th November 2018)

One of the activities in Ocean Class on Odd Socks Day was to create a poster. The children were asked to name examples of different types of bullying and then scrunch them up and throw them into their bins.

They also created short poems, writing these on to their own handprint shapes cut from paper, based on respect. 


Identity Day (9th November 2018)

Mrs Van Gruenan visited Ocean Class to tell us about her South African identity. The children learnt about the area in which she grew up, the wildlife in that area and some of her favourite South African foods. She also shared some Afrikaans greetings with them. 


Making Sounds (9th November 2018)

Ocean Class children took our focus on mindfulness and the Creation story outside this week. They sat quietly in the sensory garden and listened to natural sounds. They were then tasked with trying to recreate these sounds for themselves.






Outdoor Learning (1st November 2018)

Ocean Class were looking at the colours of the rainbow in RE. The children were asked to collect as many colours that they could find in nature. We will then use these to think about how we should look after the Earth and stewardship.



The children were also asked to find an unusual place to read in. As you can see from the photos, some were very inventive with their chosen spots in which to read.







Where does my Food GO? By Prem Ahluwalia 

Power Point Presentation 

A busy week in Ocean Class (5th October 2018)

In maths we have been investigating shape. Year 3 children produced Venn diagrams and sorted shapes by their properties.



In our topic work this week, the children investigated what had happened to egg shells left in various liquids. By looking at the eggs, can you guess which ones were in sugary or acidic drinks and those in liquids which are kinder to your teeth?



The children travelled to St Albans this week to take part in a Harvest Celebration service with other schools that are part of the St Albans Diocese. We were treated to fantastic live musical performances and the children really enjoyed this heart-warming event. 




Move Up Day (19th July 2018)

The new Ocean Class enjoyed move up day. They followed a planets theme for the day, constructing the planets from papier mache. Having painted them we then used a toilet roll to create a scale model of the distance of the planets from the sun.




























































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