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Parent Forum Minutes 22nd February 2019

Attended by Mrs Chapman, Mrs Pinn and 8 parents

Mrs Chapman shared news – re. Healthy Schools Grant - we were unsuccessful in our application for a small learning space (pod) that FOSS where planning to contribute to. This is not the modular classroom that we also have made an application for, we still await news on that.

Why were we unsuccessful?

The grant needs to be spread out within the BCUS cluster.

What does that mean?

  • Ideas on how FOSS could raise money for the pod were discussed
  • We still have our application with the Diocese

Where would the module classroom go?

If successful, it will go outside Ocean Class.

Are you finding it difficult because there is more need for intervention space?

There is a greater need among our pupils and the curriculum has changed and is more demanding. FOSS suggested raising the full cost of the pod as it would also be good to have a focus for fundraising – the cost is around £13,000. Potential difficulty with this is that current FOSS member’s children may have left and wouldn’t benefit from the fundraising.

When will you hear about the modular build?

Mar/Apr 2019

How many schools in the Diocese?

Just VA schools – approximately 8/9. This could potentially reduce as schools become academies. We are also mindful there is a possibility of changing to the two tier system – at some point in the future. Having an extra classroom would facilitate the move to two-tier for Sutton VA Lower School. Both Central Beds and the Diocese want CBC to become a two-tier.


There was praise for the school for positively embracing mental health and support for SEND – thanks from Mrs Gale. Sutton Lower tries very hard to embrace all.


Could we change PE shirts to a dark colour?

  • Mrs Chapman responded that there is no set PE uniform and that she was happy for pupils to wear a dark colour top
  • Possibly navy - Local shops eg. Asda, M&S stock these as well as Amazon
  • Online orders for our school uniform are being set up. Mrs Chapman said she would reflect this in the March newsletter


Could the Learning Logs tasks be varied as older siblings have already completed these?

Learning Logs are linked to the topics the children are studying and teachers hope there is a variety of tasks to choose from. Many children look forward to the tasks/topics.

Could the children be allowed to play on the grass more? (The results of the Playtime survey suggest that children want to be allowed to play on the grass more)

Issues with this: the children and the school become covered in mud and the state of the field deteriorates.

Possibility of bringing a change of shoes or wear overalls was discussed, however there would be an issue with storage.

At the moment, Mrs Chapman will not allow children to play on the grass when it is wet but in weather like this week, the children can go on the grass. The children have access to the Whispering Willows/Sensory Garden all year.

The summers are getting hotter. Could we provide more shade for the children?

There were offers of helping to create shade such as gazebos and to explore more permanent solutions. Mrs Chapman welcomed this. It was suggested FOSS look at the possibilities and feedback.

How is Flash and Bash going?

The children took part in workshops this week and loved it! See website.