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A Global Learning Partner School

Sutton VA School joined the Global Learning Programme (GLP) last year as a Partner School. Since then we have developed our understanding of the GLP by auditing our ‘International School’ provision and enhancing this through the implementation of a range of learning activities and opportunities which we have planned, evaluated and shared at Partnership meetings.

Moving forward we have chosen to focus on these concepts through Global Learning Days in order that the younger children can also participate. Our first day will be on March 11th 2016 when the children will be following the story of tea. The younger children will explore what tea is, where tea is grown and how it gets to the shops. Older children will think about whether the tea pickers are well paid, what poverty is and how fair trade can make a difference. The day will be full of different activities that encourage children to explore ideas and think for themselves.

What is the Global Learning Programme?

The Global Learning Programme (GLP) is a teaching and learning programme focussing on development and global issues. Global learning can be described as an approach to learning about international development through recognising the importance of linking people’s lives throughout the world. Global learning supports the long-term development and success of pupils, by enhancing their critical thinking skills and boosting their relationships with peers.                                                   


Global learning can:

  • develop a richer, more interesting curriculum
  • use real-world contexts to enthuse, inspire and engage pupils           
  • support raising standards
  • aid the delivery of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural teaching and respond positively to the current focus on British Values
  • help pupils make sense of the world in which they live and to understand their role within a global society
  • develop an ethos encouraging empathy, fairness and respect




Sutton VA Lower School are proud to display the logo as members of the Global Learning Programme.